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The difference between 3D and 5D experience…and why we should all be interested

So what is this five dimensional experience people in spiritual communities talk about, how do we get to it and experience it as our new-normal and has it not always been there? Above all, why is it just so relevant and important right now? Continue reading

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Out of the shadows

We can even become deeply afraid of losing that which is most holding us back us, afraid of who we will be and what will become possible when we are without the long-standing antagonists of our experience, whether these are so-called outside circumstances or deep inner pain, because these can often feel like the longest companion we have known. Sometimes it can feel like we are but an inch from the very transformation we most long for if we could but allow ourselves to let go of the reassurance that can come from any situation, however dire, when it has become like the miserable dog that greets us at our own door day after day. Is this what pain has become to me, do I even know how to live without it…or am I prepared to at least give it a try? Continue reading

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What if life is always working with you…

Just because you realise some of your biggest quantum leaps to date have occurred off the back of resisting or fighting-off things and situations that you didn’t like (one bit) and that you – most likely – attribute some of your most evolutionary moments to surviving some of those situations doesn’t mean you have to seek out or or expect more of them to give your life the evolutionary shove you think it needs. You can become so accustomed to struggle that you keep manifesting more of it as you feel its the only way you know how to gain traction or measure it. When you learn to soul-search much earlier in the process of confronting those things that feel most challenging; asking ‘what’s in it for me’ as its happening, you can get right to the pearl at the heart of the situation at the very moment that it is most useful for you to grasp this, rather than with all the poignancy of hindsight (and all that struggle and suffering along the way). Be prepared to receive many personal gifts when you do this and then, most startling of all, be amazed as the ‘situation’ that had you struggling and gnashing your teeth just a moment ago is transformed into a significantly disarmed version of itself… Continue reading

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