The difference between 3D and 5D experience…and why we should all be interested

When we are immersed in a three-dimensional “situation” we can only see it through the limited perspective of the human being looking out through human eyes, belief systems and available/local “data”. We are prisoners to time space, caught in a linear process and blinkered as can be, as seen from an infinitely wider perspective; the perspective of source. Yes, even though we are source in a human body; an aspect of source, shaped into this highly individualised format in order to have this unique experience, we are at the mercy of localised perspectives and this is what keeps us feeling so stuck (and desirous of a breakthrough…which is the momentum behind our own evolution).

So what is this five dimensional experience people in spiritual communities talk about, how do we get to it and experience it as our new-normal and has it not always been there?

A simple way to look at it is through the eyes of the first astronaut. That first trip to the moon, looking back at the tiny brown-blue earth spinning in space, resulted in an entire change of perspective, not only for those astronauts but all of humanity, from that moment onwards. Nothing would ever be seen quite the same way again, and this has played out as the explosion in human consciousness since that time compared to the hundreds of years that preceded it. Through our TV screens but, most profoundly, through the shared quantum “field” of information that is known to exist between all of human consciousness, as one entity (“unity consciousness”), we all took on a different perspective of ourselves and the planet we live on from that very time; because we simply couldn’t help it now we had looked back at ourselves from “out in space”, which altered everything we thought we knew. We had realised something that was barely a fantastical idea to us before; and could now not only visualise but take on the concept of ourselves as cosmic beings…deep inside of our selves…which, of course, we always were but it was so very hard to “see” that from down here on the ground faced with our common 3D reality. We had embraced something exceptional and made ourselves part of that exceptional, yet mysterious, reality beyond the highly predicable confines of familiar life and this threw open countless doors in our self-perception.

Not unlike how the explorers who demonstrated the world was not flat, or the massive change in all our thinking that occurred via the renaissance mathematician Copernicus, who altered perception of humanity’s place in the universe forever with his theory that the earth was not the centre of the solar system but that we actually spin around the sun, our perspective of everything changed immeasurably with the new vantage point gained from “space”. It’s not that reality altered (nothing had actually changed) but as though a new portal opened up in all our minds, enabling us to regard what we thought we knew (what we took for granted..) from beyond what had been a tightly constricted layer of belief keeping the next layer of understanding too hidden or obscure for us to grasp…until then. As though a fogged window pane had been wiped, we could see beyond the so-called limits of the common reality and now questioned if the mere fact of commonality (as in, a majority share it…at least for now) is enough to base our solid beliefs upon. We became explorers beyond the seeming boundaries and nothing would be taken for granted again.

Perhaps early men and women had the same kind of quantum leap when they first saw their own reflection in a still pool of water…their brains taking massive leaps into brand new realms of neurodiversity that, ironically, got them much closer to the source from which we all come; because we started to realise how phenomenal we are as consciousness in a body. This is what stepping up from 3D and 4D to 5D does; it scrubs away a thick layer of obscurity and enables us to see from one giant step outside of the belief (for that’s all it is) that so many of us have that we are broken and separate and that there is a horrible darkness engulfing the planet. Of course, if enough of us believe that (the realm of 4D) we are more than capable of manifesting such a dark world and, if that’s where we personality decide to focus our thoughts, this becomes our reality…which is why a crucial part of the “leap” towards 5D is to come to understand how it all comes about at the personal level (no one else can take this leap for us) and how we are the one “key player” we need to focus on here; we are not the puppets on a dimensional string we always thought we were, at all, and we are not here to try and convince the world to think how we do, either.

