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Back in the soup: a first hand account of returning to “typical” EMF exposure levels after a much-needed respite

There is a distinct point, right after we turn that all-important corner by heading towards something we really want, instead of running away or shrinking back from what we don’t want, that something magical and potential-filled starts to happen. Its is as though we are presented with the opportunity to harness an incredible new source of energy that we never even dared imagine existed, let alone that we would have direct access to it. In fact, we had probably reached the point of assuming we had no personal power left at all and were on the verge of putting up or giving up… Continue reading

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Full-spectrum living

Yesterday was one of those dark dark winter days…the kind where it never quite seems to get light and today (at first glance towards the window) promises to be even more so as I can hear, even before I open … Continue reading

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