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Cultivating joie de vivre

Joy of life is about the most valuable commodity we have so we need to take charge of our own joy quota and do whatever we can to embody it, not to idealise it as a state beyond all care, outside of physicality as though joy is what we refer to as heaven, but in a physical sense hung around with all our most human traits. Thus the phrase joie de vive has it covered for me, as in, referring specifically to “the joy of life”; a kind of joy that is because of life, not separate from it. People say how can I have this when “things” are so dire and I would say go after it, make it happen, yes from your soul, but then once you have found ways to bring it into your body, those outside circumstances will start to change! Continue reading

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Exquisite life

The reason life is so intense when we are young is that the exquisite pain we experience is in proportion to how intensely we love; we experience, and welcome in, the full range of feelings as part of the sheer excitement and wonder of life. So what happened to all that? Do we miss it (in preference to being comfortably numb)? Can we call it back…maybe a bit…or did we forfeit it with “maturity”? What if the true wisdom of maturity invites us to remember…? Continue reading

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