Dialling into our golden future

Some of us sensitive souls have felt something like this year’s shakeup events would come along, about now (2020 – 2023), for a very long time and this has been a tough knowing to carry, all alone for all the years leading to it. Not because we think that the necessary reboot of priorities coming out of it all is “bad” but that there are certain aspects of it that could be made smoother, if only more people were awake and ready for imminent and necessary changes of priority on planet earth. In my own case, I can identify a deep-core sense of “impatience” with other people and with the need to get into a different groove of how we live  that has been brewing inside me for a very long time; a frustration with all the perceived sense of limitation versus my innate sense of the unlimited nature and sovereignty we are all born with. Now I see it so very clerly, it helps explain how unsettled I have always been for all those decades.

Impatience is, I have come to realise, a strong trait of my future self…embodied as me. Because, impatience is a feeling of knowing what is possible and only wanting to hasten it along. To get the people on the bus and start rolling towards the golden destination, without all the unsightly detours. Once I was able to glean that this was a positive trait, an evolved one because I am in touch with a strong current of future potential as an energy stream that helps inform my direction, I was able to be much more forgiving towards this lifelong trait of impatience towards others and the situations we collectively find ourselves in. Not everyone is tuned into their future self so emphatically as I have always been or, as it were, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the sides seem so very dark and it can feel like a long-lonely trek in a tediously slow-shifting world (though not so slow any longer).

I strongly recommend putting aside some time, every day, to tune into your future self and envisioning what your highest potential would look like in a realised, embodied form. What would you be doing, where would you be living, how would it feel to all your senses? Make it real but, importantly, allow it to inform you back again and be prepared to be surprised!

One gift that comes with all this is that I have always felt quietly optimistic at my very core, through thick and thin, and have always felt somehow “safe” regardless of what is playing out and so this can be a huge benefit of tuning to our future self…as we all can, if we allow ourselves. At the very least, having a strong sense of a golden and achievable future potential up ahead is our birth right (one we have been stripped of by the dominantly depressing narrative of the world until now) and yet few people seem to realise this; so, its a gift and entitlement I long to share around.

When I say “future self” do I mean me in this lifetime, further along the path or me in another lifetime? My sense is the latter but really it could be either or both. It could start out as another lifetime potential and merge with this timeline if circumstances (and my own awakening…) hasten along enough to make it happen in the time frame that I am alive in this body.

To open up to this, I’ve come to realise that I have to cease having too many fixed ideas of what the future up ahead “looks like” because to do so is to limit my potential according to what I already think I know from the prior experiences of this lifetime. Instead, I allow myself to go much softer and to play around with intuition and the synchronicities that guide my way (which are some of the ways our future selves get to “talk” to us; by, as it were, lining things up and nudging us when we are on track towards “them”). It’s like playing a game of “hot or cold”…we receive subtle-sensory signals when we are getting closer or further away from the potential they represent in our “future” and the key is to learn to open up to these.

One of the ways this has been playing out in recent weeks is through the territory of considering where we want to live when we move location, potentially to the place where we will spend the rest of our lives, as we plan to do relatively soon. I’ve had to plunge deeply into a refined mixture of fact finding and intuition to go on a sort-of virtual journey through territory which has been all the more confusing because (it often turns out) what I thought I wanted was really the kind of place I would have loved to have been living for the last ten years or so, when for one reason or another we were unable to move, but not necessarily where my future self wants to live. Those newer preferences are coming through via a different kind of information track and are sometimes rather surprising for wanting to be more embodied, less remote and off-grid than I thought; also, not so fully in pursuit of an idea of safety and the simple unpeopled pleasures of life but wanting to feel more involved and collaborative…that’s where I increasingly get the tingles!

Because the phase coming up is, I strongly feel, going to be one in which those of us who are quite sensitive and “tuned in” to other dimensions, but less inclined to being physically engaged, will want and even need to be more embodied than we have ever been before…in this lifetime and possibly any lifetime to date. We are being called on to get involved in the new earth that is wanting to birth and, to truly do that, we can’t be stuck up a hill miles and miles from anyone, nor would we want to be in the same way as we thought we might a short time ago…

So, the process for those of us who live…daily…with this ever-present sense of future self at our shoulder; a sort of Jiminy Cricket of the futuristic variety, is often an involved one when it comes to making decisions. We have to plunge deep into the matter, using all our toolkit, not just our logic and also not just our gut feelings but the whole array of information coming through to us via a variety of multi-dimensional interfaces.

