Dialling into our golden future

Some of us sensitive souls have felt something like this year’s shakeup events would come along, about now (2020 – 2023), for a very long time and this has been a tough knowing to carry, all alone for all the years leading to it. Not because we think that the necessary reboot of priorities coming out of it all is “bad” but that there are certain aspects of it that could be made smoother, if only more people were awake and ready for imminent and necessary changes of priority on planet earth. In my own case, I can identify a deep-core sense of “impatience” with other people and with the need to get into a different groove of how we live  that has been brewing inside me for a very long time; a frustration with all the perceived sense of limitation versus my innate sense of the unlimited nature and sovereignty we are all born with. Now I see it so very clerly, it helps explain how unsettled I have always been for all those decades.

Impatience is, I have come to realise, a strong trait of my future self…embodied as me. Because, impatience is a feeling of knowing what is possible and only wanting to hasten it along. To get the people on the bus and start rolling towards the golden destination, without all the unsightly detours. Once I was able to glean that this was a positive trait, an evolved one because I am in touch with a strong current of future potential as an energy stream that helps inform my direction, I was able to be much more forgiving towards this lifelong trait of impatience towards others and the situations we collectively find ourselves in. Not everyone is tuned into their future self so emphatically as I have always been or, as it were, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the sides seem so very dark and it can feel like a long-lonely trek in a tediously slow-shifting world (though not so slow any longer).

I strongly recommend putting aside some time, every day, to tune into your future self and envisioning what your highest potential would look like in a realised, embodied form. What would you be doing, where would you be living, how would it feel to all your senses? Make it real but, importantly, allow it to inform you back again and be prepared to be surprised!

One gift that comes with all this is that I have always felt quietly optimistic at my very core, through thick and thin, and have always felt somehow “safe” regardless of what is playing out and so this can be a huge benefit of tuning to our future self…as we all can, if we allow ourselves. At the very least, having a strong sense of a golden and achievable future potential up ahead is our birth right (one we have been stripped of by the dominantly depressing narrative of the world until now) and yet few people seem to realise this; so, its a gift and entitlement I long to share around.

When I say “future self” do I mean me in this lifetime, further along the path or me in another lifetime? My sense is the latter but really it could be either or both. It could start out as another lifetime potential and merge with this timeline if circumstances (and my own awakening…) hasten along enough to make it happen in the time frame that I am alive in this body.

To open up to this, I’ve come to realise that I have to cease having too many fixed ideas of what the future up ahead “looks like” because to do so is to limit my potential according to what I already think I know from the prior experiences of this lifetime. Instead, I allow myself to go much softer and to play around with intuition and the synchronicities that guide my way (which are some of the ways our future selves get to “talk” to us; by, as it were, lining things up and nudging us when we are on track towards “them”). It’s like playing a game of “hot or cold”…we receive subtle-sensory signals when we are getting closer or further away from the potential they represent in our “future” and the key is to learn to open up to these.

One of the ways this has been playing out in recent weeks is through the territory of considering where we want to live when we move location, potentially to the place where we will spend the rest of our lives, as we plan to do relatively soon. I’ve had to plunge deeply into a refined mixture of fact finding and intuition to go on a sort-of virtual journey through territory which has been all the more confusing because (it often turns out) what I thought I wanted was really the kind of place I would have loved to have been living for the last ten years or so, when for one reason or another we were unable to move, but not necessarily where my future self wants to live. Those newer preferences are coming through via a different kind of information track and are sometimes rather surprising for wanting to be more embodied, less remote and off-grid than I thought; also, not so fully in pursuit of an idea of safety and the simple unpeopled pleasures of life but wanting to feel more involved and collaborative…that’s where I increasingly get the tingles!

Because the phase coming up is, I strongly feel, going to be one in which those of us who are quite sensitive and “tuned in” to other dimensions, but less inclined to being physically engaged, will want and even need to be more embodied than we have ever been before…in this lifetime and possibly any lifetime to date. We are being called on to get involved in the new earth that is wanting to birth and, to truly do that, we can’t be stuck up a hill miles and miles from anyone, nor would we want to be in the same way as we thought we might a short time ago…

So, the process for those of us who live…daily…with this ever-present sense of future self at our shoulder; a sort of Jiminy Cricket of the futuristic variety, is often an involved one when it comes to making decisions. We have to plunge deep into the matter, using all our toolkit, not just our logic and also not just our gut feelings but the whole array of information coming through to us via a variety of multi-dimensional interfaces.

I’ve come to equate these traits, in my own case, with my neurodiversity and feel like I can, fairly confidently, observe the same about others who are neurodiverse; we are, I believe, more in touch with our future selves than most, whether we realise or admit it…or not. If that sounds like a bold statement, I would just like to say that it is a pretty fair bet that our more futuristic and higher (as in, thriving, creative, harmonious and switched-on) versions of self will have to be much more diversely wired than the pruned-back neurological topiary that the recent track-experience of human existence has led to for the majority of people; we are expanding, not contracting!

We neurodiverse (ND) types might not be the sorts who naturally entertain such weird ideas as communicating with our future selves, even if we do it (though I clearly am) and many are not what we could term “spiritual” (although, again, I am) but, really, our ability to see into unrealised potentials is not so very surprising once we cease expecting humans to be three-dimensional machines with all the relative lack of complexity of an internal combustion engine. More exploratory and inventive “wiring” doesn’t make for a more efficient machine, it makes for something that can surpass its own limitations by making giant leaps of faith into the unknown…which turn out to be uncannily predictive…and so we do seem to be rather good at pulling back-from-the-future what has yet to be realised in our present time frame (I suspect ND individuals such as Einstein and Tesla drew on this very skillset). Call it receiving divine inspiration or talking to one’s muse (a natural function of right-brained processing when fully open and receptive to a far less narrow-minded concept of what constitutes left-brained “information” coming in) and its certainly a form of channelling, however repugnant the term may be to those who prefer to stay in more familiar territory. We mostly think of channelling as when someone tunes into an off-planet version of themselves, as in information coming from a “higher” source, and yet it is equally valid, in my experience, to tune into a “more evolved” version of yourself that is embodied and “alive” on a future planet earth.

In the case of those who do so, its as though we have a direct telephone line to a future permeation of ourselves (whether we know/admit it or not), which enables us to see outside of the box of present circumstances (from which comes our frustration that most people seem so absorbed by what “seems” to be going on; because we can see the much bigger picture beyond the illusion and confusion). Like others channel an out of body version of self (which we might do too; I know I do) its as though we always knew it was most important and relevant to take our most practical advice from an embodied version of who we are, because we are currently embodied, and because a continued embodied existence is where our current timeline leads us to. In our typically no-nonsense way, we see almost “no point” in focussing on how to be transcendent when our purpose here at this time is to learn how to live better in physical form!

We came here expressly for the earth experience and we know we are in it for the long haul, through thick and thin…we just want to get on to the “good bits” now; and that is starting to happen, regardless of how things might “seem” in the mosh pit of the world out there. So, we just hold onto our confident vision of a future where it is all going to be more-than alright and we trust that its unfolding right now, more surely than ever. We have faith that no agenda “out there” is bigger than the universe’s own momentous plan to go through a transition into more and more light, already well underway…and that we just have to keep doing what we are doing and hold on for the ride.

So, we focus on our own lives and, in those, we can seem (as ever we on the spectrum do) to be a little detached, even to lack emotions, withdrawn and intensely focused as we are in the things that truly engage us. As above, we plunge into everything that is important to us with a great deal of vigour, thoroughness and determination, leaving no stone left unturned. These fixations can even make us seem a little bit unconscious, judged through neurotypical eyes, as though we are obsessing or fixating too much on bizarre things or being overly materialistic when we fine-tooth all the details of life. But no, really, we are only modelling the way we are all going to be called to be in this next phase, as the need to become our own source of structure becomes as pressing as the requirement to live in more flow…the masculine and the feminine traits side by side, embodied equally by each of us.

This is in contrast with how things are at the present time, in which many people think they are living strong and decisive, independent and self-determined lives, making their own choices from an informed perspective but, really, they have been living in a hall of mirrors, a “seems like” situation that has been manipulated to look a certain way for a very long time by a tiny minority (although those mirrors and the many layers of smoke screen are starting to crack and dissolve away before our very eyes now and there is much more of that to come over the next couple of years). They have been rattling around inside a box, thinking that box was their whole unlimited reality when, actually, they were only seeing the tiniest portion of it, seldom seeming to notice the fake ceiling above their heads…but that is all about to change and some of us have been living outside that box all our lives. We get to model how to exist in such a world, just by being ourselves, which is energetically activating for others. That is, we carry the energetic signature of an unlimited golden future potential in our energy body, so any way we “show up” in life can impact people at this level as a contagion of attitude and understanding.

And if some of us neurodiverse types seem to make our own lives painful from all the extra care and consideration we seem to put into every minor decision, seeming to have to feel into everything to an excessive degree before we know its right for us, then I can assure you (via my future self) that we won’t need to be so painstaking in the future. Its just that, right now, the world is run amok with red herrings and mis-information like never before as the old world does its swan song. Our work-around…for now…is to put in the extra time and consideration, seeming like the control-freaks of our own lives whilst making a specialism out of learning the ropes of…consciously…using left and right hemispheres together, not in a sub-consciously pre-programmed way or deferring the bigger decisions to outside parties who supposedly know more than we do and have our best interests at heart, as has been done for generations. This will all get a lot better, for everyone of us, as those who are currently asleep and living like blinkered sheep and automatons wake up more and more so that, together, we can make a world that is not full of trip-wires!

Speaking our truth will become part of that and, though many of us won’t want to be hollering that truth from every hillside, we will do well to speak it out loud when the circumstances arise and to worry less about what people think of us when we do so. In fact, speaking truth without any agenda at all, including that we don’t care how others take that truth, will be the loving and participatory thing to do in this “new world” make-over. We don’t invest in any particular outcome, are not intent upon changing anybody’s mind…but we walk our talk and talk from the heart, without fear and always from love; and these kinds of actions set new gears in motion as they take off, encouraging others to do likewise, thus opening us all up to a collective truth that has never been seen before.

Meanwhile, we cease being annoyed by unconscious behaviours because we see they have been spawned and fed by the old system…which is now breaking up; all part of the necessary spectrum of human experience before we go into this next phase. Instead, compassion, combined with healthy boundary setting, becomes our way. We also track when we, ourselves, are feeling triggered and thus know when are the good times to act and when to pull back until we have settled back into our harmony (familiarising ourselves with which personal tools to use to hasten that recalibration). Then we invite towards ourselves even more consciousness than we ever thought we could embrace in one lifetime and we get excited at the prospect of elevating to such a very high degree, all in relatively short time compared to how slowly life used to move along. Its necessary…since we are on our way towards a vastly more conscious earth; an elevated earth, and soon!

Sensing what we do about the beautiful potential future up ahead, we know we can’t shy away from taking personal responsibility for our our lives and choices from now on. Every aspect of our lives come under scrutiny (if they haven’t already) and we do the work to bring it all online with our highest values. This locks us on to that future potential and, suddenly, its as though we are on a ski lift taking a direct wire to the high peaks of our experience and it all gets so much easier. We’re no longer distracted by all the squabbles and gloom down there in the mosh-pit; we are on the fast track to something else and we can feel it as an electric tingle though our energy body (which has never felt more alive). More synchronicities, more clues, more intuitions, just more more more becomes our normal experience and everyday an ever-unfolding adventure of purest potential because we trust what is at its other end, holding the line taut…its us in our future format, beckoning us towards the kind of future we can invest in with all our hearts!

