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Uncommon alchemy: a Glastonbury tale

Repeatedly bumping into one or two people that you feel that you know and yet never saying a word to them (except with your eyes), knowing that they feel it too…these are the kind of clues to your own experience that present through the layers of Glastonbury. This along with so many signs and synchronicities that it is is quite possible to feel like you are entering a theme park dedicated to all of your own thematic threads, which gives it an air of detachment from everyday life that starts delivering as soon as you arrive. For this reason, I suspect, Avalon can only really be found through the portal of your own heart-journey, not somebody else’s route, so be prepared to give yourself up to this as fluidly as your timetable allows (preferably, having no such schedule). For my own part, I was struck by my choice of a week in October; an interesting choice, just before All Hallows and yet, I already suspected, going there when Somerset’s dark-pagan underbelly was closest to the surface was part of what was held in store for me…and it was.

Sharing an exceptional few days of pure alchemy working with the ancient landscape of Glastonbury…. (read on). Continue reading

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Journey home

Settling back into my writing, this rainy September, I seem to have been waylaid by yet another movie just begging to become the subject of a post and that’s fine, I’m off in the flow and if that’s where the … Continue reading

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Healing the world

Having returned from Paris just a week or so ago, I expected my next post to be a sharing of some of the wonderfully idiosyncratic traits of this favourite city of mine as captured in some of my (many) photographs…and … Continue reading

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Judgement call

Identifying patterns, making connections and observing beautiful synchronicities being a marked trait of the ever-widening consciousness, I’ve been noticing for some time that examples of particular life-themes seem to arise all at once as though by design. To me, this always … Continue reading

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