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Painting light

Another newsflash post to say…a new blog-home for my art related posts has just been born! Painting Light is a new addition to my existing clutch of blogs and will focus entirely on art and the art-making process, keeping things fresh … Continue reading

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Painting backgrounds – a weekend of art films

For two hours, or thereabouts, on Saturday I was held utterly absorbed by a film and, straight afterwards, held interested enough to avidly cross-reference what I had just seen with some reading until bedtime. The film was called ‘Effie Gray’ … Continue reading

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Picturing synergy

Presenting my two latest works of art as they head off to the gallery in time for an exhibition opening at Gallery Fifty Five this weekend. I’ve talked before about the theme of “blossoming” that seems to have permeated my world … Continue reading

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The Dark That Allows Us To Know The Light

I recently took a step out of the framed, contained paintings that are my norm and ordered myself a canvas of new proportions; something about as big as I could practically transport to a gallery and with sufficient depth to … Continue reading

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Nature’s cathedral

In a recent post, I discussed my new passion for painting windows and speculated that it wouldn’t be too long before I painted another one.  Well, here it is and if there is a theme in common with Florentine Window, … Continue reading

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Sparkles and spirals: The Courtauld Collection

Embarrassing to admit but the visit I made to Courtauld Gallery the other week (see earlier post) was my first.  Being up in London for an appointment that was dispensed with by the other side of lunchtime, I decided to … Continue reading

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New born

Lambing season always fills me with a particular kind of joy; my most recent painting span out of a chance sighting of newborns in a field flooded with late-afternoon sunlight that skimmed the field at such an acute angle that … Continue reading

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Dust motes and radiance: windows in art

I recently set about painting a window, a newish painting subject for me although I have tackled it once before, many years ago, and frequently in my sketches.  I’d decided on the subject long before I’d pinpointed the exact window … Continue reading

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Chasing light with a brush – my painting process

I’ve just finished a trio of paintings on a “sunset” theme and whilst the three work well together, there was nothing deliberate about the shared theme other than the fact that I was longing to chase after some of the … Continue reading

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Capturing the light

Capturing the light has become a bit of an obsession of mine; and by this, I mean those moments when whatever the light is doing to what I am looking at really engages me, or possibly even leads me into … Continue reading

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