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Courting obscurity

If being yourself means disappearing down the cracks, out of sight, into some-sort of inner sanctum where you feel happiest and most yourself, even if no one can see you being that way because the experience of it is entirely subjective and private, is that wrong? Or is it just a cultural idea of what is wrong; yet another inequality that favours the extroverted and leaves those of us who are natural hermits gasping for fresh air? In being introverted, am I part of yet another subset of people forced into having to disguise or compromise who they really are to be socially acceptable and get by, even (if income depends on it) to materially thrive? Continue reading

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Stop using the path and you will surely lose it

It takes Nature no more than the blink of an eye to take away what she giveth; unless we indicate, quite clearly, just how much we are interested in keeping it, how much we appreciate what we have “in care” from her bounty…only then does she relent. Continue reading

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Coming home

Where are my edges, where does my sense of self stop and other begin? What feel like the non-negotiable boundaries required in order for me to feel safe and how does modern life or the demands of my work encroach on that? How did the quieter life of the past year make me feel (better or worse; some introverts have thrived)? What does that say about my desire to keep working/living the way I used to before lockdown? What are my true priorities in life and what do those say about where I feel most relaxed and comfortable to be myself, can I make my life fit those priorities better? Is there more inner work to be done so that I can feel safe regardless and not be at the beck and call of outside circumstances the way I am? Do I have all the resources I need to feel safe unconditionally like that, even as I stand here in my socks, or do I lean too much into external factors, both for comfort but therefore also as a source of trigger when things “go wrong”? Continue reading

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Logically spiritual

For the longest time, I pushed back against “logic” and “order”, “structure” and “form as though they were the very enemies of my being. Since my Asperger’s diagnosis, I’ve been compelled to review that attitude and flip it on its … Continue reading

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Just wired that way…unapologetically

I love to write, to engage in community groups online where common interests are held, to post in social media and share my thoughts, break-throughs, creations and so on with people at large – the internet has opened up my … Continue reading

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Celebrating the introvert-factor – why its OK to be quiet

It was with a marvellous amount of serendipity that I managed to trip upon a TED talk, this week, that seemed to be addressing the very thoughts that I’ve been struggling to process about my own – somewhat limiting, as … Continue reading

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