Isn’t that what we’ve all been missing, what the world lacks in spade loads; an investable future? Not the dark, compromised, make-do-and-mend and threadbare hand-me-down future depicted in bleakly-hopeless colours by the media…but one we can all put our hearts and souls into? I’ve never felt as hopeless as all that bleakness could have made me feel, though I see it all around me and have such compassion for it, but have always felt somewhat detatched from the narrative; as though the misalignment was the very source of the feeling of deep separation that has always haunted me; as though I was out of sync with the time I was living in. Now I see a merger, between all of us with each other and our present selves with our future selves, into the light of an infinitely brighter future, together.

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Accessing the 9th wave

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 16.06.43This post is more of a news announcement than one of my usual articles as I want to flag up to my readers, especially for those who follow the work of Dr Carl Johan Calleman, author of the Nine Waves of Creation book, that Carl is running an important online event this coming Saturday. You can reserve your free spot in the seminar Accessing the Ninth Wave Through Shared Unity, co-hosted by Patricia Albere via this link.

Here is a direct quote from his email as to what the seminar will consist of:

Carl will present:
  • Macrocosmic Quantum Theory – How life (especially human life) evolves, including background of the Mayan calendar described by nine-storied pyramids and an overview of the eight waves of evolution to provide context and clarity of our evolutionary trajectory.
  • A description of the Ninth Wave of Evolution and the significance of its presence and further establishment, especially now.
  • How consciousness emerges from the interaction of creation waves with our brains and establishes the reality we experience.
  • Why the world is currently chaotic with conflicting quantum waves we can resonate with and how to make the correct alignment during the chaos.
  • How developing resonance with the Ninth Wave and projecting it onto reality as the purpose of creation will bring about a new and strong field of unity as a living reality – now – permanently establishing a unity field on earth.
Then, Patricia will share:
  • The actual living reality of the Ninth Wave that is here, now, and how to access the unified state of consciousness the Ninth Wave makes possible.
  • What ‘shared unity’ is and why is it essential for accessing the Ninth Wave.
  • Through exercise, have a sense of what it means to access the Ninth Wave so that we can reliably enter into and live from this new dimension of existence.
  • How the consciousness you develop through shared unity deepens and expands every dimension of your life, including:
  • Shifting your consciousness into eyes open, flow states that allow you to function from unitive awareness.
  • Moving beyond resistance as a natural result of mutual awakening.
  • Increasing your capacity for intimacy in your relationships
  • Igniting your creativity
Experiencing both peace and inspiration . . . and so much more.


At the conclusion of the 2 hour seminar you will have an understanding of how the evolution of the universe works through a series of quantum steps and have a sense of what it means to live inside the establishment of the Ninth Wave. Plus, there will be a time for questions.

For anyone that is tuned into the ninth wave, as I have been since March 2011 (discussed in my numerous previous blogs, starting here) it will be impossible to contemplate “what is going on” in the world during the current upheavals except through the eyes of that perspective and the broader understanding of how all nine waves influence the current reality as it unfolds.

Once attuned, it becomes almost second nature to feel this interplay and times when the 9th wave is particularly active (you can use this tracker to follow its rhythms and it can be fascinating to compare this with your experiences) but there will be many of you who are already attuning to the ninth wave without realising it…perhaps interpreting it as other things, such as a profound sense of relief at having relaxed some of the old patterns of life due to interrupted work and other patterns, a strong affinity with all things 5D or a draw towards spending more time in nature, an affinity with birds (the holders of 5D frequencies on earth) and other manifest markers of higher frequency, a radical desire to alter your way of life into something more closely connected to the earth or a deep and pressing longing to return “home” to some sort of long-carried dream you have of a whole other way of living to what is presently so dominant in mainstream. You may notice how certain other individuals, attuned as they are to earlier waves, seem so desperately out of alignment with your positively futuristic (not darkly so) view of what is possible for the world or what is clearly best for the ecology of this planet and all of its diverse species. You may notice how the chaotic influence of these individuals with their agendas and other, more furtive, influences seem to ebb and flow in waves…sometimes, so overwhelmingly so that you are almost bowled over by a sense of hopelessness yet, at other times, you feel as though you are flying so high you can almost touch the golden world you envision for your best future. Such dramatically undulating experiences can be a sign you are attuned and ready to start working with the vacillations to pinpoint your own best reality…and stay there.

If we are feeling this, its time for us all to focus our efforts into the second of those choices rather than sitting passively by since we are the agents of the ninth wave just as soon as we tune in!

When I read Carl’s recent blog about the pandemic, it was so interesting to note how similar his perspective was to my own (yet not to much else “out there”) since we are both taking that ninth wave view. Its just so important that we each consciously commit to the reality we are aligned to – either continued duality or unity – and this will take getting to grips with how these waves are playing out before our very eyes across current events, even though so very few people “see” the unfoldment of these two very stark choices in plain sight. The window of opportunity for us to place our vote either way is relatively brief; it’s now or never if we are to avoid a far darker outcome than many of us are prepared for and yet we can empower the alternative and there are significant universal forces at our back, but we still need to consciously work with them, not just sit there with our fingers crossed!

On this topic (since she also flags up relative the brevity of the timeline convergence…this unique opportunity for powerfully-positive change…that is currently underway), I also want to flag up a recent pair of interviews: An Interstellar Perspective and The New Timeline with Barbara Hand Clow in conversation with Guru Jagat. These are recent enough to also be on the topic of events that have unfolded since February/March and she makes reference to Carl’s work and the nine waves. As it happens, I am currently reading her 1995 book The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light which, odd though it is that I somehow didn’t get around to reading this along with her other books a few years back, could not be more in sync with current events, all of which are clearly forecast in that book of more than twenty years ago. Again, I highly recommend taking an informed approach to the bigger patterns at work here, rather than subscribing to the extremely blinkered and highly manipulated perspectives offered by mainstream. We owe it to ourselves and our families to inform ourselves at the highest perspectives and diving into such videos and reading materials should take top priority if you have time to spare. I also see that Guru Jagat has now interviewed Carl Calleman, in this video dated 1 June Computational Sciences and the Mayan Calendar, which I am just about to settle down to watch (I’ve now watched it and can very highly recommend).

My best advice through these bumpy times: remain in your joy place, stay out of fear, keep physically strong and grounded as well as plugged into the higher dimensions, feel into and familiarise yourself with these waves as they interplay and manifest in our landscape, do your homework and then join with likeminded individuals so we can work towards manifesting our highest possible choices…together.

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Be prepared to hold the paradox

In these quick-sand times, we are being asked by our highest essence (as we always are, but more overtly so than ever) to notice where paradox lies in our field. That’s to say, wherever our most fervent belief about something stands, we might notice…if we are open to it…that the complete opposite of what we hold to is also standing there in clear sight, and from some perspective that we can hold if only for a micro-second (or, we may be able to manage even longer than this), is just as applicable and “true”.

We may find ourselves suddenly flipped into that other perspective, and then another and another, which is the path towards familiarising ourselves with multi-dimensionality and unity consciousness. In some instances, we may never want to return to the entrenched view that we once held since we have now blown away its surety; and so what flutters in is something gentler, more curious, a little unfamiliar but oddly beguiling when we stay out of fear of the unknown. We may find ourselves standing all alone in this place for a time, but that’s not to say we should rush back to where we were before, in the crowd, but step into the new space and explore it, with that paradox perched gently on our outstretched hand.

Whether in the world arena or our own backyards, playing with such paradox can be remarkably powerful and transformative, breaking us free from the box of even the subtlest control by unchallenged thoughts.

For those of us who have been doing the inner work for some time, this may not come as such a surprise yet even we are being asked to walk our talk in allowing this understanding a place in our daily lives, and much more so than usual.

We are opening up to a more whole (or holier) reality and, as we do so, the most stark polarities arise in our periphery, though now dressed in the costume of “partners in crime” more so than the “dualistic enemies” we may once may have regarded them as.

Examples of this may occur a hundred times a day or just once or twice, yet in such powerful ways that they jolt our sense of contained reality. Because when we allow, for even a fraction of a moment, that what we once so-fervently believed to be as white as white may also be black, and vice versa, our academic minds are stunned or sent spiralling into denial and defensive postures; thus, potentially, so much deeper into the duality, as we could react by building much higher walls all around that old belief to safeguard it…

Or not so if we are engaged with our hearts, thinking with our hearts more so than our intellects!

For this ability to hold paradox is old territory for the heart, where reconciliation of all is the only incentive.

As we follow the heart into this new territory, its as though our territory expands and new cracks of light pour into our tight little worlds of “belief”, and these feel like we are receiving deep gulps of fresh air after a long time of oppressive containment. Its not that we no long hold beliefs but that those beliefs are now clay to which we turn our own hands, more so than taking for granted ready-formed “truths” because they are so long-established (since time and track-record are no measure in this new “place”).

By the same token, what was true for us this morning may not hold so true by this afternoon…and onwards…back and forth, even overlapping…which is not to say we have become fickle or undecided but that we are getting much closer to source. We have become much more easy with our reality and so, as we go there, our reality becomes much easier with us.

This is because what we are capable of encompassing on the inside feeds back into the field and alters trajectories so that what may have seemed intractable, dire or locked into some darkly desperate ending, up ahead, may surprise us by becoming the softer or watered down version of itself…a version of what seems, on the outside, to be that very same reality only with the sting taken out of its tail. This is why holding so rigidly to our causes and our academic beliefs can lock us into the very outcomes we least desire, since they allow no room for subtle alterations or unexpected u-turns; rather, they entrench us in the same belief we held some time ago…which is the same as to say there is no evolution potential built in. Our realities become concrete instead of elastic..and if there is one thing quite obvious about 2020, its that we have entered the elastic era; nothing is set in stone anymore so we have a choice to join it there, or continue fighting for the high brick walls of what we consider to represent our old comfort and safety; only, to do so is to cut ourselves off in our prime.

So these subtle, almost incognito, shifts (perhaps with a touch of white dressed up as black…just as we are becoming more aware of black dressed as white) are how we traverse times of great shift without our minds crashing under the strain of such a rapidly morphing reality. Those shifts towards light are most certainly there but are subtle and piecemeal in order to allow them to slip in under the wire of our mental analysis. They bypass the inner critic that has reigned supreme for too long at the entrance to our intellects and get their feet well under the table of life in ways that feel soft and natural enough for our hearts to welcome them in by the fireside in order to feel into their motivations, reconcile the old hurts and discover things in common more so than reasons to reject out of hand; for the heart is the real arbiter of our wholest, or holiest, truth.

Anyone who has ever shifted their own personal reality by focusing on more positive thoughts, seeing the best in a situation, raking up feelings of gratitude before allowing fear to conquer, will recognise this process. Looking back, they can hardly believe the change they effected with their “simple” change in attitude and yet that change slipped in at a pace that didn’t throw their logic into disarray. It was, in a sense, easy…which is to say, all parties were put at ease. The situational “guard” (or, that which was keeping things stuck the way they were before…) was dropped; not in surrender but by cultivating the recognition that the objectives of all parties were one and the same.

This is where we are…or could be…now as more and more of us allow for the paradox, softening our stark black and white realities to become curious about how opposites so often do seem to come from the same team…and that the only thing keeping them apart was the intransigence of our minds when it came to taking a particular side or point of view and then sticking to it like glue.

