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Poetic licence – literature into song

I’m always vaguely suspicious when I hear of a project that involves converting one art form into another, especially if “the original” holds nostalgic sway over me for one reason or another. After all,  it can be dangerous territory for … Continue reading

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Why I LOVE my Kindle

You know the old adage; what starts out as absolute loathing for someone or something turns into true love and happy-ever-after, a match made in heaven. It’s often the case that something you think you hate the very idea of becomes … Continue reading

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“The Novel in the Viola” – and memories of Tyneham

I’ve just finished reading “The Novel in the Viola” by Natasha Solomons and thought I would write a brief review of it, largely because it was inspired by a place that left a huge impression on me exactly 27 years ago, … Continue reading

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