I’ve come to equate these traits, in my own case, with my neurodiversity and feel like I can, fairly confidently, observe the same about others who are neurodiverse; we are, I believe, more in touch with our future selves than most, whether we realise or admit it…or not. If that sounds like a bold statement, I would just like to say that it is a pretty fair bet that our more futuristic and higher (as in, thriving, creative, harmonious and switched-on) versions of self will have to be much more diversely wired than the pruned-back neurological topiary that the recent track-experience of human existence has led to for the majority of people; we are expanding, not contracting!

We neurodiverse (ND) types might not be the sorts who naturally entertain such weird ideas as communicating with our future selves, even if we do it (though I clearly am) and many are not what we could term “spiritual” (although, again, I am) but, really, our ability to see into unrealised potentials is not so very surprising once we cease expecting humans to be three-dimensional machines with all the relative lack of complexity of an internal combustion engine. More exploratory and inventive “wiring” doesn’t make for a more efficient machine, it makes for something that can surpass its own limitations by making giant leaps of faith into the unknown…which turn out to be uncannily predictive…and so we do seem to be rather good at pulling back-from-the-future what has yet to be realised in our present time frame (I suspect ND individuals such as Einstein and Tesla drew on this very skillset). Call it receiving divine inspiration or talking to one’s muse (a natural function of right-brained processing when fully open and receptive to a far less narrow-minded concept of what constitutes left-brained “information” coming in) and its certainly a form of channelling, however repugnant the term may be to those who prefer to stay in more familiar territory. We mostly think of channelling as when someone tunes into an off-planet version of themselves, as in information coming from a “higher” source, and yet it is equally valid, in my experience, to tune into a “more evolved” version of yourself that is embodied and “alive” on a future planet earth.

In the case of those who do so, its as though we have a direct telephone line to a future permeation of ourselves (whether we know/admit it or not), which enables us to see outside of the box of present circumstances (from which comes our frustration that most people seem so absorbed by what “seems” to be going on; because we can see the much bigger picture beyond the illusion and confusion). Like others channel an out of body version of self (which we might do too; I know I do) its as though we always knew it was most important and relevant to take our most practical advice from an embodied version of who we are, because we are currently embodied, and because a continued embodied existence is where our current timeline leads us to. In our typically no-nonsense way, we see almost “no point” in focussing on how to be transcendent when our purpose here at this time is to learn how to live better in physical form!

We came here expressly for the earth experience and we know we are in it for the long haul, through thick and thin…we just want to get on to the “good bits” now; and that is starting to happen, regardless of how things might “seem” in the mosh pit of the world out there. So, we just hold onto our confident vision of a future where it is all going to be more-than alright and we trust that its unfolding right now, more surely than ever. We have faith that no agenda “out there” is bigger than the universe’s own momentous plan to go through a transition into more and more light, already well underway…and that we just have to keep doing what we are doing and hold on for the ride.

So, we focus on our own lives and, in those, we can seem (as ever we on the spectrum do) to be a little detached, even to lack emotions, withdrawn and intensely focused as we are in the things that truly engage us. As above, we plunge into everything that is important to us with a great deal of vigour, thoroughness and determination, leaving no stone left unturned. These fixations can even make us seem a little bit unconscious, judged through neurotypical eyes, as though we are obsessing or fixating too much on bizarre things or being overly materialistic when we fine-tooth all the details of life. But no, really, we are only modelling the way we are all going to be called to be in this next phase, as the need to become our own source of structure becomes as pressing as the requirement to live in more flow…the masculine and the feminine traits side by side, embodied equally by each of us.

