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Trick of the light

When you have felt disillusioned and out of place most of your life, though you have tried so very hard to bring light, what next? How do you bring the light deep into your struggling state of embodiment, to make the ultimate paradigm leap of your lifetime? You see it all as it is, you shout it out, you bring awareness in to light up the whole picture and you continue working at being the light and then…well, let’s see. Continue reading

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What on earth do I do now, as a crystal individual?

These times are disorienting for most people but how does the highly-sensitive, deeply empathic crystal adult play their part in these unique times? The appropriate question isn’t “what should they “do” now?”, but “what can they “be”?”, a subtle alteration in approach that sheds just so much light on the major contribution they are already making towards the long-term trajectory of …and I will try to explain why. Continue reading

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Life beyond karma

Life beyond karma feels like switching to making digital art after many years of painting. Its like using only the best, most enlightened bits of your experience to make the picture of your choice without having to labour and revisit or recycle what feels done with, including all those early “mistakes” that you are striving to make good of. This and many more observations of what it feels like beyond the impulses and convoluted agendas and layering of the karmic experience… Continue reading

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