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Light into old structures

(If we let it) death opens us up, makes us curious, and we can’t help but be a little touched by its effects when it happens to those we deeply love. (If we dare) we can open ourselves up widely next to that person going through the process, from which hallowed spot we can’t fail to be brushed by some of the expansiveness and light as it comes in to dissolve old structures; both their old structures as they leave the physical realms and also our old structures, especially our old beliefs about “what dealth is”, even as we look our grief straight in the eyes and deal with all that entails for as long as it takes to heal. Continue reading

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Joining dots and crossing over

I always like to start a new year somewhere high up with a good strong wind. Yesterday, it was a particular stretch of the Ridgeway (one of England’s most ancient routes) that I hadn’t walked before, being mostly familiar with … Continue reading

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Roman Silchester (Calleva) – lost or found?

Today I walked at Silchester, my very favourite place to walk! I should explain to those who don’t live in Berkshire that, as well as being a small village, Silchester is also a large, circular area held in by ruined … Continue reading

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