Because, beyond 3D, there is a dimension called 4D and we are all far more familiar with it than many people realise; it is the realm of ideas. In fact, we long for it as an expansion out of 3D so, whether we know it or not, its where we all “get creative” trying on different perspectives of our lives (now, more than ever since versions of virtual reality have really started to milk this potential to manipulate people’s perception). In this 4D “place” we play with our belief systems, whether projected from the news, religion, academic ideas and theories, fictional stories, movie and TV drama and computer games, or via whatever we are told about ourselves by our culture, our families and ancestors plus any long-perpetuated theories about our inherited traits (since the idea that something is likely to happen to us, due to genetics or any other prescriptive reason, is generally powerful enough to manifest it as long as we believe it is true). Of course, this realm is open to a great deal of abuse and manipulation. People spin stories the way they want people to take them, for their own ends, and the contagion of human information-sharing, peer group pressure and the pitfall of gullibility (based on low self-worth…another “idea” given a lot of spin in 4D) mean that these defunct ideas spread around and STICK as much, if not more so, than any great ideas we may have about love, beauty, compassion, integrity, harmony, coherence, excitement and joy. That is, if we are coming at those ideas “just” from the so-called evidence of our 3D experiences and without the backup of 5D, which infuses us with the intimate knowledge we crave of love, beauty, compassion, coherence, integrity, harmony, excitement and joy. Once we come at these experiences with the direct knowledge of 5D as ourselves, its a whole different matter and we start to radiate the frequency of these qualities in a way that over-rides the obscurity and manipulation factors of 4D!

Because 5D is the realm where there is simply no more duality; there, we remember we are all one, playing a game of forgetfulness and separation in order to explore the experience of being human. There, we get to shake hands with the perpetrators of woe down here, knowing as we do that we all agreed to our different roles….before slipping through the veil of forgetfulness to enter our human lives.

And this era…here…now…is where we get to bring the 5D experience down to earth, but it’s not easy. People start to familiarise themselves with “what it is” and they dip in and out of it, but staying there is a challenge, surrounded as we are by so many who have yet to reach such a perspective. We get sucked back into “well, if he/she isn’t operating from 5D, how can I deal with them from that perspective and not get trampled all over?”

The clue is in the understanding that from 5D we are always in a far better position to tackle anything that comes along to challenge us. Immersed In 3D, we can only ever operate from 3D (a physical, logical, demonstrable and often very harsh and insurmountable reality). When we live consciously in both 3D and 4D, we have the choice to focus on the ideas that bring us the greatest coherence and joy, from which we get to manifest and create something approximating our highest vision…just as long as we keep on focusing on those higher qualities for long enough; but we are always open to manipulation and mind-trickstering by those with agendas to play. Fear mindsets have a habit of getting everywhere, even unconsciously perpetuated by the who believe they are agents of 5D. But when we truly operate from 5D, we have the benefit of both of those perspectives AND 5D, all switched on at once. We can always continue to operate in a 3D world (drive cars, go to work, engage with our own and other peoples bodies) etc, and we can play with ideas to manifest the highest outcomes that we envision in 4D…but we also get to see it all from the harmonious, compassionate, coherent viewpoint of the 5D perspective.

I can only try to give you examples based on my highly-sensitive traits and extreme empathy; whereby I FEEL the emotions and pain of other people and even of sentient creatures, the earth, the elemental realm…yes, I have come to realise how I resonate so completely with all of these as though they are me that I feel as if I am them (a phenomenon known as mirror touch synesthesia). I suspect this is because those with synesthesia tend to be wired for the 5D perspective from the very outset of their human incarnation, which is not an easy state in which to arrive in a 3D world (and I would say the same about Asperger’s, which is closely associated with synesthesia, with high sensitivity traits and other forms of neurodiversity that manifest as “feeling too much”…in each case, the difficulty is often not with these state but with the challenging 3D world that waits here to greet it). All of which is fine out there, in the 5D realm…where all is as it should be, there is nothing ever conditional or going wrong. But down here, in a physical body, this can mean a very great deal of overwhelming experience and pain; and we feel it all directly, as though it is ours…and as though we are here to fix it.

Whether conscious of it or not, this can make the empath or sensitive feel as though they have the biggest, heaviest, longest to-do list and always another problem to take on or mountain to climb…when living through their 3D perception. So, just imagine how wearing that is, how dogged it makes a person feel, compared to the next person who is much more separate-feeling in their awarenesses of what’s going on, yet its as though we sensitives take on the whole pain of the world and, as it is us (which is how we experience it), there seems to be no alternative but to spend our entire lives in problem solving mode or feeling pain. The short name for it being “caught in the victim-saviour mentality”, which can wear some of us down to a peg or lead to years of chronic health issues; as long as the only perspective we have is 3D…which is why so many of us sensitives and empaths, us synesthetes and other neurodiverse types, are amongst the first pioneers to “arrive” in 5D, where we find our more comfortable place. Our pain and overwhelm triggered us off on these journeys, with a heart-felt preparedness to explore beyond the tight-fitting “box” of 3D, and so we have experience countless breakthroughs between dimensions across the course of our “interesting” lives and, whilst we are still prone to slipping back into 3D ways, we are so much better at staying in 5D than we used to be…because we prefer it there!

