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Pigment of life

When a new paradigm starts to emerge, it can seem lacking in depth, an unfamiliar “convenience food” where a complex banquet of life used to be, throwing us into a turmoil of nostalgia for the old ways…though we don’t want those either. What calls us through the bewildering territory is an unspeakable force, an original spark without name… Continue reading

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Who we are in the backwash

Sometimes its as though the flow of universe pulls back abruptly, like when a river or beach is suddenly left bereft of water and we get to see all the unsightly debris of life strewn on the bottom. These moment of so-called flatness, the aftermath of something else more lively, times when there is no wind left to propel our boat, periods when we might doubt our very purpose or our point (though really¬†we are the point) present as a golden opportunity for self-realisation and growth. Like a life-review…a pit stop…time to reappraise. When we work with these times (rather than covering our eyes, going into fear, trying to fill the void with even more cycles of busyness), we get closer to experiencing a place recognisable more by its inherent stillness than by its sense of movement…and in that place, we find ourselves. Continue reading

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Seeing through mist

There was a morning, last week, when the world outside turned to pea soup; the first fog of the year where we live. Setting off for my early morning dog walk, I chose the country estate near my village that … Continue reading

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Lost in Bramshill…2

A tongue in cheek title as a nod to a post I wrote almost two years ago, entitled (you’ve guessed it) ‘Lost in Bramshill‘ because this (much) briefer post is something of an addendum to that one. You see, it … Continue reading

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