By way of perfect synchronicity, pursuing one of my own areas of focus, being to look at autism as a positive / evolutionary trait rather than a handicap / genetic flaw, led me to a study published on the Frontiers in Neuroscience website (Autism as a disorder of high intelligence) in which this quote, as follows, was used as a headline:

“How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.’ Niels Bohr

Exploring the paradox that autism seems to be the domain of my most super-powered gifts and not this terribly broken collection of traits that scientists would tell me it is, I have come to recognise how these traits feel like a link to my future, as-in other lifetime, self (in the same way that many individuals, consciously or otherwise, hook into other versions of themselves from past lives); which is to say, the world is not yet ready for me and those like me but perhaps there is a reason I have made this connection across timelines. By making this connection more conscious and “real”, not to mention potential-filled, to my awareness, I am able to channel that future self to help hook me up to a future timeline where my traits are both useful and valued (much more so than in this one…) and thus to explore, without fear, aspects of a world beyond 2020 that I can’t wait to get to and am prepared to envision in my imagination.

Ability to visualise the future through positive eyes is itself a super-power from which many people have now become disconnected (by fear). This innate ability, in all of us, has become wrapped all around in a tangle of such uncertainty and fear-mindsets that they dare not go there with their thoughts, and so they cut themselves off from the power of manifesting through positive focus. They would rather not manifest any thoughts of the future than risk those darker thoughts taking hold and so they abstain. Yet somehow, even in the face of these often dark and troubling times, I manage to stay in my light and this is one of the many ways that I do this. So, here again, via the mechanism of making room for paradox, I find I have an advantage since being able to perceive that we have a hopeful future, specifically one in which we can envision ourselves thriving in a world that is as beautifully organic as it is highly evolved, with a place for all beings to pursue their best life, is crucial to human morale and emotional wellbeing, not to mention the ability to enact our creator role as “source” made manifest in human form.

Which is why holding the paradox is a major step towards an enlightened way of being that could alter the trajectory of the world; a movement lead by individuals doing this work in ways large and small, each ordinary day of the week, in their own individual domains.

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The difference between 3D and 5D experience…and why we should all be interested

When we are immersed in a three-dimensional “situation” we can only see it through the limited perspective of the human being looking out through human eyes, belief systems and available/local “data”. We are prisoners to time space, caught in a linear process and blinkered as can be, as seen from an infinitely wider perspective; the perspective of source. Yes, even though we are source in a human body; an aspect of source, shaped into this highly individualised format in order to have this unique experience, we are at the mercy of localised perspectives and this is what keeps us feeling so stuck (and desirous of a breakthrough…which is the momentum behind our own evolution).

So what is this five dimensional experience people in spiritual communities talk about, how do we get to it and experience it as our new-normal and has it not always been there?

A simple way to look at it is through the eyes of the first astronaut. That first trip to the moon, looking back at the tiny brown-blue earth spinning in space, resulted in an entire change of perspective, not only for those astronauts but all of humanity, from that moment onwards. Nothing would ever be seen quite the same way again, and this has played out as the explosion in human consciousness since that time compared to the hundreds of years that preceded it. Through our TV screens but, most profoundly, through the shared quantum “field” of information that is known to exist between all of human consciousness, as one entity (“unity consciousness”), we all took on a different perspective of ourselves and the planet we live on from that very time; because we simply couldn’t help it now we had looked back at ourselves from “out in space”, which altered everything we thought we knew. We had realised something that was barely a fantastical idea to us before; and could now not only visualise but take on the concept of ourselves as cosmic beings…deep inside of our selves…which, of course, we always were but it was so very hard to “see” that from down here on the ground faced with our common 3D reality. We had embraced something exceptional and made ourselves part of that exceptional, yet mysterious, reality beyond the highly predicable confines of familiar life and this threw open countless doors in our self-perception.

Not unlike how the explorers who demonstrated the world was not flat, or the massive change in all our thinking that occurred via the renaissance mathematician Copernicus, who altered perception of humanity’s place in the universe forever with his theory that the earth was not the centre of the solar system but that we actually spin around the sun, our perspective of everything changed immeasurably with the new vantage point gained from “space”. It’s not that reality altered (nothing had actually changed) but as though a new portal opened up in all our minds, enabling us to regard what we thought we knew (what we took for granted..) from beyond what had been a tightly constricted layer of belief keeping the next layer of understanding too hidden or obscure for us to grasp…until then. As though a fogged window pane had been wiped, we could see beyond the so-called limits of the common reality and now questioned if the mere fact of commonality (as in, a majority share it…at least for now) is enough to base our solid beliefs upon. We became explorers beyond the seeming boundaries and nothing would be taken for granted again.

Perhaps early men and women had the same kind of quantum leap when they first saw their own reflection in a still pool of water…their brains taking massive leaps into brand new realms of neurodiversity that, ironically, got them much closer to the source from which we all come; because we started to realise how phenomenal we are as consciousness in a body. This is what stepping up from 3D and 4D to 5D does; it scrubs away a thick layer of obscurity and enables us to see from one giant step outside of the belief (for that’s all it is) that so many of us have that we are broken and separate and that there is a horrible darkness engulfing the planet. Of course, if enough of us believe that (the realm of 4D) we are more than capable of manifesting such a dark world and, if that’s where we personality decide to focus our thoughts, this becomes our reality…which is why a crucial part of the “leap” towards 5D is to come to understand how it all comes about at the personal level (no one else can take this leap for us) and how we are the one “key player” we need to focus on here; we are not the puppets on a dimensional string we always thought we were, at all, and we are not here to try and convince the world to think how we do, either.

Because, beyond 3D, there is a dimension called 4D and we are all far more familiar with it than many people realise; it is the realm of ideas. In fact, we long for it as an expansion out of 3D so, whether we know it or not, its where we all “get creative” trying on different perspectives of our lives (now, more than ever since versions of virtual reality have really started to milk this potential to manipulate people’s perception). In this 4D “place” we play with our belief systems, whether projected from the news, religion, academic ideas and theories, fictional stories, movie and TV drama and computer games, or via whatever we are told about ourselves by our culture, our families and ancestors plus any long-perpetuated theories about our inherited traits (since the idea that something is likely to happen to us, due to genetics or any other prescriptive reason, is generally powerful enough to manifest it as long as we believe it is true). Of course, this realm is open to a great deal of abuse and manipulation. People spin stories the way they want people to take them, for their own ends, and the contagion of human information-sharing, peer group pressure and the pitfall of gullibility (based on low self-worth…another “idea” given a lot of spin in 4D) mean that these defunct ideas spread around and STICK as much, if not more so, than any great ideas we may have about love, beauty, compassion, integrity, harmony, coherence, excitement and joy. That is, if we are coming at those ideas “just” from the so-called evidence of our 3D experiences and without the backup of 5D, which infuses us with the intimate knowledge we crave of love, beauty, compassion, coherence, integrity, harmony, excitement and joy. Once we come at these experiences with the direct knowledge of 5D as ourselves, its a whole different matter and we start to radiate the frequency of these qualities in a way that over-rides the obscurity and manipulation factors of 4D!

Because 5D is the realm where there is simply no more duality; there, we remember we are all one, playing a game of forgetfulness and separation in order to explore the experience of being human. There, we get to shake hands with the perpetrators of woe down here, knowing as we do that we all agreed to our different roles….before slipping through the veil of forgetfulness to enter our human lives.

And this era…here…now…is where we get to bring the 5D experience down to earth, but it’s not easy. People start to familiarise themselves with “what it is” and they dip in and out of it, but staying there is a challenge, surrounded as we are by so many who have yet to reach such a perspective. We get sucked back into “well, if he/she isn’t operating from 5D, how can I deal with them from that perspective and not get trampled all over?”

The clue is in the understanding that from 5D we are always in a far better position to tackle anything that comes along to challenge us. Immersed In 3D, we can only ever operate from 3D (a physical, logical, demonstrable and often very harsh and insurmountable reality). When we live consciously in both 3D and 4D, we have the choice to focus on the ideas that bring us the greatest coherence and joy, from which we get to manifest and create something approximating our highest vision…just as long as we keep on focusing on those higher qualities for long enough; but we are always open to manipulation and mind-trickstering by those with agendas to play. Fear mindsets have a habit of getting everywhere, even unconsciously perpetuated by the who believe they are agents of 5D. But when we truly operate from 5D, we have the benefit of both of those perspectives AND 5D, all switched on at once. We can always continue to operate in a 3D world (drive cars, go to work, engage with our own and other peoples bodies) etc, and we can play with ideas to manifest the highest outcomes that we envision in 4D…but we also get to see it all from the harmonious, compassionate, coherent viewpoint of the 5D perspective.

I can only try to give you examples based on my highly-sensitive traits and extreme empathy; whereby I FEEL the emotions and pain of other people and even of sentient creatures, the earth, the elemental realm…yes, I have come to realise how I resonate so completely with all of these as though they are me that I feel as if I am them (a phenomenon known as mirror touch synesthesia). I suspect this is because those with synesthesia tend to be wired for the 5D perspective from the very outset of their human incarnation, which is not an easy state in which to arrive in a 3D world (and I would say the same about Asperger’s, which is closely associated with synesthesia, with high sensitivity traits and other forms of neurodiversity that manifest as “feeling too much”…in each case, the difficulty is often not with these state but with the challenging 3D world that waits here to greet it). All of which is fine out there, in the 5D realm…where all is as it should be, there is nothing ever conditional or going wrong. But down here, in a physical body, this can mean a very great deal of overwhelming experience and pain; and we feel it all directly, as though it is ours…and as though we are here to fix it.

Whether conscious of it or not, this can make the empath or sensitive feel as though they have the biggest, heaviest, longest to-do list and always another problem to take on or mountain to climb…when living through their 3D perception. So, just imagine how wearing that is, how dogged it makes a person feel, compared to the next person who is much more separate-feeling in their awarenesses of what’s going on, yet its as though we sensitives take on the whole pain of the world and, as it is us (which is how we experience it), there seems to be no alternative but to spend our entire lives in problem solving mode or feeling pain. The short name for it being “caught in the victim-saviour mentality”, which can wear some of us down to a peg or lead to years of chronic health issues; as long as the only perspective we have is 3D…which is why so many of us sensitives and empaths, us synesthetes and other neurodiverse types, are amongst the first pioneers to “arrive” in 5D, where we find our more comfortable place. Our pain and overwhelm triggered us off on these journeys, with a heart-felt preparedness to explore beyond the tight-fitting “box” of 3D, and so we have experience countless breakthroughs between dimensions across the course of our “interesting” lives and, whilst we are still prone to slipping back into 3D ways, we are so much better at staying in 5D than we used to be…because we prefer it there!

So, a typical example could be that, on a particular day, I am feeling “het up” for no apparent reason only, from experience, I know I am tuning to the collective emotion field and many of the fears that people are experiencing and releasing into that collective, right now, due to the pandemic situation. I can feel unnerved, hot and bothered, sad, deeply unsettled and in profoundest physical pain…until I stop, remember what is happening (that this is not all “mine”) and then do what it takes to return to the 5D perspective. Perhaps on a walk in nature, some time spent meditating and allowing whatever wants to present to my conscious mind, channeling my thoughts in writing or in movement and dance, I come to realise that all is as it should be; yes, we are all one and yes, a great many people are processing and releasing terrible fears through the trigger of current circumstances, but all is as it should be during this awakening process for the earth. Something had to happen and this is it; and our role is not to dive back into a pool we have already been through before, right to the deep end, but to draw on our mastery of 5D, which is something we were always wired for and which we have started to perfect over the last few years, if we are only unabashedly honest with ourselves and cease comparing with the next person or dimming our own light…because 5D is all about being the light (see my recent post on being rather than doing) and radiating it, as frequency; this is how people start to “get it”, because we are it.