So, a typical example could be that, on a particular day, I am feeling “het up” for no apparent reason only, from experience, I know I am tuning to the collective emotion field and many of the fears that people are experiencing and releasing into that collective, right now, due to the pandemic situation. I can feel unnerved, hot and bothered, sad, deeply unsettled and in profoundest physical pain…until I stop, remember what is happening (that this is not all “mine”) and then do what it takes to return to the 5D perspective. Perhaps on a walk in nature, some time spent meditating and allowing whatever wants to present to my conscious mind, channeling my thoughts in writing or in movement and dance, I come to realise that all is as it should be; yes, we are all one and yes, a great many people are processing and releasing terrible fears through the trigger of current circumstances, but all is as it should be during this awakening process for the earth. Something had to happen and this is it; and our role is not to dive back into a pool we have already been through before, right to the deep end, but to draw on our mastery of 5D, which is something we were always wired for and which we have started to perfect over the last few years, if we are only unabashedly honest with ourselves and cease comparing with the next person or dimming our own light…because 5D is all about being the light (see my recent post on being rather than doing) and radiating it, as frequency; this is how people start to “get it”, because we are it.

For a long time now, I have been able to notice how what I describe about the pandemic is also the case when it comes to the collective response to the solar cycles; they find it hugely triggering when the sun is most active (though very few people make the connection) and, on those occasions, it is as though I am straddling two experiences; the “high” of the divinely expressive sun communicating information to our planet… and the shadow aspect of just so many people’s pain, trauma, and unprocessed fear rising to the surface as this happens…which I then pick up on through my highly empathic nervous system. Thats not to say I have to join them there, and, in fact, my direct understanding that we are all one and that everything is as it should be, from my 5D stance, helps me to focus upon the higher “event” taking place and not to get sucked into the collective clear-out of distorted emotions and broken beliefs….which is a necessary process as the whole world starts to cleanse itself of its old pain and belief in limitations and to wake up to a higher, more sovereign, vantage point. I am, similarly, able to notice certain collective rhythms…and mitigate my own responses, via the 5D response…relative to on and off phases of the ninth wave and all the previous waves, these being a highly influential cosmic phenomenon described by Dr Carl Calleman in his incredible book on the evolution of humankind – The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity (2016), which I have talked about many times before. The more people tune into these wave-like impulses and do the work to find their personal sweet spot, relative to feelings that come up…doing whatever is necessary to reconcile and release old traumas that present during these triggers…the more they also mitigate their old reactions and cease their own servitude to a harsh, limiting and highly frustrating 3D version of reality (which can feel like banging your head on a brick wall).

In other words, they wake up into the 5D perspective!

As Einstein might say, this is a case of getting beyond the current paradigm to come up with the solutions we seek…since we cannot expect to find our “answers” from within the same perspective that gave rise to the very conundrums we face.

jordan-donaldson-jordi-d-z-7pAxyI9Og-unsplashOf course, this can feel (to those of us who have done this cleansing work on our own buried traumas long ago and pretty thoroughly at that!) as though we are having to return to where we were before, when really we are just empathing as others go through what we have already been through! We are simply noticing how an even greater mass-wave of humanity is now in that clearing and awakening space and we can hold the higher frequencies to help steady them as they go through their own processing experiences but we don’t have to go back there. Knowing this, we can expect that the road ahead may indeed be bumpy for us as empaths….but not as agents of 5D. The more we learn to stay in our 5D experience, to default there in every situation, to see through its “eyes” the better we can work with the current awakening shock-wave and with the new sun cycle, which is now getting underway, and then with the much grander feeling of a massive new cycle beginning to turn for humanity as we go deeper into the photon belt, initiating the coming era of light with a vengeance (a whole other topic).  For those just sampling the 5D perspective for the first time, they may feel thrown “off” by the sense that they are now hyper-sensitive to 3D situations…because they may be, if they are angling at them from the 5D “unity consciousness” perspective when it comes to being aware of how interconnected we all are and yet processing what they pick up on through their 3D senses and 4D belief systems. The key is to process all such unity experiences via 5D and to reserve the 3D and 4D zones for their own sovereign personal work (regarding lifestyle choices, areas of focus, creativity, consciously choosing their belief systems and so on) and, of course, having an embodied human experience of it all, which is where those dimensions really shine.

