Window of opportunity as we learn to live from higher harmonics

It’s been an odd time of feeling I have much to say but not the words with which to say it…or the clear direction in which to take them if I did.

Yet the thread most of these abstract thoughts have been tugging on is the sense of the most pressing importance of choosing our own timeline carefully and consciously at this point in time. Of there being, as it were, a whole bunch of possible timelines clutched in each of our hands at this unique moment and so we each get to single out the very one we want to become our next “reality’. As though multiple dimensions, quantum realities and past plus future potentials have converged as one and we each get to sift through them all, to pull out the highest one for us; the one that resonates so much that it chimes like a crystal-clear bell…if only we pay attention and really listen with our higher senses. Not with our habitual “ears” that focus in on drama, fear and victimhood…but that part of us that knows it is on an ascendent trajectory and has been waiting for this all along. A window of opportunity, never before presented; this is what I sense about these times.

These are also confusing, conflicting, times of compounded circumstances that none of us have experienced before, though they rattle some of our oldest, deepest traumas from other lifetimes and ancestral or early life wounds. I am more than aware of some darker possibilities that hover not so very far away in my peripheral vision, of collective fears that cast dark shadows and the reasons for them, such as questions raised about why and from where this virus came and, if not perpetrated deliberately, then at least potential ways it is being used by service-to-self individuals to try and manipulate and control people beyond the scope of limiting the pandemic, or using it to justify measures that equate to long-term loss of liberties. The kind of information “out there” distributed by David Ike in his recent interview, for instance, which I hasten to add, I have not yet listened to in full nor do I expect to disagree with it in essence, though I choose not to get into a deep dive or tail spin with it. From the summary I have heard (and I am very familiar with his viewpoints), what he shares is a highly probable reality playing out in our midsts and I am grateful he puts what he does out there for those of us with inquiring minds (an allusion to what was recently said by TV presenter Eamon Holmes, who stirred some controversy by questioning the state narrative on prime time TV). Of course there are other agendas at play beneath the surface of this pandemic; we are not out of the “old” paradigm yet, which means we need these brave and committed individuals who are prepared to shake the tree to see what is real, what is manufactured truth….before our collective ability to shake that tree is taken away from us.

The point is, are we also ready for a change, for an upgrade, to be rid of that old paradigm or are we going to remain tied to the leg of the old dying paradigm, even as it goes into its death throes? This is a key decision for those of us who consider ourselves to have been born into the world at this particular time expressly to lead a new way, to hold a higher harmonic; to sing the higher frequency “song” of life that brings love-light and light-love harmoniously into this world and hold it there, as a tangible vibration that we radiate.

For us crystal types, dipping into the dark can cause us to loose grip on our timeline of choice and this is why I neither disagree with darker theories relating to these times…nor spend my time perusing them deeply…anymore; and this is THE most important choice we each have to make at this juncture in time…whether to engage or not (which is not the same as saying we believe or don’t believe). Importantly, that’s not to say that I haven’t “gone there” in the past; it was kind-of made unavoidable by the events of my last few years, which induced me to look into the shadows of both myself and the collective in my efforts to understand what was so chronically wrong, why was my environment making me so sick, why did conventional medicine seem like the very worst idea in my case, what felt so desperately “off” to my innate senses about the way the world was manifesting around me, etc. So I have not shied away from the dark underbelly I tripped upon…which is why it feels like I have done as much hand to hand work with that stuff as I can if I am to move to the higher frequencies on a permanent basis, having faced-up to the shadow aspect already (this is important to say; I am not in denial).

In summary, what I have done is faced up to it, stood in my sovereignty (which is to say no, I do not accept these outcomes, I do not consent to them) and then integrated it using love to make whole, a process that is necessarily ongoing as new shadows emerge but is not such a shock to my system as plunging the information as though I had never heard it before, which is where a lot of people currently stand as they face-up to cracks in their perceived reality (and for some up-to-the-minute advice on performing these three steps, check out this video from about 30 mins in). This is not an era for continuing on in denial of dark aspects, gripping onto our bubble of love-light whilst refusing to see what’s going on, even if all our focus is on ascension, because to do so is ungrounding in the extreme….but for those of us who are already aware, now is the time to focus on where the light is and HOLD that frequency like never before in order to anchor it.

