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Being the unpruned tree

We should make room for some wildness in our gardens; it keeps us mindfully connected to the earth and it leads to interesting, surprising and oh-so important new experiences. Some pruning, here and there, asking the garden what it needs, can be helpful; yes, but there is no place for dubiously motivated shears in the next phase of our human adventure. Some would have us all as neatly trimmed and uniform as a garden made up of identical topiary but there’s a whole other tree that we’ve forgotten about (you could call it a Tree of Life); one that is so vast and other-dimensional (though ever-present) that many have fogotten how to look up and see it there… Continue reading

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Lighting Your Enthusiasm – “The Spark Within”

“Enthusiasm” really is a fascinating word and one that has resonance far beyond the more everyday concept it has taken on. It hails from the Greek word entheos and translates loosely as “God within”. In common usage, it has evolved … Continue reading

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