For a long time now, I have been able to notice how what I describe about the pandemic is also the case when it comes to the collective response to the solar cycles; they find it hugely triggering when the sun is most active (though very few people make the connection) and, on those occasions, it is as though I am straddling two experiences; the “high” of the divinely expressive sun communicating information to our planet… and the shadow aspect of just so many people’s pain, trauma, and unprocessed fear rising to the surface as this happens…which I then pick up on through my highly empathic nervous system. Thats not to say I have to join them there, and, in fact, my direct understanding that we are all one and that everything is as it should be, from my 5D stance, helps me to focus upon the higher “event” taking place and not to get sucked into the collective clear-out of distorted emotions and broken beliefs….which is a necessary process as the whole world starts to cleanse itself of its old pain and belief in limitations and to wake up to a higher, more sovereign, vantage point. I am, similarly, able to notice certain collective rhythms…and mitigate my own responses, via the 5D response…relative to on and off phases of the ninth wave and all the previous waves, these being a highly influential cosmic phenomenon described by Dr Carl Calleman in his incredible book on the evolution of humankind – The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity (2016), which I have talked about many times before. The more people tune into these wave-like impulses and do the work to find their personal sweet spot, relative to feelings that come up…doing whatever is necessary to reconcile and release old traumas that present during these triggers…the more they also mitigate their old reactions and cease their own servitude to a harsh, limiting and highly frustrating 3D version of reality (which can feel like banging your head on a brick wall).

In other words, they wake up into the 5D perspective!

As Einstein might say, this is a case of getting beyond the current paradigm to come up with the solutions we seek…since we cannot expect to find our “answers” from within the same perspective that gave rise to the very conundrums we face.

jordan-donaldson-jordi-d-z-7pAxyI9Og-unsplashOf course, this can feel (to those of us who have done this cleansing work on our own buried traumas long ago and pretty thoroughly at that!) as though we are having to return to where we were before, when really we are just empathing as others go through what we have already been through! We are simply noticing how an even greater mass-wave of humanity is now in that clearing and awakening space and we can hold the higher frequencies to help steady them as they go through their own processing experiences but we don’t have to go back there. Knowing this, we can expect that the road ahead may indeed be bumpy for us as empaths….but not as agents of 5D. The more we learn to stay in our 5D experience, to default there in every situation, to see through its “eyes” the better we can work with the current awakening shock-wave and with the new sun cycle, which is now getting underway, and then with the much grander feeling of a massive new cycle beginning to turn for humanity as we go deeper into the photon belt, initiating the coming era of light with a vengeance (a whole other topic).  For those just sampling the 5D perspective for the first time, they may feel thrown “off” by the sense that they are now hyper-sensitive to 3D situations…because they may be, if they are angling at them from the 5D “unity consciousness” perspective when it comes to being aware of how interconnected we all are and yet processing what they pick up on through their 3D senses and 4D belief systems. The key is to process all such unity experiences via 5D and to reserve the 3D and 4D zones for their own sovereign personal work (regarding lifestyle choices, areas of focus, creativity, consciously choosing their belief systems and so on) and, of course, having an embodied human experience of it all, which is where those dimensions really shine.

As long as they can recalibrate themselves back to 5D when they feel that uncomfortable slip into “feeling too much of everyone else’s stuff” (or any other nondescript waves of sadness, grief or a sense that things are getting out of control, of “too much going on”, of overwhelm and burden…or even increased allergies, aversions and other reactionary health issues around sensory stimuli, since these are also related to boundaries being transgressed in the third and fourth dimensional realms) then they can much-more quickly get their hands on the ropes of 5D-living as a permanent state. The difficulty comes from trying to straddle both ways of being whereas, really, the 5D way of being incorporates all the lower dimensions automatically…and keeps them all in check. This upgrade in human perception is why we are on the verge of the most momentous leap in consciousness for a very long time!

So, whichever scale of event we are looking at here, approaching it from 5D will be what gets us through it, beyond the old victim-saviour mentalities that used to drag us down and hold us back, and into the new light-filled territories that feel so much better because we are no longer seeking to reconcile or repair all that seems so wrong with the world inside ourselves but radiating our own harmonious state out into it, to effect new ways of doing things from a whole different perspective; which is the flip that most needs to happen.

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Don’t get caught up in “it will always be like this from now on…”

For goodness sake, don’t get caught in the net of this “resigned” kind of thinking!

As someone who has been on the magical mystery tour of well over a decade of bizarrest health symptoms, I can assure you that the power is knowing you are on a journey…and this phase, whether we love it or loathe it, is just one of the stop-overs…

As soon as we get into the mindset of “this is how things will be from now on…”, we make it so, with the power of our minds. We can almost feel someone willing us to do this very thing…and another aspect, our own highest self shouting “noooooo!”…if we only listen.

I heard this delectable phrase “this is how things will be from now on” in my household today and it riled me because the person who uttered it usually knows better. And I felt deep compassion because, we all know too well at this stage, this kind of thinking is a symptom of one of the most pernicious side effects of “lockdown”; the risk that even switched on people start to loose morale and circumspection.

We mustn’t let it happen!

It’s how we strip ourselves of our basic liberty and hand ourselves over to dark so-called inevitabilities created by a different kind of mind than ours; we each owe it to ourselves to hold onto the right to envision and move towards our own brightest future, as players in life, not livestock on a conveyor belt.

Complacency is our most lethal weapon.

When I get like that, I move things around, shake things up, including my body (stagnation only feeds the resignation)…or, I allow myself to go and lick my own wounds for a little while, to process it on the inside, but I don’t spread it around in my space; because its more contagious than any virus.

Using that knowledge, we should be concentrating on spreading the good stuff, the optimism, the creativity, the love of nature, of beauty, of kindness, of life…and the mindset that we are creator beings who bring into being whatever we most focus on…

Because we do!

I had my own “down day” last week, but I took it off to a chair in the garden and did the inner work. And it was deep, dark and heavy, I can tell you…but at the end of that day, I went out for my walk and I hugged a tree. It was the most tremendous, massive oak tree I had found around these parts for a long time; one of the many “ups” of seeking out new places to walk daily…an example of what seems constricted really feeding immense neurodiversity via our newly innovative behaviours. I felt so much better from the grounding and reminder of more organically shared-traits than the currently shared feeling of frustration and helplessness out there in the collective. By morning, I had bounced back…”the bounce back”, even stronger, more positive and more determined than ever, being one of my most developed qualities after all these years of many seeming “set-backs”.

And I know the person who said “this is our life from now on…” will also bounce back, but, in the meantime, I’m not going to throw him any fish!

The truth I have uncovered, over years that may look broken to some but have really been the creation of the bionic New Age woman on the inside, is that these moments that seem most stuck are our greatest catalysts, our launch pads, and the beginning of a “story” that is just about to get interesting.

All of my greatest, most game-changing moments were born out of such moments…times when I felt emotionally, spiritually and quite-literally and physically “stuck”!

So, when I get stuck, I always find its best to get curious…not defeatist.

As soon as we do, its as though the gears of manifest “reality” slip into a different gear and signs, clues and synchronicities appear where once there were only dead-ends and densely tangled obstructions. We need that spirit of adventure and possibility on the inside to effect this gear-change, the colourful imagination to hold whatever preferred reality we choose as a way finder “up ahead” in our sights, plus the sheer determination to never give up. If this sounds so very hard to pull off, it’s a measure of just how far we have been separated from our most intrinsic “higher” human qualities by a false narrative that tells us we need machines to do everything for us when, really, we have more than enough unexplored capacities built-in. Its a matter of making the choice to go there…not into that other thinking…wherever there is a choice; and there is always a choice, since it’s an insider job.

Flower of life small

© Flower of Life – Helen White 2020

There is such light at the end of the tunnel when you open your “eyes” to it and make it your goal to help manifest it. Find your own light-infused path and, once on it, notice with curiosity what holds other people so fascinated or imprisoned by beliefs, be compassionate and helpful wherever possible but, above all, stay on your own path. Avoid swaying off it to keep them company where they are stuck or “going back” to help; because we do far more to add momentum to positive change by being this change ourselves (see my last post about “being” more so than “doing”) than sending out the rescue parties…because we are powerfully effecting that change, already, in the quantum field. This is what we came for and is our skillset used in the best possible way.

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What on earth do I do now, as a crystal individual?

The answer, if you are following your heart, being creative, staying in your own zone, might be incredibly simple…continue doing what you’re already doing, or do even more of it. However, if you are feeling disoriented, or “like you should be doing something more” to tip the world scales towards positivity in what feels like a distinct fork in the road, then this post might be for you.

These odd and rapidly awakening times are disorienting for all of us in our different ways but what about us crystal individuals who have been awake and aware for years, possibly all our lives, and thus sensitive to things that no one else seemed to notice…in fact, we’re quite used to people dismissing us for being “a bit odd”, “overly-sensitive”, jumping to “bizarre conclusions” or “off with the fairies”.

I can’t profess to get into the mindset of mainstream thinking over all this that is happening lately because I’ve long since parted ways with the hobby of trying to assimilate with normal, though I see what is going on much clearer from the overview I now have of both sides of the coin (I spent a lot of years trying to assimilate with “normal”) and the fact I have always tended to take in the big picture as though from a bird’s-eye view.

My understanding of how people have been sold a version of reality for just so long that, when cracks start to form, they are thrown into abject fear (or denial) is an empathic one, since I was taken on the same ride as I woke up all those years ago.

Yet not all awakened, frustrated souls are crystals; the majority right now tend to be indigos…the newly indignant, vigorous “truthers” who want to take on the established version of normal. I get those people much more readily than those who have yet to wake up and yet, still, they are not experiencing things quite as I am. There’s still much more of a “doing” energy, a desire to fight, to campaign, to get down and dirty in the mosh pit of life and to uncover dark deeds to expose them to light than I am capable of embodying due to my sensitivities; yes, I’ve tried all that…and it only ends up with my wings getting burnt. I can tell its not for me since I am always left depleted, my frequency brought down to rock bottom, my sense of innate purpose in tatters, my creativity dried up when I deep-dive all the darkest corners of a crumbling paradigm. Yet the indigos are necessary; their righteous indignation with the old ways is a fierce kundalini fire burning through all the toxic by-products of the huge transitional clean-out that is being attempted; they are the push and birthing pains of the new.

Meanwhile, I suspect there are quite a few of us crystal types out there wondering “what next, what can I possibly do to contribute here”…and for many, the age-old reaction is that they think that they want to leave the planet, to exit the messy stage, or run and hide because their hyper-sensitivity can’t take in some of the sheer grunge of human behaviour that is coming to light; and yes, when you are fully aware, some of the “truth” is very unsightly and deeply triggering. The trip-wire of that whole thinking is that the question is asked through the eyes of an indigo (and they are often the most expressive, most opinionated, most likely to ask such a thing out loud – “what are you doing to contribute?”). When couched another way, the crystal way, the most pertinent question is “what are you here to be in these times?” and that question shines light on a whole different world of possibility because “being”, more so than “doing”, is our forte. We are the frequency holders, and to do that, we need to choose and hold steady whatever frequency we envision becoming more of the “new norm” and that takes some doing, in these times!

