Preparing to meet Earth’s higher self

One thing back-pondering the old bully energies that were in my life long ago has done for me these recent weeks (subject of other posts) is brought to the surface the strongest sense ever of timelines and how, at a very key point in this life, I made a choice…or a leap…to change my life for the better. It was the beginning of a process of fully merging with my Higher Self, rather than stoutly ignoring her (still work in progress) and it very quickly effected the kind of upshifts in my circumstances that belied all logical conclusions. Looking back, it was as though I had feet of clay until that point but suddenly there was an air quality to everything I did and touched and so things became more inspired, yes more impulsive seeming but really so much better informed and truer to myself, more compassionate, more cohesive, tinged with joy and appreciation, which then invoked more positive outcomes on a rolling momentum. In summary, things got so much better; abruptly, and never a need to look back except to learn from the contrast….though, paradoxically, I have decided to take a long look back this year because, well, it feels important and relevant, just this once, and I am about to tell you why.

Though I am over much of the emotional wounding from the years that preceded that jump into something different (and I am talking about over fifteen years ago here), one of the main reasons I chose to take Lee Harris’ powerful Empath vs Narcissists course this month (topic I have written about in my health blog) was because I could still see how those intervening years played out in my health as the stuck groove of old energies rampaging my body, stuck in at the foundational level of who I am in the physical sense (which is not always a match with who I Am in spirit). Lining these two things up into better balance is the work of lifetimes; all of our lifetimes, whether we realise it or not, only some of us make the task more overt than others. So those who really focus on this area are not broken or obsessed with our wounds, rather, we tend towards gathering the learning of what we notice as we up-shift our bodies as the wisdom of our lives and because we see the value of sharing what we learn with others; so, perhaps there are more of us doing this “work” now than is usual; as we approach an era of great shift for everyone.

So, high though I can fly in my spirit, the body (as ever) can be slower to catch up, with a lag factor that requires patience and ever nurturing care and oversight…the Bigger Sight that refuses to get caught up in old paradigm boxes of thought with neat labels on the front, full as they are of old, ill-fitting ideas as to what is supposedly “going wrong”. It takes an open mind, and the leadership of the heart, to heal the wounds of taking timeline and paradigm leaps, not a load of drugs, psycho-babble and negativity.

Yet I have also come to realise that its not all about me or for me that I am familiarising with these wider perspectives (somehow, I have always known this, since I was a very young child) because I am also an Earth Empath and Earth herself is still at the mercy of some very strong, domineering bully energies, a narcissistic hand grip that won’t quite let go of the trajectory she is allowed to go….yet!

The beauty of seeing this personal, stuck, situation through the viewpoint of timelines is the ability to see more clearly what it was that suddenly induced me to change everything on a hairpin and how, therefore, we can all (collectively) alter things for the earth (as below, so above) when the time is right. Yes sudden, almost illogical degrees of change or alteration of direction, in the way of a miracle cure, are really possible although this is not a popular idea in our present day logic-driven culture. I guess you could say, it wasn’t in my stars to make that giant leap in my life, my circumstances, my very belief structures about what life was all about until, well, it suddenly was…and then I jumped and everything changed from that moment as though scales fell from my eyes, the walls of the box tipped outward and I was standing in a very different space. The expansion that has taken place in my consciousness since makes a very small box out of the person I used to be, and I could no longer fit into that persona, could bearly squeeze into her fingertips. I don’t go back to pick over the old wounds to make sense of why I lived in that box (conditioning has dictated all of our lives for so very long) so much as to better understand how I made the transition; to perfect it, to make it into a transferable skill.

It takes a lot more shifting of “stars” to manoeuvre an entire shift of an era for a planet compared to a person’s life trajectory (let’s say, it doesn’t happen so very often, in fact can take many thousands of years to get so many aspects to perfectly line up at once) but Earth is scheduled to go through such a leap at the end of this year; in fact, we are already well into the transition phase and have been for almost a decade, but most assuredly these past eight months or so…do you register (how could anyone miss it)? Some people seem to sleep through profound shifts or remain so focussed on themselves they hardly notice unless directly inconvenienced (and then they tend to put all their energy into blaming) but not one as momentous as this, and its fair to say it has most people’s attention. Things won’t be easy or magically solved overnight (any more than my body was able to magically transformed to keep abreast with what my spirit already registered all those years ago) but for those of us tuned to notice the signs, and the altered direction of the wind that now billows our sails where once it pushed against them, we get to work with the new momentum and hasten the way it is then anchored into physical form as the New Earth. This has been my experience; and things are getting so much faster, going through their paces at lighting speed…have you noticed? I recently had a health wobble on a par with one I had just over a year ago that physicaly floored me for months and yet here I am, all but recovered in a week…just one of countless examples of things speeding up and becoming blink-of-an-eye that used to be long and arduous, also a sign I am acclimatising to the shifts (its just that our personal examples convince us all the more readily than what we notice getting faster in the outside world). We get to use these traits of New Time just as soon as we notice and acknowledge them!

