I recommend Helen White’s very interesting article about how following the Ninth Wave may help heal your life. The point to realize is that if the human mind is now being reshaped through the activation of a new wave this will also have a significant impact on the health of our physical bodies.  Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, author of “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness” and “The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Hollograpic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity”.


10150795_955618624455898_7131196423673762446_nYour work is stunning – really beautiful. Scattered Light really spoke to me and something told me when I saw it that it would be healing for me to have around. It arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. Last night I had it on the wall while friends were over and every time I looked across at it, it was like a Portal or Window into another dimension. The way you captured the light in the painting is extraordinary.      Lee Harris, world-renowned chaneller, intuitive and energy teacher, USA


Lauren Worsh

I love reading you. And I love how your “speak” through many mediums – story, light, color, image, intellect, affection… Lauren Worsh, yoga and embodiment teacher, health coach and writer, Seattle US


I haven’t hung Helen’s painting Towards the Light yet, though I’ve had it at my practice for a few months now…I like to keep it just there propped up, in my line of vision, when I’m treating people because I can feel the energy coming from it in a tangible way; by keeping it where I can look at it, I feel I draw on it and use it in my sessions. When people come into the room, its often the first thing they comment on, its had such a huge reaction – the painting just seems to draw them in and uplift them.

Helen is a remarkably talented woman both in her painting and written word. I now own two of her pieces and each time I look at them, I feel inspired and energised in my own work. The paintings  continue to evoke strong emotions in my clients also –  so much so, a couple of them have approached Helen to buy her work. Thank you Helen for not being afraid to speak your truth.  Sue Perry – pain relief therapist, Two Nine O Five Pain Relief Clinic, Newbury UK


I became a fan of you recently. I find your work to be very impressive. The alluring shapes and colors stimulate the viewer’s eye and mind; especially your piece Down to Earth. I find your work to be fresh and contemporary. Imran Duval, Publicist & Associate Curator, NY Arts Magazine


I’ve been an empath and a synaesthete for as slong as I can remember myself, and I’ve suffered from pains since my 21, although I only recently got a proper diagnosis of fibromyalgia (I am 36 now). Googling the various symptoms I found out to my surprise that those 3 conditions – let’s say- are linked to each other. I found your article one of the most accurate and useful. O


“The blue and green tones are just incredible around here, I wish that I could paint as my words as photos don’t do it justice; I can think of two painters that could: David Hockney and Helen White are both miracle workers in light and colour and they would be able to represent the beauty of this place perfectly”. Excerpt from ‘The Journey’, an autobiographical novel by Catharine H. Smither


Thank you for sharing your deep insights, I am loving reading your musings. I’m so glad you can not stop the flow, Helen! You put into words some of the thoughts and feelings, perhaps fleeting, that I’ve had, and probably many others too. Blessings to beautiful You!  Jeanine, Chicago USA


Looking at the detailed way that you paint trees made me start to see them in my daily life in a way that I had never seen them before! I am excited about the prospect of having one of your beautiful paintings in our practice!  Dr. H. Williams, Smile2O Dental Practice, Wokingham UK


karin cropAbsolutely love the painting Helen! It speaks to me…straight to the heart and after reading your post, it felt as if it was written especially for me. You have put into words, in your own unique and eloquent way, what resides and relates within myself. You are a true painter of light!  Karin Van den Bergh, Massachusetts USA


Wow this post is incredible and lately I have found your posts so synchronistic with my journey…I love the sentence, “To make recovery conditional upon external circumstance was the biggest misunderstanding of them all.” This idea that we are divine and capable of so much more than we believe has been the force that is driving my cellular healing to its natural state of perfection. My heart was happy to read every word of this post. You have so much more to give to the world as a source of transformational joy and wellness than you did as an unhealthy pioneer seeking answers. Instead be the answer so many are seeking. Be the hope. Be the inspiration. Be you, for that is perfection. Lori


Light Grounding not only draws the light in, it draws us in – there’s a space there that isn’t a space, because it contains something within that appears to be nothing, but is everything. What I actually thought of when I looked at the painting was when I visited the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. You might think being in a gallery there wouldn’t be any spiritual feeling there, but I found myself drawn into the alcove of the temple so strongly and unconsciously that I almost tripped over the rope preventing people from going in as I hadn’t noticed it was there. Andrea Stephenson, UK


I first saw one of Helen’s paintings from across the room and was drawn to it as I thought it was a very beautiful photo, full of light and colour. On closer inspection, I realised it was an absolutely stunning painting of the sun going down in a field with the rays reflecting off the flowers and plants. A few weeks and emails later, I had the opportunity of purchasing ‘Between Trees’ which was my favourite painting I had seen on Helen’s website. This painting now takes pride of place at home and has been very admired and commented on. Again, it looks almost like a photograph from a distance and it is only when you get closer, you can see how un-lifelike it is but this simplicity of sunset and exaggerated colours on canvas is arranged by such instinct and passion by Helen that is seems coated in magic. Meeting Helen, talking through her work and collecting the painting was all easy and lovely as she is very down to earth and welcoming. Anyone thinking of dealing with Helen or buying one of her paintings is in for a great experience. Catharine Smither, Berkshire UK


I am in awe of your paintings of light and your ability to post such beautifully composed compassionate posts for all. I have no doubt that, some day, you will change the world, or transform someone’s life completely, with your writing. Dawn Richerson, author, book coach and journey guide, Georgia, US


I love your art. Your paintings are beautiful and what you capture in them speaks to me. I too have fibromyalgia and your paintings capture those moments of beauty that surround us if we take the time to look, experience and inhale them for spiritual nourishment. I enjoy your blog.  It is well executed on all fronts and I admire all the effort you put into providing such thorough information.  I agree that fibromylagia provides enormous opportunities for personal growth spiritually. Thank you for the gift of your blog and art. Maria Mladenoff


I have been reading through the Soulful Relationships stories and I really loved yours. So much of your approach to life resonates with me and how I view things. I especially loved the last paragraph about letting go of your story as it is no longer required unless it can be of help to another human being. Leanne Watson, actor, dancer, humanitarian and author, New York US


I got your book through! Love it so far, have read your chapter and a few others. It helped when I most needed it actually as I broke my finger last week and had to have a plate put in! I’m fine and it doesn’t hurt- what was most remarkable was that I took it all in my stride, used it as the opportunity I needed to rest and recover and get pampered in hospital while chatting to all the sad confused folk at 3am! I think if I hadn’t read your book and the inspiring stories in it, I would have just sulked about the whole incident! So thank you! Catharine, Berkshire UK


Helen, have you written a book yet? You are one of the most amazing writers I’ve ever seen and have so much wisdom to offer. I loved this post..the most touching line for me was the about being a pioneer helping to form the cracks of light. L, Canada




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