In simple terms, ours is to be the love that seems so very absent in the world.

One small caveat…owning our specialism in the art of “being” is not to say we avert our eyes from what is going on (“being done”) but that we notice it (with provisos, below), which is to say we ground ourselves in the current physical reality…not our favourite thing to do but its necessary to become players in this game.

So, we see what is happening and then we state our position in relation to “it” (as in, to declare, if only in private, whether we consent, or not, to what is going on) and then, having consciously chosen our affiliation to one direction or the other, we do what we are best at – we make it all whole again. The choice part…the casting of the vote…is so important because, as so many of us suspect, we are at THE MOST significant crossroads in human existence so far and things could go either way, in ways that would be hard to reverse further down the line. Timelines are converging at this unique point in our story and so we must each cast our energetic vote or accept that to abstain is probably the same as to vote for what we don’t want. So having chosen and stated that which we reject, we do what we are so very good at doing….we return, in our core beingness, to the “place” that is our preferred one, where all is whole, pure, coherent, unified and based upon unconditional love. That is, we return to the fifth dimension that has always been our true home and to which we naturally defer in our alone time, out happy spaces, those times when we lose ourselves in our own ways, far away from an outside world we find little bit too much like mayhem.

Those provisos mentioned above are that we are as discerning as we can be as to what we notice, using our extreme awareness and awakeness to choose which sources to take our information from, and also how much to engage with it, when to engage with it…and so on; our intuition leads the way. To know is not to have to plunge deeply into an abyss of uncomfortable material but to give it the nod “I know you are there” and then, importantly, to take our stand including “I do not consent to this kind of behaviour continuing in my chosen paradigm of life on earth…” (or words to that effect). Then, we return to our coherent heart-state…which we know so well that we can quickly do the necessary healing work to steady our inner state to its former coherence.

What I describe is a lot like what HearthMath Institute describe when they talk about achieving heart coherence in the human body. Their exercises and the personal devices you can use to practice with do not score you highly for sustaining either a high heart rate or a steady low one…but the ability to smoothly undulate between these extremes like a sine wave and with coherent synchronisation of all the different body systems. “Among the many benefits of personal coherence are increased composure, more energy, clear thinking, enhanced immune-system function and hormonal balance” and this, of course, feels good and keeps the individual out of the incoherence of extreme fear or overwhelm, even when triggered by some sort of outside stimulus. Heart coherence has been demonstrated, many times, to be the human state in which we all connect together as one, all around the globe, regardless of the space or differences between us. In other words, this is how we all hook together and bring about positive change on a global basis, “simply” by holding a coherent inner state, together (for more on this, read about HearthMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative).

For the other-worldly seeming crystal individual, this is our very strength or super-power; but those other stages are utterly essential to our taking part in the grounded reality that we live in as human beings. We can no longer deny but must see our current reality for what it is and then choose, instead of fleeing what we don’t like to know about because it is too unsavoury to deal with. It is only when we have faced what we don’t want that our alternate choice holds any sway in the energetic field here on earth; and so we do that…and then we make it all whole once again, as us, by being that which experiences both sides of an extremity but then caps it all off to make the perfect triangle or triscele of completion. We are that triangle, or holy trinity, when we do this…embodied, and this then serves as a portal to other realities, to which we now have direct access as the one doing the ascending…as in, we do not make our own wellbeing conditional upon the so-called imperfections we perceive in and around our circumstances but we work with them to make them whole, as us. This “rising above” is the personal ascension process…and its a gateway to manifesting more of what we really want to experience.

This is unconditional love in action, since it no longer requires everything to be “just so” before we can ascend in a myriad of ways. These mini-ascensions can then happen a hundred times a day as we rise above a myriad of different circumstances, large and utterly trivial-seeming, but it all counts towards a state we are perfecting as our new normal, within physical form (in other words, we don’t have to die to reconcile the unreconcilable)….just as long as we look at both sides of the equation before making everything whole again, as us. If this sounds like pure alchemy then, yes, here is our true specialism; we are those alchemists who know how to combine the two seemingly unmixable substances, the poles-apart, and create gold out of it, energetically speaking!

And if you are a crystal individual, you will already know that you are one, in your heart of hearts….that this is how you are “wired”. Perhaps you are that pulled back, highly-sensitive individual or maybe you have always tended to see both sides of an argument and to try to heal the unhealable, to rise above it all and gain a different viewpoint, even when this made people shun you for your apparent lack of commitment to a cause. Its why the world has always seemed so topsy-turvy and abrasive through your eyes.

The three-part process is crucial and is the missing link for many crystal individuals since they still tend to run away from the extreme discomfort of the world as it currently is. Yet we must; this is the answer as to why we are alive in these times (didn’t you spend your whole life wondering this?) and when we don’t, we feel even more discombobulation because we know, deep down, there is some special purpose we are here to fulfil.

The very reason you are so good at this process is because you have seen the highest highs (its how you are wired to experience, way beyond the typical human limits…always seeing beauty and wonder where others seem to miss it) but then, in your lifetime, you have probably experienced some of the lowest lows and this is now your chance to turn this into the gift; and to heal your own past traumas along the way. More than ever, it is essential to remove the charge from any past traumas by integrating them back into all that you are, using the process I describe. Otherwise, those traumas, if still loaded with meaning and pain, can be what draw you into even more engagement with the lower frequencies when you allow yourself to go anywhere near them…so use this opportunity to revisit any old hurts that come up in this phase and then use the process above to reconcile them once and for all, something I have been doing more diligently than ever these last few weeks as some old childhood stuff got thrown up by the lockdown circumstances.

You then make this wholeness or coherence via the zero-point potentiality within yourself, found in your heart-space and also found in all the “junk” spaces of your DNA. Without this three-part process, (which was not fully available in its current form, geared for mass transformation, until fairly recently…so this is new to many who are now starting to work with it), we have always tended to struggle to ground ourselves into physicality or feel like we are supported when we are here. Now, we get to “come down” (as it feels like from our perspective…) to see what is going on, choose our preference from the perspective of our sovereignty and highest knowing and then, having made this commitment in some articulated form (words hold great power, whether expressed to others or only to ourselves), we return quite untouched to our wholeness…both within and without the human body…as a living bridge between the two.

The only reason we might linger in the lower frequencies is if we carry unresolved trauma in our cells and so, again, its time to let go of all that…start with your own healing and move out into the wider spaces; now is the perfect time.

Importantly, listen to your body! It will tell you things that it wants to do, pause, change, explore…etc….if you tune to body-intuition. The potential wholeness we get to experience a living version of lies right in the core of our body-cells (not just “out there” somewhere in the quantum field) and the body will hint to us as to what we can be doing to help it get there!

This process of making things whole again may look like even more time spent in Nature, or gardening, or doing our even-more rapidly evolving art or compositional practices, discovering new desires to free-form and express through movement, writing, channeling, ritual, or other body expressions. It may appear as new epiphanies and deeper understandings experienced like dazzling internal lightbulbs coming on and all the shifts or releases that follow, or via a sense of cohesion or even completion within whatever our particular fixations usually are (we may alter the way we do these familiar things or even find we suddenly do not wish to continue doing them anymore). It may even materialise as shifting relationships or the cutting of ties….but whatever it is, if it comes from this healing place, it will feel deeply intuitive and “right”.

In so many tiny and subtle ways, it may come in the form of innately knowing how to construct the kind of reality around us that comes closest to the one we hold in potential for everyone but with much more to do with the state of being associated with this reality than through the acquisition of outside trappings to make anything “perfect” (for instance, less about “needing” a new house than altering the way we live in the current one). Even if the world seems heinously imperfect right up to our doorstep (and I can relate to that as there has been a distinct chaos energy playing-out right outside my house most days during this lockdown, being a place where many people converge and not always kindly or considerately!) we realise we can still hold this space of future potential “already realised” in our own zone and that we already have all that we need without the old sense of feeling our situation is broken, out of our control or conditional upon things changing. Each time we do this work, even in some minor way, we effect quantum change in the field of potentiality that then ripples out into the whole world!

Inside our body, we may be drawn to the meditations, the music, the free-form movement and yoga, the spiritual and energy healing practices and whatever we innately know will allow zero-point to be reclaimed, unconditional of any outside interference. We may find ourselves defer to more moments of deep gratitude and appreciation than ever, paradoxically given how dualistic our “outside” experiences may have become.

The more we do this, following our own breadcrumb-trail towards the third part of the equation, the healing cap-stone to the triangle, the better we get at it…and so now is the time to practice this up and down recovery process diligently, knowing this is how we do our very best work. Another way to look at it is as a sine wave that undulates between two extremities, and we (as the ones who naturally fly so high) are the exceptional ones who know best how to find the happy medium…or, the human sweet spot…but only because we are also such experts from having embodied both ends of the scale, within our direct human experience. It is the hardship we have been put through, in combination with the high points we defer to, that make us so capable of finding the sweet spot and staying there, making it our home. We are like home-seeking devices…when, by home, I mean this place where all human’s long to return, en masse, because we have been there before and we have missed it, dreadfully, ever since we lost our way…

One visualisation that may be useful is that of holding your essence in your hands like a fragile, effervescent bubble…a ball of light. Imagine you are cupping this ball in your hand, though it naturally wants to float off higher and resists landing on the ground. Yet you cradle your hands around it and guide it gently to the floor, letting it touch slightly and then bring it up to chest height where you allow it to pause for a moment, nestled safely in your cupped hands…the sweet spot…and while it is there you notice it swell, almost as though it is pulsing with life and growing in structure before your very eyes. Then you loosen your hold, allowing it to float higher, until it leaves your hands entirely and so-playfully floats right above your heard, as light as a feather, eventually coming down to rest on your outstretched hand, just as a butterfly might settle. So you hold it there for a few moments and then, holding its sides more securely, you guide it back down to the sweet spot close to your solar plexus and heart and you feel its energy seem to merge with yours. Again, you cup it more securely and guide it down to the floor like an exercise ball, enabling the briefest of touches but doing so with confidence and purpose, enjoying the stretch and the slight resistance. The more often you repeat this, dipping it right down to the ground, allowing it to touch base, never letting go of it while it is down there, and then bringing it back to where you cup it gently and allow it to rest without any pressure in your hands, the bigger and more resilient it will grow…until the bubble is at least twice the size that it used to be. At the end of the visualisation, or you can enact this as a dancing meditation to music, you lift the sphere of rainbow light right above your head and bring it down over yourself, merging with it…as you!

That was “just” a meditation and yet the real process is not so dissimilar; we touch base with “reality” and then we return to the sweet spot…and, its true; the more often we do this grounding process (literally or as a visualisation), the more physically resilient we will become, which we need. One of the most important things us crystals need, right now, is to build strength and resilience in our bodies. We have tended to overlook them for so long but we cannot do what we are here to do, which is to embody the higher dimensions and light frequencies we love so much, without the bodies in which to hold them in physical form.

The deep discomfort us crystals feel with confronting dark agenda and messed-up, hateful behaviours, has kept us with our feet floating well above the ground for far too long, lest we feel too much pain than we can bear in our human bodies if we immerse in the all-too-harsh 3D reality. So our bodies have tended to reflect that ungroundedness, as chronic health challenges, lack of physical abundance and as our inability to be seen, heard or taken seriously in the physically manifest world. Given our sensitivities, and the lack of awareness of our peers, many of us have opted not to take part in mainstream life and so we have learned to be loners from an early age. Because of this, we tend to come across as terribly aloof, and as weakling underachievers with a propensity to live in our own heads or in other forms of escapism that often make us seem immature, weird or “fluffy”. Energetically, we seem to have broadcast to everyone else that we  have chosen not to be game-players in the paradigm that holds them so fixated, thus we have been left mostly to our own devices, all our lives.