With so much in the balance, for those of us that thrive mostly in those higher frequencies, our decision regarding this point is quite crucial and I made my choice, several weeks ago, not to deep-dive the darker theories that I was hearing, even though I was able to entertain them as truth, because I see also the possibility of another truth emerging on the horizon…and it is fragile, as yet, thus needing my full support. Could this be a whole new shining paradigm, an alternate timeline (actually, one some of us have been envisioning for almost a decade or more…) emerging on the edge of all that I thought I knew as physical reality…? If this looks somewhat hazy, like a mirage, what did we think that would look like and are we prepared to believe in it as our primary paradigm from now on (consigning the rest to a sort of dark fairy story that we take with pinches of salt), even before it has gained much momentum or will we fall back into the old timelines, the grizzly ends to those particular trajectories and lose ourselves there?

So, if this is already happening to us, how do we recognise this vaguely optimistic manifestation “out there” on the periphery of our experience and how do we have the faith to “believe in” this newness when it is so subtle as to not yet seem real? In my experience, your feelings around it will tell you clearly when this is your highest timeline presenting, because excitement will be there. By comparison, timelines that feel leaden, presenting potential future realities that fill the heart with dread, deep fatigue, hopelessness and so on are a sure sign that your frequency is suddenly having to contract in order to shrink itself down to “fit” such a miss-fit reality; thus, this is not your place to be at all!

Reality is not ever set in stone and never more so than now…because, at this point in time, we get to instantly, powerfully and momentously direct which one of those realities we head towards, with our thoughts, our focus and our frequency. For each of us lightworkers, us starseeds, us sensitives, whichever name you most identify with, we each have to take on that responsibility…to choose carefully and mindfully and intentionally, within the spectrum of what our nervous system can cope with (and this one time health foible is really our failsafe clue as to what we are designed to get involved with…) whilst also anchoring so much light into this reality, via the frequency of our daily “state of being” during these bizarre times. We live it, we become it, we radiate it…and we get good at it; and, in a sense, the circumstances for this could not be more ideal since we are all being induced to go inwards and spend more time with ourselves than ever so there are no major distractions, no sense of feeling like we “should” be placing our focus somewhere else. This is one of the ways that, whatever its origins, this pandemic is working with the ascension process; whether that is because it is backfiring as regards the way it was expected/intended to play out, or because the universe always had our backs (it matters not which). Many more people than ever are doing a version of this inner work now and it’s tangible to those of us who are empaths; human spirit is an astonishing thing!

This is where sensitive types come into their own because, by now, we should all be more-than familiar with what we can cope with, how much lower frequency we can be around, before there is a trade-off with the quota of higher vibrations we can continue to sustain without becoming overwhelmed. It is OUR JOB to step up to this task now, by directing our focus to best-fit the particular way we are wired….and nobody can appreciate how finely tuned we are as much as we can (since many of us have been left to figure this out for ourselves, all our lives, thus becoming the top-experts of our own a-typical neurology), so we are perfectly built for this task, which fits perfectly with our unique specialism; to feel our way according to frequency. As I said, most of us have probably spent our whole lives making a study of our “peculiar wiring”, whilst perpetually feeling like the “odd-one-out” and the person who “feels too much”, who is “too self-focused” in comparison with what is deemed normal…and yet, now, we find we are the very instrument that is perfectly crafted for navigating these times. So, like any finely crafted instrument made for a virtuoso performer, we get now to play ourselves to the very best of our ability, to produce the sweetest sound that only we can make of ourselves…and to HOLD THAT NOTE.

This is how we contribute to both ourselves and the collective, all at once.

If we wish to dip into the kind of information that is undoubtedly out there and under discussion (even amongst people whose viewpoints we listen to and respect), as above, and if our nervous systems can take it without a severe dip in frequency (which, if you are very highly sensitive, I suggest you consider very carefully before you deep dive…since, if you are already that aware and awake, you probably already know the essence of what people like DI are sharing without having to go through each of his words with a fine toothcomb) then only do so in order to recalibrate from this point forwards or, in other words, to educate yourself that there is more to life than what seems most obvious, as depicted and promoted by mainstream channels. By this I mean that being made more aware than ever that there have been manipulations at work, that the world and its mainstream-broadcast events are not all that they seem, that we have been “played” until this point in our history is one thing…but taking that version of reality forwards into our next reality is a choice and we don’t have to, if we make the concerted effort to work with others like us to manifest something different. We can simply learn from it, become more aware and realistic as a result of it, and then swiftly move on into what we are best at; holding a higher quotient of light. To chose a new trajectory is to take our attention away from further paranoia or fear (to not live there…and as soon as we spend our days pondering and researching such outcomes, we have already chosen) in order to fly higher, to step into sovereignty and to realise a whole other set of outcomes. For more grasp of how this all works, and how many timeline choices we really all have access to, I refer you to a brilliant article from Bentinho Massaro “Shifting Timelines – How to use your attention in times like corona lockdown” which covers (far better than I have words for) pretty much all I wanted to say on this matter; it really is a superb article.