If you want to know much more about the compelling line-up of cosmology and circumstance relating to the shifting of ages that is 2020, I can do no better than point you at this video which explains all (and bear in mind, it was made before the events of this year made the upheaval it predicts all the more visceral to the broader imagination). Please don’t be put off my the title, apocalypse simple means massive change or, dictionary definition, “a prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil”. There are many, and I mean many, informed people that consider the 21st December, when Saturn and Jupiter will form a conjunction (a once every 33 year event) this year but this time, incredibly, at 0 degrees of Aquarius to be the shift into the long heralded Age of Aquarius, coming as it does on the tail of several astrological events that are enough to get astrologers all of a tingle. The full event is a once every 3000 years triple conjunction: made up of a 13 year Saturn Pluto conjunction, a 13 year Jupiter Pluto conjunction and a 20 year Saturn Jupiter grand conjunction falling on such an auspicious date as the northern winter solstice (the most signifiant solar day of the year) at zero degrees of Aquarius, plus we had a annular solar eclipse on the same day as the (northern) summer solstice in June. All Great Conjunctions since 1802 have taken place in “earth” constellation astrological signs; this will be the first in an “air sign” and they will continue in air signs until 2159. As for the significance of our entry into the Age of Aquarius, there has been so much avid speculation on this topic and what it could herald for the altered flavour and direction of life on earth for just so long that I leave you to do your own research but let’s just say we have been in the Age of Pisces since the birth of Christ and that auspicious transition was why astrologers were expecting the big event that became him!

So, in summary, the date of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction on 21st December is predicted by some to launch us into a very different flavour of “era” to that which we have been in for the longest time as we leap from earth dominant times into an air sign for the next 150 years and the Age of Aquarius, which is a very real phenomenon, gets going in earnest. Really, the above video is the best summary I have found and you really might enjoy it!

If you are also interested in the Nine Waves and the now activated 9th, “unity consciousness”, level of the astonishingly accurate Mayan calendar (see my many other posts on this topic by searching the term Ninth Wave), you might want to add to this mix that we are rapidly approaching the 100th “day” of the ninth wave and that we have just entered the 98th “night” phase in sync with last night’s Super new moon…which 18 day duration will not complete until the day of the American election on 3rd November. Yes indeed, these are important choicepoints for all humanity and we each get an energetic vote…a prayer is such a thing…so please use yours wisely (rather than shrugging or assuming what you vote for in your heart doesn’t make a jot of difference), if only to vote for the highest possible outcome for all, if the politics defeat you; we can all do that. We start the 99th day of the Ninth Wave on the day the election results are announced; so, we get to choose what that dawning day looks like down here on the ground (with our energetic if not literal vote). Yet what seems like some “bad” outcome might not be so very doomed at that wider scale, though it might be the slower route to the same inevitable conclusions, because the unfoldment of the universe is not subject to being taken completely offtrack by human foibles, nor is the “vote” all hinged on one day and a particular personality, though it helps if we use these undeniable potentials to make positive change easier and swifter, less messy, than it might otherwise be. You can easily keep track of the ninth wave peaks and troughs here.

The 99th wave reaches its peak on 19th December, just in time for the astrological line up shared above and who knows what outcomes will have played through by then on this rollercoaster world, yet we are empowered to steer our part of the ride as soon as we entrain to the ninth wave and here’s why. Working with the ninth wave by living from our centre and embracing heart light as the core of all our choices is a superpower we all have access to and it impacts more than we know, way beyond our “little” lives because this frequency connects us with countless others doing likewise. It’s a frequency that establishes us as beings living and loving out their highest potential on earth whilst serving as her protectors and guardians and, from 21st December, the cosmos has our back.

Whether you believe in such astrologically scheduled leaps or not, I am living testament to them, of learning hands-on what it is to wield subtle yet undoubted powers of energetic influence that I once believed to be fable (or had no opinion about at all) and so I maintain that is something I am familiar with…and can still learn from, hence the current desire to revisit the era when they first awoke in me and the dark that preceded that (just as we are seemingly in the dark mire now, collectively). There is nothing so much as having your life alter utterly, from seemingly being stuck on an endlessly bleak, burdensome, ill-fitting route, where everything feels wrong and unnatural, where you expend what little energy you have left suppressing your own truth, fighting back your own deepest knowing for fear of revealing who you truly are as your highest version of selfhood, one where you feel like a prisoner in your own life, devoid of all optimism or viable choice, and then suddenly you are not in that anymore and everything falls into place.

