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In search of hygge

Going back to what innately draws us as the winter season plays out its pantomime of darkness and severity, we find ourselves recognising the light of ourselves shining back at us across the cosy darkness of our most intimate living spaces, delivered straight out of the eyes of others we hold dear as we embrace the darkness to forge times of warmer glow in communion with family and friends, even strangers that have spontaneously gathered upon these terms of hospitality, conviviality and generally good vibe. The ability to create, cultivate and and sustain the spirit of hygge through the darkest of times is a skill-set we could all use, regardless of our seasonal light-quota. So, what is hygge? Here’s what it is (and I think you’ll like it)… Continue reading

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Birds, bees and candlelight

One thing I can never get enough of in my home is candlelight and that special, soft ambiance it lends to a room.  In fact, there are candles of all shapes and sizes just about everywhere in my house and … Continue reading

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Scented landscape – thoughts on the importance of perfume

My childhood world was completely devoid of complex perfumes.  Lux or maybe Pears soap, cleaning products that smelt like cleaning products – maybe with a hint of lemon (though I think that came later), the astringent “scent” of hairspray and … Continue reading

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