Do we really hold such sway with the fabric of reality? Is what I try to describe here pure science fiction or is all this exciting, life-sculpting potential I touch upon exactly what we have reached at this fascinating convergence point? The latter, in my view.

Which is why, for all the weeks I have so-far been in lockdown, I have plunged deeper than ever before into the fabric of all my deepest and broadest “knowing” to explore the inner workings of the multi-dimensional matrix that is, at once, my deepest personal experience and yet also the collective one shared by us all beyond the illusion of separation. Plunging these topics has never felt like a closer match to my core “reason for being here” at this point in humanity’s story and it truly is my specialism and my joy to go into these topics and to sense what I already knew about all of this; only, now, this kind of information is resonating loudly and “clicking” into place with such clarity and relevancy that nothing else holds my interest half so much. For some time now, its been quite impossible for me to think in a single-time line, linear perspective anymore and I newly appreciate how much I have always struggled with that since I was a child, which is one of the reasons I always felt so different to other people around me with their rigidly linear “world”. If these kinds of expansive topics call to you, I suggest there is no better time to plunge the vast array of reading and other material out there, to prompt your own deepest knowing.

For starters, I refer you to such excellent “handbooks” as “Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension”, “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of the Stargate Ascension” and “Masters of the Matrix: Becoming the Architect of Your Reality and Activating the Original Human Template” channelled from the White Winged Collective of Nine, all of which, whilst complex at first glance, feel like second nature, right on-time reminders to me at this point and which have been highly activating over recent weeks (see my Goodreads list in the margin for links). For one of the most supportive energy intuitives I know, I refer you to the materials and energy updates of Lee Harris, in particular audios such as “Light Years (2019 – 2022)”which most directly addresses the current transition phase from the perspective of being a sensitive, also the work of Elizabeth Peru for her regular updates. Plus there are countless other shining examples of higher harmonious approaches to navigating this phase to be found out there, if you use your joy-body, your intuition and your wider senses as your guide to what feels “true” to you (which is the same as tuning into your higher self, that part of you that will always lead you to the highest potential of all the available timelines you could chose from).

There is no doubt that, as a planet, we are urgently due an upgrade but whether we get there is very-much a personal decision and no one “entity” will come down to earth to, in effect, “save us” from dire circumstance; so its down to each of us, leading with our preoccupations and the way we spend our locked-down days until we ingrain better habits for ourselves, ready to walk forwards with them. This isn’t meant to sound hopeless but is my attempt to help you reconfigure your viewpoint to where you realise that you truly do hold that much sway upon outcomes; YOU are the person you are waiting for to make this shift.

My recent days have been full of nature and bird song, art, music, mediation, self and cosmic exploration (really the same thing), deep appreciation for things that might otherwise go overlooked, frequent rest, uncharacteristic slowness and easy-going-ness, laughter and lightheartedness, pleasant distractions, kindness and self-love. These and many related pursuits have kept me, mostly, tuned into such a higher frequency that its almost as though I am living in my own bubble of golden experience compared to some of what I pick up on (less often than I might) from “the news” and other peoples anecdotes and yet I know this is not wrong, or selfish, nor is it evasive, or lethargic or delusional. The more I have invested in this perspective, the more solid it has become…the more real and resilient and familiar. Though I have more reason than some to preoccupy upon what some people are saying about 5G, for instance (a topic that has suddenly gone mainstream, though I was exploring these things two years ago), given my long track record of severe health issues around manmade radiation and the degree of research I have therefore done into its considerable health risks, it is as though I am walking my experience in the opposite direction by choice. (As I said above)  this is not to deny their version of reality but to hold out for a different outcome still being possible, which I dare to do because I believe in the sway of where I focus and, also, because I feel that those now running with the activist approach around this issue are better equipped than me to take on that battle whilst my specialism is to hold light. But then I’ve spent many years dismantling the typical view of reality for myself, bit by bit, to be able to reach this point where I know that I don’t deny the shadow aspects but that my particular skillset is to integrate and make whole. In other words, I know where my role is at its strongest and most useful.

