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Four legs (and a pair of wings)

This morning, through it was raining, I had in mind to head off on one of the long forest walks I often do but to take a different path to usual. With the new splurge of energy and good health … Continue reading

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Beautiful simplicity

It came to me on a new wave of understanding, in my bleary-eyed state of awakening this morning, that at the very core of everything that I Am, I am ‘a simplifier’ and even the realisation of this brought new … Continue reading

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A shaggy dog tale

Trying(!) to keep this shorter than the classic shaggy dog tale, I just had to share this saga from my morning walk in the woods. I do two distinct kinds of walk with my dog Rudi: those in the kind … Continue reading

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Walking meditation: stepping into oneness

In recent weeks, and more than ever before, I’ve taken to meditating outside in Nature.  As someone who has meditated daily for almost two years now (usually indoors, in warmth and dryness – more recently in a room that I’ve set … Continue reading

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Blowing the cobwebs away

There’s nothing like a blustery walk on January 1st, both to blow away the cobwebs and to start the year in a way that flags up good feelings in the months and even years ahead; some of my most memorable … Continue reading

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Lost in…Bramshill – an interesting dog walk and a metaphor for life

Not quite the same as getting lost in France, the rainforest or even space…but the other day, on my dog walk, I got lost in Bramshill! Now Bramshill, for those of you who don’t know, is an immense plantation or … Continue reading

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