So, for a long time, we have ceased being active players in mainstream life; a step taken, as we saw it, to protect our own wellbeing and this instinct continues to be accurate…we have this gift of reaching exceptionally high-frequency places and this may well be sacrificed if we immerse in all the low-frequency dross that other people get involved in, given our exquisite sensitivities. Yet in the three-part process we have the answer; how to ground as a crystal and then to be manifest enough for our radiated frequency to be transmitted and picked up by others…like a lighthouse beaming reminders from the higher dimensions but, importantly, not from “somewhere out there”, which is too abstract for most people to relate to, but from the three-dimensional life force that is us and whatever we happen to radiate out into the world. Our high-vibe traits have often found their way out into the world through our creative pursuits, our kindnesses, our different way of behaving and our other-than mainstream priorities and many of us have more experience of this than we give ourselves credit for. If we can only do this, more, whilst encompassing the full bandwidth of the current physical reality and yet not becoming destabilised by the lower vibes we come into contact with, the transformation of ourselves becomes the potential transformation of all those we encourage to bring their own fifth-dimensional potential online….since just so many people are poised ready for this, as I write. What if all they need is the courage of their secret conviction that this new high-vibe version of “normal” is out there, just waiting for its cue to manifest in all its glory and we help provide that validation with some random act of kindness or positivity against the mainstream tide of so much seeming chaos and fear?

This is not the same as being an indigo individual, at all, and is why I feel all-the stronger and more balanced though the embracing of my crystal qualities; a process that has come about over the last couple of years and resulted in me acquiring so much of the balance and physical resilience that I seriously lacked before. What I have come to understand is that I actually arrived in this life with a predominance of crystal energy already activated (as, I suspect, has been the case for many individuals since the late 1960s, although this is not broadly accepted…yet) and it was only in my attempts to ground myself, to try and cope somewhat better with “life”, that I reached out and drew in (or activated) more of my indigo energy as the nearest relatable thing on the way to achieving more groundedness, which I knew I had to do in order to survive amongst other people. Periodically over my life, often coinciding with the start of a new solar cycle as the renewed upward and outward “push” of manifest-reality had my back in those phases (somewhat like the waxing phase of the moon, only in a more physical sense), I have tried to run with my inbuilt indigo flame and it has taken me to places in my humanness that are now such important parts of the broad-spectrum experience I have gathered in this lifetime. The integration of traumas picked up along the way has been the fabric and fuel to my more resilient state of embodiment but there is a limit and I do not feel that I need to continue gathering experiences of great contrast to do the work that I am here to do. Those indigo times were also my most connected and physically influential times; and also, to a point, the phases when I was most dynamic in my physical body…yes, getting things “done”. Yet, at some point, each time one of these indigo phases occurred, I went too far in pursuit of the indigo flame and…again…burnt out in my physicality; like a moth that got too close to the man-made lightbulb. The predominantly other-worldly, thus physically fragile, quality that is me became scorched onto the unforgiving glass and these burned-out wings were no longer of use to my crystal-self; or, not until I had done all the work to replicate them, which has sometimes taken me years to do. This is because being indigo is not my speciality…being crystal is…and if this is you too, then its an important (no, crucial) realisation to have at this stage, for all the reasons explained.

At last, I own this “truth” about my so-called physical fragility…and yet it is not really fragility (except as misunderstood though other peoples eyes…) so much as a state of being for which the world is not yet ideal. It is a kind of power for which the current paradigm has no measure…and so it continues invisibly, so-often misconstrued as ineptitude or “doing nothing”…even by so many of the crystals who have it (a point of view which also wears down our morale and strength, eventually, when living with both feet in the current paradigm). This is crystal individual’s tragedy; to not see themselves as they truly are, nor consider their gifts as applicable to the current paradigm shift, nor believe that they are already playing a key role, being exactly as they are…as gentleness, wholeness and unconditional love. What they need to reconsider is that the world is no longer stuck in one paradigm, we already have one foot ahead of ourselves into a new one…and the crystals lean more into that foot than the one that is still lagging behind. Oh so quietly, we lead the way (or, one of the ways…since there are an infinite number of ways that the new earth is becoming more manifest) towards a brighter future we already live in; within ourselves. Because we know it so well, we crystals are also so very good at noticing the signs of when and where this new-wave of positivity is already happening – yes, we love to spot all the good news that is at large in the world – and so we can help boost those eventualities with our focus and the sharing of the good news with other people; communication (not always verbal) being our other major strength!

We are not broken; that is the other old-belief that needs to go now. Instantly, we transform ourselves by appreciating that what we already have to offer is NEEDED by these times, harder though it is to evaluate what we “do”compared to others; because, remember, we are all about “being”. The whole world will, one day, be so much more about “being” than it currently is…and we are its guides back home. We anchor this state…which can be a weary-making and thankless task and yet we do it because this is who we are; the fifth-dimensionals in form, holding the highest frequency we can embody during turbulent times. Our whole lifetime may have been spent searching for methods to make this life feel more comfortable and much more viable for ourselves and we have been rocked back and forth on such choppy seas that what we now see others going through only feels like more of the same; an unviable mixture of highest aspiration with all the imperfections of what actually is..and yet we know better, since we have become experts at making our own misfit, broadly spread, paradigm of high-highs and low-lows work. Yet we also hold within us the deepest memories, which (if we allow them, course through our body cells as tangible frequency; a bliss-charged, non-harming but profoundly transformational “flame” of love) tune us into a time when the world was/will be a far better fit for the way we are; because this “place” is both our past and our future but also our present, as us.

Because holding high frequency, within the cells of the body, has been done before; many eons ago (actually, as I said, simultaneous with now, when we dial into the fifth dimensional frequency within ourselves, stored in our DNA) and we are all headed there again…if we want to. Only, this potential has not yet been activated across the majority of the collective but it is starting to happen and, to get there, we need more souls prepared to hold the 5D frequency “as if” it already is…that’s us crystals!

Many of us find our reminders in Nature, by spending times in our gardens, being near to water or in woodland, when we slow life right down, listen to birdsong, appreciate beauty, or when we are triggered into moments of awakening by listening to particular music, seeing certain kinds of art or when we perceive flashes of beauty, moments of kindness, times when people pull together and love one another without conditionality. As “luck” would have it, these opportunities have become more plentiful than ever before during these much slower and uncertainty-making times…

So, this is not a time to shock the newly awakening ones straight back into deep trauma…not if they already hold the crystal potential, which is as fragile as it is powerful (one of those deep paradoxes that we somehow know is truth). Let the indigos wake-up and shake into realisation those who are fast asleep in so many distorted and detrimental ways…but there are many subtly disguised, as-yet unrealised, sensitive individuals who have made a lifetime out of hiding that quality away beneath layers of acquired “normality” (I used to be one of these). Many have only just started to give themselves permission to stop being on the conveyor belt of mainstream life and are starting to feel the glimmer of 5D potential through being able to spend an increased portion of their days in their gardens, walking in Nature and with the extra time and solitude to plunge deep into their childhood memories and intuitions (often, for the first time since they were those children…) enough to recall who they really were, way back before they buried this innate persona DEEP beneath the thick layer of mainstream expectations and cultural beliefs acquired to shield themselves from life as it has been until now. At last, they can dare to come out…

These individuals really need us embodied crystals to show them that they can, indeed, dare to bring through this love-infused frequency and still be in a human body, all at the same time, without risk of being shredded…that the two can be successfully merged and the individual survive, even thrive, for being both all at once. We awakened crystals are those crystalline “models” and its time for us to step up into that role; to show how it can be done. We need to be here…grounded…like never before; at least some of the time, in order to do our alchemy.

Because the more times these flashes of 5D remembrance occur, the quicker people wake up and this is where we crystals fulfil a different role to the indigos, who urgently strive to shake and awake people from their slumbers, often through shock factors and the hot pursuit of the “big reveal”. Theirs is not a wrong way (and often they are really on to something with their truthing so I gratefully let them do what they do) but our way is also needed; as part of the three-part process of making whole. This is a process that is much-required by all of the world, in all of its layers, as the fractatlised reality that it is (meaning, as we rediscover wholeness within ourselves, we each radiate this potential to heal and make whole “out” of ourselves into the field at large, thus making it even more available to all the diverse layers of experience “out there”). As we do it, the quantum field gets to, as it were, photocopy what we have just done and repeat it, over and over again. So, the more embody these higher frequencies and scatter them out into the field of availability, the more we increase their potential to manifest and multiply in physical form.

This is why so many crystals not only prefer to spend their time being around the kind of reminders I refer to (Nature, music, art and such) but why it is often those very individuals who are putting them out into the collective as artists, musicians, creators, people who use words to create beautiful pictures in people’s minds, teachers, healers, spreaders of hope and higher possibility; sewing the seeds of a crystal reality where people may resonate and wake up into their own fifth-dimensional remembering. Conversely, when we crystals get too “indigo” in our focus because of who we are paying attention to on the fringes of our awakening community, we often lose our creative vibe; which is to let our very power slip from our hands since ours is a different skillset or role….and we now need to get quite clear about that role and step into it.

So if you are a crystal individual then you may very-well relate to what I am describing here, especially the confusing “plunge” into powerlessness when we try to bring onboard too much of the indigo energy…even when we have our own indigo streak, which leads us into territory that we are often curious to explore, initially (but we have to be mindful about how curious we are prepared to be, before we allow our own frequency to take a knock and then plummet downwards where the fear-vibes live). Above all, we need to honour the fact that, to do what we are able to do, we came into form as even more sensitive than other kinds of people…because we are designed to straddle different worlds; including a “world” where the frequencies are a lot more refined and intricate than down here in physical form…and we are wired to register those in addition to, and often more keenly than, our base sensory data. These same sensitivities are also useful to us in our physical lives, and even more so than they used to be; but not if we burn them out!

So we have to come to know and respect our own perimeters when it comes to plunging the depths; even though it’s time to stop denying that the depths are there. To support this, we need to consciously decide how to apportion our time and honour our own strongest impulses, which will vary from day to day (the clue is in our own bodies), allowing moments, hours, days or even weeks when pulling right back from it all is exactly the right thing for us. When we do this, we are choosing to “be” much more than “do”, as the flip-side of the mainstream (though this is altering faster than ever…) obsession with busy-ness. This is one of the ways that we make the difference, by holding this new reality in form, as our current daily reality!

Our new world will be much more about being and feeling and spending time in the spaces than doing and logisticising or filling up every square inch of our time!

So, on certain days, we will just know that we want to spend our time being more detached from the often harsh or chaotic 3D “realities” that present all around us…and that’s OK; this is how we refuel and its how we model the future, for all. We come to know our own patterns, our particular recovery methods, how to balance our physical, energetic and emotional health all at once and how to come at life from the central node-point of love. We understand that its not wrong or escapist or cowardly or being in denial to spend more time in the higher dimensions whilst living in a physical body but, rather, that this is our very forte…and, as such, we hold space for others to join us where we are, whenever they are ready.

