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Letting go of the need for things to be perfect

On the surface of it, this day (so far) did not appear to be the most perfect one it could have been for the long-planned revisit to the waterfall that had come to feel like a symbolic finale to my healing process. Yet, those very things which seem to suggest we are “not there yet” are part of the perfection of the now moment; reminding us that we are alive, yes, fully ALIVE in these human bodies and that means we get to feel it all, every most inconvenient sensation of it, every step of the way. Like the meeting of jagged rock and overspilling water that creates waterfalls, I was reminded that life is a meeting point of all these contrasting experiences and that it is so often in the places where the most friction is caused that we experience the most profound sense of being beautifully, perfectly, most glisteningly and dynamically alive… Continue reading

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