As long as they can recalibrate themselves back to 5D when they feel that uncomfortable slip into “feeling too much of everyone else’s stuff” (or any other nondescript waves of sadness, grief or a sense that things are getting out of control, of “too much going on”, of overwhelm and burden…or even increased allergies, aversions and other reactionary health issues around sensory stimuli, since these are also related to boundaries being transgressed in the third and fourth dimensional realms) then they can much-more quickly get their hands on the ropes of 5D-living as a permanent state. The difficulty comes from trying to straddle both ways of being whereas, really, the 5D way of being incorporates all the lower dimensions automatically…and keeps them all in check. This upgrade in human perception is why we are on the verge of the most momentous leap in consciousness for a very long time!

So, whichever scale of event we are looking at here, approaching it from 5D will be what gets us through it, beyond the old victim-saviour mentalities that used to drag us down and hold us back, and into the new light-filled territories that feel so much better because we are no longer seeking to reconcile or repair all that seems so wrong with the world inside ourselves but radiating our own harmonious state out into it, to effect new ways of doing things from a whole different perspective; which is the flip that most needs to happen.

Update 2021 and a 5D compatible tool you can acually use:

I feel its important to add, a realisation that has only grown more tangible for me these past couple of years is that “neuroplasticity” comes from this place of 5D experience since, in order to birth a new paradigm in our health, we have to get out of own way and our old thinking habits and allow something new and unexpected to present itself. This is exactly how “miracle recoveries” occur out of nowhere and is, increasingly, more achieveable than that word mircacle might imply, perhaps because of the exceptional times we live in. You could say that the healing potential presents itself through the crack that forms in the fabric of our old 3D way of thinking about “our problem” as soon as we allow the 5D experience to come in, as I have already described.

As someone who has been tackling chronic health conditions for years, I feel I have come to know this territory quite well; and to recognise that the biggest breakthroughs always occur when neuroplasticity is encouraged…allowing the new to occur, regardless of any old, fixed thinking that might be around at the time (because we choose to place our attention elsewhere, learning to habitually point it towards our recovery and not those other three-dimensional limited beliefs that say our recovery is unfeasible or requires too many other manouvers to occur first). In other words, our recovery is not conditional upon leaving the current 3D paradigm or surrounding ourselves with different people holding different beliefs since we can heal in spite of it all; just so long as we are open to neuroplasticity.

To aid such a recovery process, I searched high and low for different methods using the neuroplastic principle and, after several years, have found the most useful and coherent set of tools for health recovery from a whole range of chronic health conditions to be The Gupta Program, which I am currently following. If recovery from any one of a range of chronic conditions is your challenge, I encourage you to sign up for the free 28 day, no-obligation trial with The Gupta Program, to watch the various videos, check out the numerous success stories and the various clinical studies that have shown such promising results, with more in the pipeline (this feels like the future of healing!), to assess whether its methods resonate with you. There is nothing to lose from exploring the program, which is highly uplifting to take part in (even the visuals of mountains and sea in the training package seem to open up the 5D potential the more you watch them) and everything to gain. Personally, I am finding the program quite tremendously uplifting, potent and powerful and have achieved far more accelerated healing in two months than I had previously done in years (such is the potential of neuroplasticity; the 5D route to health). Wishing you all very well!

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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2 Responses to The difference between 3D and 5D experience…and why we should all be interested

  1. Christopher Sallaz says:

    Greetings! I have chronic seizure clusters during the full moon phase of the lunar cycle and when there is lots of celestial weather happening like solar flares. All due to my HSP traits. After seizures, I experience an amnesia which forces me to question what it’s like to be human again. An Ego death… I have to re-identify with all of my senses and morals like it’s my first time. It’s a complete rebirth into what’s seems like a new mind, a new body, but my spirit is very familiar to me. I used to think I was trapped by my circumstances. But now I realize these are great benefits I have. To be rebirthed over and over without a crises occurring is truly a gift, which I must share. Thank you for explaining the difference and likenesses of the dimensions we come to experience.


    • Helen White says:

      I can relate, though I go into intense brain fog and various versions of physical immobility rather than siezures. It can feel like I have been in a deep meditation once I resurface, hours or even days later. And my pleasure, thank you for commenting.


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