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A brighter future

In these oddly paused days, I don’t get much mail but, today, I found a glossy interior mag on the doormat…a starkly incongruous figment of “the past”. Be assured, I don’t subscribe to this article per se, its a “freebie” chosen from an otherwise unappealing list of account benefits for having a certain kind of bank account and I chose it over theme park vouchers or some such because, well, I used to covet such reading…oh about a decade or so ago…when expensive glossy mags depicting interiors I could only aspire to in my dreams seemed to allude my budget as much as those very interiors. My daughter sometimes uses them for pulling out architecture inspirations for her course and, as a professional artist, I use them to try to glean what people like to hang on their walls these days (usually, fairly demoralising information) but mostly they gather dust. Occasionally I have a browse, for the “lols”, because I long-ago began seeing through the pristine, aspirational life they depict as “Emperor’s New Clothes” made manifest in what is really one giant, glossy advertising pamphlet.

The phrase that always comes to mind when I peruse such glossy waiting-room reading matter, these days, is that it is aimed at the, what I refer to as, “I saw you coming” brigade; a nod to a certain long-running tv skit by UK comedian Harry Enfield in which the owner of a Notting Hill shop by that name adapts whatever rather dubious wares he has recently come by to the budget and desires of the guileless, moneyed brigade of female customers seeking to be ahead of some trend-tsunami that means they will pay almost any price for what they deem is about to be “in fashion” or to keep themselves ahead and afloat in some long-running survivalist “trend game”. Lead by their abject fear of not keeping up with the Joneses, they are ruthlessly persuaded to purchase the most ridiculous items imaginable and for a premium sum by this wiley and sycophantic shop owner. These comedy sketches, which are well-worth the light hearted tea-break it takes to revisit them, must have been broadcast a lot of years ago now but they have always stuck with me and made me half laugh, half grimace at their all-too-close resemblance to the fashion, interior and art worlds here in the UK (and probably elsewhere).

The thing is, such a world exists massively, powerfully and visibly side-by-side with all the other extremities of human existence still; or, at least, it did until just a few weeks ago. Having passed through London, Amsterdam and Venice in the last twelve months, I can tell you it was certainly alive and well in those places until recently (no less, my local town…). You know, the brigade of shabby-chic shops that sell nothing in particular alongside even more glossy business entities with phenomenal price tags hung around objects that are, at best, meaningless and, at worst, blatantly ugly or insulting to the intelligence of their potential customers, to the supply chain that got them there plus all the undesirable eco-consequences they contribute to as meaningless “tat” gets churned out in far-eastern factories and shipped around the world. Apparently, these things (whether ludicrous fashion offered at equally ludicrous prices, of which garish variety we saw quite a bit in the windows of Venice, or ludicrous objects; often ones that would have been sneered at as grandma’s bric-a-brac just a few months before some interior guru declared them the next big thing) “must” be had because some fashion aficionado said so. This blight has even crawled its way into ludicrous made-up services for those who apparently can’t think for themselves, such as the book collection curator I read about, just the other day; who will put together your entire book collection based on a pantone-matched colour theme or to create a giant room-themed mural out of your book spines…all for a “small” fee. But then, if we had reached the point that people were so bored and unfulfilled they were demanding gold in their burgers to get their kicks (or, maybe they were, subliminally, looking for a brighter future…), we surely knew we were living in the end of days for our culture as it was.

Of course, I’m not immune to this review process. Though I consider myself a largely conscious consumer who has made huge adjustments to the way I live my life in the last decade, my life is hardly flawless and we all have our areas of blindness, excuse-making and abject consumer unconsciousness…and there is nothing like having to think much harder about “where stuff comes from” to make you also question “why do I need it?”. On the same journey past the door mat, where I saw the magazine lying there, I was headed to the cupboard to survey how many pulses, grains and other supplies I have left, wondering how I will continue to bake bread when the now unobtainable yeast runs out, before pouring the third top-up of water onto the same tea bag that began my day; austerity forces us to reappraise and to be GRATEFUL for more every day things. I have been forced into becoming the most ingenious plant-based chef for a family of three that I can be using minimal resources during this time…and I have grown in creativity and resourcefulness on the back of it.

In fact, I suspect, I will never go back to single-use tea bags or the kind of take-for-granted consumption that came before (this reminds me of my parents grow-your-own mentality in the ’70s); even though my love of beautiful things and spaces remains core to my very being (I am, after all, an artist, a colourist, someone who appreciates the detail…). Its my birthday this week and I never had less of a desire to make it about the “things”, though I have two really beautiful items bought impulsively back in February, which I then decided to tuck away for this very occasion once the lockdown started (whereas, before, I might have just absorbed them into “everyday life” and they would have become commonplace things to me by now). Its not that our world will necessarily need to be asutere or strictly utilitarian after all this, far from it, but if we can all become even more conscious consumers than we ever were based on our new appreciation of where it all comes from, and whether we really need it (self-appraised beauty or utility, ideally a combination of both, are my rules of thumb) whatever our previous benchmark was, then that’s all to the good…as is dropping the mindless herd behaviour that was so rife, and so dangerous, not to mention disempowering, beforehand. Its in the everyday edits and tweaks to our behaviours, now during lockdown, that we are manifesting the collective change of attitude that will ripple out from this reboot-point.

So, for once, I reached down to the mat and picked up this interior magazine with a certain amount of interest; what could possibly be inside, in the current climate? Where would the features and advertising go with suggesting this summer’s trends? I didn’t even need to open it from its plastic wrapper…the cover said it all.

IMG_4468On the cover, a golden smudge, a single cloud, could just as easily have been a heap of golden-yellow paint pigment and the very feint words “A brighter future”. There, that does say it all (and at time of writing, I have not yet delved inside but it almost doesn’t matter what’s in there; this front piece is a start, as surely as any seed planted in a dark and peaty mindset that was in desperate need of aeration and light).

If even this corner of human mentality, usually cluttered, confident and assertive with all the imperative thrust of its entire “front cover” marketing strength, can be reduced down to a golden smudge, taken back to its source, broken down to the simplest colour pigment, simplified to where there is no kind of manmade “form” to buy into or inherit, only the base-substance of purest creative potential, then we are in with a chance.

Any painter such as I will know that there is nothing more potential-filled or exciting than a smear of colour pigment and a blank canvas…

If the defunct patterns of mindless consumerism and trend-for-trend’s sake, at whatever cost, can be eradicated from our habits by having been broken for just long enough to go past the cold-turkey part and into new territory then there is real hope for this world. Sometimes we have to break the momentum of what is broken to allow a new positive momentum to get started, once and for all. Like the flying issue, perhaps this will have to include some “not cool” opinions being expressed about those who continue to gobble resources pointlessly in the interim but this will take a mind-reset. We could never do this “brighter future” thing, in which I include the potential for a world with less guile than before, unless something major, some fundamentally stuck mindset around possessions and entitlement and using other people to our ends (even when this is “only” through averting the eyes…choosing not to worry about the cost to lives or the planet when we consume what we do) is able to shift and, well, its starting to…a little. There are signs if it breaking the soil.

If this reboot message is getting right into the corners of everything, and I mean everything, and if hope is still the word on the street, “brighter” our vision of the future and excitement our first impulse at seeing the blank canvas of our lives then I sense we are getting onto the right trajectory…for we are surely at a fork in the road; the biggest of our lives or any of the lives that went beforehand. Human spirit is tremendous…let’s let it spread its wings now.

Now some, I know, want only to get back to “normal” and others are vehemently hoping that we will only become more jaded, more sheep like, more in need of meaningless trinkets to navigate our addicted lives after all this but I think not. I suspect we are starting to see through such guile; and they can no longer “see us coming”…for we are coming in a whole new way. I suspect we are about to see a tremendous upsurge in the human spirit and, in its wake, a wave of the truest kind of human intuitive and creativity, like never before. I intuit that, across all these weeks of being sent to our room to reconsider our behaviour, we are clearing some of the plaque from our arteries, the scales from our eyes and the lead from our hearts; and to see what is real and what is not. It’s about time…because we need to lay down all the pointless ballast we created as “necessary” trappings and distractions around our lives for so very long in order to really start to fly.

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Spinning straw into gold

We are in a transition period*, one foot in the old, one in the new and never before made so tangible to so many people, though it’s been “happening” for at least a decade. Even the sun is enacting it; yesterday, one sunspot from the old cycle and another from the new, both emerging side-by-side, though the one from the dying cycle must sense its days are numbered, it is rapidly becoming the minority, pushing its luck. The same for those invested heavily in the “old world”, the previous trajectory…still a trajectory in the race of life but another cycle is asserting now, if only we each put our energy into that since we are part of its process as agents of light in a 5125 year cycle and a 26,000 year cycle**. The sun is our tutor in these cycles. We each feel the sun if we let ourselves register it, being quantumly entangled; as I felt play off, just yesterday, as the reassertion of heavier feelings I hadn’t experienced so strongly for some weeks, though I ploughed it usefully into tying off some lose ends of my life…making way for the new…

Learning, day by day, how to refocus my perspectives just a little more intentionally towards the light…following through with my thoughts, my deeds…spinning gold of myself.

We each know how to spin straw into gold, it is innate when we “have to”; drawing on the best of ourselves, pulling in the gossamer threads of burnished hue out of seemingly nowhere, because (really) we notice them all the time, always there in our peripheral vision…yet life tells us to look at other things, until we forget to believe in what we see with our broader vision and see only fear and victimhood, always positioned right in font of our eyes until it seems to fill the “room” with far too much to cope with. The inverse system of the “old ways” relies upon drawing our attention to straw, so much straw, nothing but commonplace, lacklustre mountains of straw so we buckle down in endless despair.

Deep down, we know better and when we go inwards we perceive so much more clearly, which is why these times are a blessed gift.

Which is not to celebrate the reason for them but to take the over-view enough to see that there is divine planning at work; a version of this was always going to “happen” now and we have been expecting it, preparing for it, coming to know ourselves ready for it.

So let’s spin gold, so very much gold with our days, our thoughts, our focus, our intentions, our gestures, our interactions with others…slow and steady, no rush, no panic, no fight…just spinning, spinning, spinning…and not overtly for anyone else but ourselves (though the effect is compounding); the sovereign artisan of our own reality, taking fully to heart the task that is ours, only ours, to focus upon in our own inimitable way, our strength. Soon enough, together, we will have manifested a “room” full of gold. Just…don’t tire, don’t get distracted or loose heart…keep spinning, keep spinning, as many of us keep spinning.

And at that point, finally, the little wizened old man who pointed his crooked finger at us, who raised such fear and yet such defiance in our broken hearts, will simply “poof” away into thin air and we will come to see how it was all an illusion, and all for us, so we would come to know ourselves so much better than before, and wake up to our spinning skills, how much commonplace gold can be alchemised right out of our very own fingertips and so realise who we are, what we can do, each individually yet always hooked together in our far from broken hearts.

* Many extremely switched-on people are talking about how we have reached the forking on the road of two distinct paths for humanity and how we each must choose with our daily focus; Elizabeth Peru is one of them (Two Future Paths for Humanity).

** Explore fractal time with Greg Braden in order to get to know these bigger cycles and where we currently are in them; he also presents this information on YouTube and Gaia.

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Becoming (necessarily) unstuck

More than a few of us may recognise a feeling of becoming “unstuck” over the last few days or weeks or, another way of putting it, mentally and emotionally unhinged. If not so much us then perhaps another person with whom we are sharing the lockdown. By which I mean the kind of “low” mood that looks as though they (let’s keep this objectively in the third person) are spiralling downwards, free falling, no longer sure of their motivations for doing anything or even getting up in the mornings. It may come in so deep and so foundational that it doesn’t even manifest into thoughts but presents as deepest fatigue, like a spiritual or existential flu…why am I here, why do I continue, what’s the point? I’ve noticed all in our household go through a version of this in the last few days and, by hearsay, some of my other contacts, sometimes more than once or in stages.