This is in contrast with how things are at the present time, in which many people think they are living strong and decisive, independent and self-determined lives, making their own choices from an informed perspective but, really, they have been living in a hall of mirrors, a “seems like” situation that has been manipulated to look a certain way for a very long time by a tiny minority (although those mirrors and the many layers of smoke screen are starting to crack and dissolve away before our very eyes now and there is much more of that to come over the next couple of years). They have been rattling around inside a box, thinking that box was their whole unlimited reality when, actually, they were only seeing the tiniest portion of it, seldom seeming to notice the fake ceiling above their heads…but that is all about to change and some of us have been living outside that box all our lives. We get to model how to exist in such a world, just by being ourselves, which is energetically activating for others. That is, we carry the energetic signature of an unlimited golden future potential in our energy body, so any way we “show up” in life can impact people at this level as a contagion of attitude and understanding.

And if some of us neurodiverse types seem to make our own lives painful from all the extra care and consideration we seem to put into every minor decision, seeming to have to feel into everything to an excessive degree before we know its right for us, then I can assure you (via my future self) that we won’t need to be so painstaking in the future. Its just that, right now, the world is run amok with red herrings and mis-information like never before as the old world does its swan song. Our work-around…for now…is to put in the extra time and consideration, seeming like the control-freaks of our own lives whilst making a specialism out of learning the ropes of…consciously…using left and right hemispheres together, not in a sub-consciously pre-programmed way or deferring the bigger decisions to outside parties who supposedly know more than we do and have our best interests at heart, as has been done for generations. This will all get a lot better, for everyone of us, as those who are currently asleep and living like blinkered sheep and automatons wake up more and more so that, together, we can make a world that is not full of trip-wires!

Speaking our truth will become part of that and, though many of us won’t want to be hollering that truth from every hillside, we will do well to speak it out loud when the circumstances arise and to worry less about what people think of us when we do so. In fact, speaking truth without any agenda at all, including that we don’t care how others take that truth, will be the loving and participatory thing to do in this “new world” make-over. We don’t invest in any particular outcome, are not intent upon changing anybody’s mind…but we walk our talk and talk from the heart, without fear and always from love; and these kinds of actions set new gears in motion as they take off, encouraging others to do likewise, thus opening us all up to a collective truth that has never been seen before.

Meanwhile, we cease being annoyed by unconscious behaviours because we see they have been spawned and fed by the old system…which is now breaking up; all part of the necessary spectrum of human experience before we go into this next phase. Instead, compassion, combined with healthy boundary setting, becomes our way. We also track when we, ourselves, are feeling triggered and thus know when are the good times to act and when to pull back until we have settled back into our harmony (familiarising ourselves with which personal tools to use to hasten that recalibration). Then we invite towards ourselves even more consciousness than we ever thought we could embrace in one lifetime and we get excited at the prospect of elevating to such a very high degree, all in relatively short time compared to how slowly life used to move along. Its necessary…since we are on our way towards a vastly more conscious earth; an elevated earth, and soon!

Sensing what we do about the beautiful potential future up ahead, we know we can’t shy away from taking personal responsibility for our our lives and choices from now on. Every aspect of our lives come under scrutiny (if they haven’t already) and we do the work to bring it all online with our highest values. This locks us on to that future potential and, suddenly, its as though we are on a ski lift taking a direct wire to the high peaks of our experience and it all gets so much easier. We’re no longer distracted by all the squabbles and gloom down there in the mosh-pit; we are on the fast track to something else and we can feel it as an electric tingle though our energy body (which has never felt more alive). More synchronicities, more clues, more intuitions, just more more more becomes our normal experience and everyday an ever-unfolding adventure of purest potential because we trust what is at its other end, holding the line taut…its us in our future format, beckoning us towards the kind of future we can invest in with all our hearts!

Isn’t that what we’ve all been missing, what the world lacks in spade loads; an investable future? Not the dark, compromised, make-do-and-mend and threadbare hand-me-down future depicted in bleakly-hopeless colours by the media…but one we can all put our hearts and souls into? I’ve never felt as hopeless as all that bleakness could have made me feel, though I see it all around me and have such compassion for it, but have always felt somewhat detatched from the narrative; as though the misalignment was the very source of the feeling of deep separation that has always haunted me; as though I was out of sync with the time I was living in. Now I see a merger, between all of us with each other and our present selves with our future selves, into the light of an infinitely brighter future, together.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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