I hasten to add, not because some sudden good fortune befalls you in the lottery of life and everything is magically “solved” overnight but because you sensed some sort of change in the air, a new tail wind that now has your back, a favourable current that will propel your tiny craft around any further rocks in the dense-dark waters up ahead and so you add your own momentum and take that leap along with the companion forces you sense are both covering your back like an outside force and yet also a newly awakened part of you, both outside and in, like some previously unnoticed superpower has come to life. This is, assuredly, how it felt to me way back then at the point I leapt; because I have often pondered what it was that launched me into a new life so suddenly, like taking a dive into the dark, though it logically defied all reason (or all of my character traits to date) to do so, yet it was something far more etheric than born of logic and I suddenly “just knew” when to attempt that first flight. Just as a butterfly must feel as it unfurls crumpled wings for the first time, hardly knowing what they are for and yet it makes the attempt at…something different. For the intervening years since that first happened (my own personal shift in eras) I have maintained a constant sense that there is still a timeline out there, somewhere, on which a version of me lags behind in some very old choices and a life less guilded (the comparison sometimes does me good)…yet, here I am, things are very different and I made that leap.

Yes, there has been some fallout or collateral, mostly the circumstantial upheaval (the spirit has never regretted the leap!) as the slower moving gears of physicality struggled and strained to keep up with such an abrupt take-off, like a jugganought attempting to turn in the road without even breaking…and my body is still testament to all that stress and strain. So I can well imagine we will be living with the fallout of a planet switching directions on a pin head for the next handful of years as many of our “systems” fall apart under the turbulence of switching to rocket power from horse drawn. But, if we pull through it together, pulling together as we travel through, we can achieve so much; even more if those of us who have affected personal change of a similar flavour can bring our wisdom and example to bear on the situation, including that there is no point living in the past, blaming anyone (including ourselves) or making things extra hard by focusing on the problems by looking at them through old eyes. Rather we hold the faith that we are now on the higher trajectory, we operate from love not blame and we keep on moving forwards, one foot at a time. If that sounds unfeasible, I think we will be surprised at how many of us are ready to do just that and, sensing this is their time (which it really wasn’t before…), many more will be encouraged to reveal themselves and what they have to offer. This world is not so stuffed with ill-intending, hopeless people as the media would have it!

The thing is, when an era changes and unseen forces line up, its as though the jigsaw that was all scrambled falls together effortlessly; synchronicities speak, communication becomes lighter and higher-vibrational (this is what we can expect from an age of “air”) and we take off in unforeseen ways.

Of course, those who have never experienced this, whose lives have maintained a predictable route, whether that route is pleasant, mundane or downright miserable, will take some convincing that such a turnabout is possible but that potential is still there, waiting, for them to experience for themselves; it cares not whether they realise because we each get to choose what we experience. No one needs be left behind in the coming era but there still may be those who choose, or dig themselves into, the old timelines and elect to stay there, in a parallel reality that is alternate to that which those of us seeking more for ourselves and this world have leap onto.

So, if this resonates, give it some thought in the next coming days, weeks and months…especially as we approach December…because what if we are scheduled to make such a leap; would you want to be part of it, would you want to feed its momentum with your positive thoughts, to get the run up with your optimism, unfurling wings you hesitate to believe in, ready to take off on your own personal updraught of positivity, or is it more important to you to “prove” that all such things are nonsense, unfeasible or unscientific, afraid to let go of what is so comfortingly familiar (even as it falls apart in your hands), waiting for some authority figurehead to save you, digging your heels into a reality that frustrates and seems to lead nowhere except deeper into confusion and loss of liberties and many of the things that you thought were so important to you or which you even use to define yourself (which is half the problem)? It’s entirely your choice but I think its fair to say that all timelines going forwards now involve momentous change, having passed a point in linear history that makes it inevitable; so it all depends what kind of change we can best live with and how much credence we give to the view point that we each manifest the kind of reality we expect and thus focus upon. When we choose the higher timeline, even if this feels founded on faith more so than logical conclusion at the outset, then we draw closer to our highest permeation of Self and thus we gather closer to Source and our collective Unity Consciousness. Things cannot fail to work better, more cohesively, with ever more collective wellbeing and planetary harmony, once we draw towards this.

Never before has there been such momentum behind us to choose a higher timeline, collectively. If you can bring yourself to see the light that has been, steadily, pouring in through the cracks of this highly bizarre year (as the lead up to a change in paradigm could be expected to be) to notice these have all been the birthing pains of a new world then maybe you can join some dots quickly enough to be waiting on the harbour as a new ship comes in…and, when that gangplank drops down, make a giant leap to be on it ready to set sail into the unchartered seas of a brighter future.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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