But here’s what I found myself noticing the last time it happened, and this time it wasn’t me but someone I know minutely well, so I was able to witness it more clearly. Its as though we are in that “pulp” state of the chrysalis, necessarily so…in order to turn into the butterfly…only to do so we need to dismantle the old structures of our lives (or, more accurately, completely surrender them for at least a quantum moment, which is to take our own hands off the process…because this process needs to have the ingredient of absolute non-involvement, non-orchestration about it or we might secretly hold back what we most fear losing…). By which I mean letting go of all those things that gave us pattern and purpose and reason and excuse for just long enough to enable a perfect moment of recalibration, or a kind of rebirth, to occur.

As we do this, the fear wave comes in…yes, just like facing an energetic tsunami that might floor us, carry us who-knows-where, destroy us and our sense of “normal” utterly…yet we have no choice but to give permission to it, to end this horrible stalemate which feels like such pressure on all of our joists, just at the point they seem to be in the weakest load-baring state they have ever been in. But just the other side of “the mush” we start to notice new structures take shape, or at least we have to hope so or we will no longer remain in form (just as the butterfly replaces one set of cells for another) and so the very first version of that structure is the part of ourselves that goes looking for it. It is the intention to continue with physical life, whatever that may entail, that rises out of the swamp and this is how we begin again; only on a different footing.

Those new structures might seem like even more of the old-style structure, delivered in yet another authoritative voice telling us what to do; only, if we are more discerning, we can start to recognise where at least some of the inner coaching is now coming in a gentler and more resonant tone, a deeply familiar yet less-often adhered to voice until now…which is our very OWN inner voice or guidance system (it may present as more of a feeling around the gut and into the heart), the one we should always have been listening to as priority but it was drowned out by dogmatic and persistent others.

This “voice” is both firm and yet tender, like we might imagine the most nurturing of parents to be; because we can sense it has our back, through thick and thin.

So we quickly realise it has our best intentions at heart when it advises us (sternly) to get out of bed, to not be so hard on ourselves if we don’t feel like doing our daily yoga undertaking today (the one we promised ourselves would see us through lockdown…or perhaps suggests that we try it for just a minute or two…or even just lie on the mat), that instructs us just to “be”, to let things go, to take time with ourselves, to eat well, to nap, to ponder, to meditate, to let the thoughts pass; that, most of all, cautions us against self-beratement such as “whats wrong with me, why am I such a lazy blimp, why aren’t I using this time more constructively, why can’t I stick to my old habits when I need them, where has my motivation to work or use time constructively gone?”. Only this isn’t some internalised voice of our parent or our school training, some corporate job or “the system” talking at is; this is our own most conscious, heart-connected, balanced, healthy, wise, unconditionally loving, all-seeing self taking up the reins.

So what looks like coming unstuck, when we allow it time to “develop” like a lowly emerging photograph in a dark room, isn’t what we thought at all and is a necessary stage on the way to some new paradigm we have yet to explore. It allows us to sift through what really matters to us, like a sieve that only lets through particles of life that come from the highest motivators, such as love and joy and higher purpose. So, really, coming unstuck isn’t this thing we imagine, like all our glue comes away and our corners collapse, but much more like how a fly must feel if it somehow comes away from the flypaper.

If a fly on a flypaper seems like a less than picturesque analogy then think back to how you, subliminally, thought of yourself in your old, stuck, highly-predictable life just a few weeks ago, when (for all of that life’s seeming reassurances and the strong impression of it not being not so very bad, at least at the surface where we all worked so hard to present our best angle) so much of what you spent your time doing and thinking was done according to some outside (or outside-internalised) dictate derived from an unhealthy collective consensus of what life was meant to look like…yet which didn’t make you feel, personally, happy or balanced or joyful at all. Now, by comparison, tune into how you are starting to feel and register, does that feel a little lighter, a little more resonant with who you really are, if only from having the freedom to spend more time with yourself and shake off some of the least wholesome routines? That’s not to say our old lives were completely wrong but we allowed so much into them that was not of our own making or guided by our higher choices, so now we get to audit what feels right to carry forwards into the next phase…all of us individually and together…which is how we give rise to a new kind of world based on healthier priorities. Like I keep saying, in parallel with all the tragedy (and I’m not getting into that; which isn’t to negate what many of us are facing at the three-dimensional level, but this isn’t that topic), in a multidimensional, evolutionary sense, this is such an opportunity. You could see it as, we are getting closer to our sacred geometry, our cosmic blueprint…because we are tuning into it (a knack we never lost but it became muddled, smoke-screened, distorted) once more.

At the core of our misgivings around “becoming unstuck” lies a belief (that has been fed to us across time immemorial) that the only thing that lies between us and a scary, unpredictable, predator-filled outside world, is a manmade construct of very tight structures and controls. Whilst we continue to grip so hard onto our ingrained reliance and belief in this paradigm, at all costs, we only feed a paradigm that controls us to the nth because we are, in effect, saying to it “we want you to control us”. Our shadow aspect is feeding its shadow aspect and so the paradigm continues to exist, self-justified by our believing in it. Until we do some major work to filter out distorted structures that go against our very nature, including a paradigm of fear and lack, separation and distrust, we remain its prisoners…and its contributors. Which means using this time-on-our-hands to do this deep shadow work, shining light into our own co-dependency with the “way things have been”, is so important.

The thing is, the phase in the middle is always going to feel messy to our structure-loving brains. Going through patches where there is, for even a nano second, an absence of structure…where the continuum is broken…terrifies us yet this is where all the quantum opportunity lies and its how we are making this upshift together (and, by nature of our collective contribution to this time of shift, we are not all going through the same “pause” phase at the exact same moment and so we, in a sense, carry each other through our individual quantum-leaps). We’ve lived our whole lives in neat little compartments designed that way so we could attempt to predict our next step and the one after that…but then they also dictated the scope of our view, which was often much smaller than it was ever meant to be, according to Nature and the sacred design of the cosmos. So many of us were stuck and yet not even admitting it until now, well, we feel overtly stuck and yet there is, as it were, a thin current of fresh air coming in around the door crack…if only we dare encourage it, explore it, see where it leads.

In other words, we were never meant to get locked-in and pinned-down by our own structures; they were only ever meant to serve us, not the other way around. Paradoxically, this is what lockdown is waking us all up to, at the subliminal level.

So as we dissolve all the glue at the corners of our life (or watch this being “done to us” as it may seem), we can feel a little unhinged and that’s ok…go with it, ride the wave but at least admit that there is a wave to ride. Then ride it like a dragon, you at its “helm”…the ride of your life, exhilarating, purposeful and now headed for wherever you most feel like yourself, which may not be as fixed-seeming as it was before.

And this is where it gets interesting and creative; just so long as fear doesn’t shoot us in the foot. Because creativity, as any artist knows, requires both form and inspiration together…inspiration being the invisible, expansive, unlimited force that “comes in” from a far wider picture of all that is.

By strange synchronicity I happen to have spent some of my free time deep diving the powerful healing properties of propolis (see my Goodreads list, right), which is basically bee-glue. Only there is so much more to propolis than “glue” since it is so multi-faceted (it sticks things together, protects, cleanses, heals, nurtures, nourishes and a whole load of other adjectives I struggle to find) not to mention its ingredients and the way it is “made” is so mysterious that no scientist can truly get its measure. Which is what gives it its power, its usefulness, its multi-facetedness…and its mystery.

Next time we glue ourselves together into some semblance of a way of life, we would do very well to remember this; that is, to become less streamlined and to incorporate some of the mystery of what we are into whatever we make, not just turning ourselves into the  predictable, programmable, fear-driven, habit-ingrained robots that we were in danger of becoming before this circumstance broke the train. As ever from me, just a few un-glued thoughts.

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Heart expansion

I’m not going to make this post very long (I suspect this will be the way, going forwards). I just wanted to share how much of a sense I get that so many of us are undergoing a massive heart expansion right now, hooking ourselves all together, beating…and caring…as one, embodying new higher frequencies, quotas of light and awareness of our innate power…and how the global energy is doing likewise. As we “do”, Earth “does” and vice versa and now is the time for fully appreciating that link…and that influence…like never before, whilst we have the time to both deeply plunge ourselves and exponentially expand our awareness, also to consciously register (thus appreciate!) any synchronicities and shifts that take place.

In the night, waking as I have tended to do lately around dawn, I felt the tightening knot of anxiety that sometimes hits me as my consciousness and body click back together but I decided, even before waking fully, to engage in a heart visualisation….a deep mediation that felt as though I was diving through the vortex at the centre of a gently pulsating emerald green flower. I took with me all that I am, including the kind of shadows that knot my stomach at that time of day. The experience was effortlessly expansive, just waiting for me to join it there with my consent, which meant letting go of all thought and hesitation, and it took me quite some time to wake up from a quite-different quality of sleep, with a great many short but vivid dreams, for the next couple of hours. On waking, I felt quite different to how I had in the hours and day or so before, which had felt quite heavy and hard to navigate.

When I woke, the first “news” to come to my attention was that the Schumann Resonance, which had been pretty-much flatlining for some time (I was already aware of this) had suddenly peaked to an amplification of 90 Hz (since gone to 110 Hz…unknown to me, while I was writing this post!) just a very short time ago, about the same time I went into mediation. It was all over the news from some of my most respected sources. In those first seconds of digesting such news about the planetary heart resonance making such a synchronistic and dramatic shift (which has happened to me a lot), you cant help but pass the thought “Was it me?”* then of course we flip it to “This is why!” and yet, in that same question and answer session with ourselves, we are embodying the very source of the universe, the cosmic “Am I?” returned as “I am!” that is at the very core of creation.

This is us “doing it”, that is being the source of creation…and also it is being done; both at the same time. No more to be said. Just keep on keeping on…especially where heart expansion is concerned!


*Our entrained behaviour is usually to suppress such thoughts as “wrong”; however, at this exact time in our shared story, we each need to reclaim our sense of collective, planetary and cosmic connectedness and our individual power, importance and relevancy to the whole. This removes the mental blockage that prevents us from owning our connectedness and influence; which is a distortion caused by faulty mindsets based on a theory of smallness, irrelevancy and separation. It has been proposed by scientists in various studies that the more we synchronise with the amplitude of the Schumann Resonance (SR), which generates a range of frequencies in the cavity between the earth and the ionosphere, the healthier and more connected with each other and the planetary system we are. In brief, we influence it…and it influences us; collectively and individually. Or, to quote Dr Joe Dispenza “It has long been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field of the earth and create disturbances in it (and vice versa), particularly during moments of high anxiety, tension, and passion”. So the human brain, autonomic nervous system, and cardiovascular system are, in effect, hooked up to the SR..and this can become choppy water at times of collective stress but readings higher than 40 Hz are well into the gamma frequencies and, again from Dr Dispenza, “Gamma brain waves…are not connected to the survival states of emergency mode, but correlated with a kind of super consciousness and awareness, as well as higher amounts of love and compassion”. In summary, the SR, which used to remain quite consistent around the 7.83 Hz mark, has never behaved more remarkably or variably than in recent times with these frequent and often sudden peaks in amplitude…and no less we!

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