To quote the above article, “its just a case of continuing to stay anchored in [my] vision, intuition and excitement, and thus, [my] overall vibration or state of being”.  Meanwhile the “small” world of my garden and the inside of my head has become a super-expansive space where I am noticing new and more thrilling things day after day, whether in the three-dimensional reality of birds, bees and butterflies passing through my space, for instance, or the multi-dimensional details of creation that were less overtly present for me before and yet, now, they are opening wider than ever, both within and without me. I am aware of being both deeply anchored in the only true portion of physical reality that applies to me in the sense that I have direct  physical influence over it, being the domain of my own “back yard”, whilst exploring realities way beyond that scope over which, as a multidimensional being, I know I also hold sway (as do we all). In other words, this is proving to be a gift of a time; an expansive and lush playing-field rich with abundant layers of experience that are exponentially growing my awareness and my experience of merging dimensions as one. I have the advantage of not having ever related to seeking comfort from being part of a pack of people and so the introversion part suits me well but that’s not to say I’m not also connecting mindfully with a select handful of people who shine out a similar frequency to me; and this is also a skillset that the collective may well be learning from this phase…that its not about the number of connections we have collected but the quality and this is where we begin to form power-packs of like-minded souls based on shared vibration.  This for me…and many like me, I suspect…is it the very best thing I could be doing with my time in 2020 and so I will continue for as long as this continues to feel like the case, spinning my vibe as high as it will go, working to hold the highest frequency I can in each moment, and still doing what it takes to face, stand up to and yet integrate, with love, the shadow aspects as they inevitably arise.

Your decision is your decision (the whole point of this blog) but the key is that so many more of us are starting to realise that multiple timelines do co-exist, in infinite potential directions, and that we each play our part in self-selecting them with our focus, thus turning them into “solid” experience, made manifest before our very eyes, when we use whatever method is most habitual to commit to one timeline or another (whether fear based, or love based). Which is, after all, the whole point of our experience as source-creator-beings in human bodies; we are source exploring what it is like to choose outcomes both unconsciously and consciously (both versions are equally fascinating) in order to explore multiple possible timelines of circumstance. The thing is, we all work with multiple timelines already, its just that most people don’t yet realise it, believing reality to be more of a fixed / linear thing, pre-determined to a large extent by what they think they already know according to a set of beliefs they rigidly hold on to, and so they give away their conscious choice and make sidesteps or even leaps as a result of other pressures and influences (often fear or a pervading sense of inevitability) but not aways, or even often, their own internal higher guidance. When the same methods are repeatedly used, they deliver same or similar results, shoring-up the pervading belief paradigm in a linear-predictable world; but now, well, we are due a conscious upshift in how many of us get to choose “what next”.

The current circumstance is pressuring or coercing a lot more people to become conscious choosers of outcome; even if just by the simple fact they have been enabled to stop their usual routines and induced to work out what habits, behaviours and choices make them feel better as they deal with what feels like a crisis in their “old” life. Yes, there is a lot of new, sometimes stressful, information out there and people that are just waking up may need to hear it to progress their awakening (they will find this kind of information resonant if so and, thus, don’t need anybody’s help in having it forced upon them for their urgent attention…not everybody is ready to hear it and that should be respected) but many of us have been through all that and can cut to the next level by heading for the bliss-factor. In other words, many of us are getting out of this experience exactly what we need for the next stage in our personal evolution. Which means this muddled-seeming scenario is, all by itself, one quite momentous evolutionary leap for our species…meeting most people where they are at. With this breadth of scope, it is one which surely cannot fail to mark a juncture in the “speed” and “direction” of where we now go as creator beings, due to very much larger numbers of us waking up to our individual and collective influence upon timelines instead of working with them unconsciously, with no apparent grasp of how much sway we each really have with the focus of our thoughts, beliefs and actions (as it was before). We have all had our scope of influence, paradoxically, affirmed by the influence we have upon contact with others and this influence goes way beyond the scope of a virus, as does the reaffirmed sense of us all being in this together, globally, and these are just some of the ways people are being woken up. As this happens they will also, one can hope, choose what other influences they are exposed to and learn to shore-up, mostly, that which they wish to see come to fullest fruition in the world and then start to realise, from direct experience, how they just directed outcome with their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, focal points, frequency, love-vibe, joy-quota and so on.

There’s one great thing to come of this lockdown period; it’s made life so much more personal again whereas it had spun completely out of control and become an over-stretch, to where people lived and worked and prioritised according to the dictates of people and objectives and ends that were way beyond themselves, their geographical location, their community and their families. On that note, and with the weight of that new focus behind the choices we are all currently making, I love the way BM ends his article by encouraging us all to “Believe in the version of Earth you want to grow old in, and that you would want to bring your children into. In fact, focus on the version of Earth you would want to see for all living beings!” If everything else feels too much, too complicated, way too daunting then we can all, at least do this one simple thing and this would get us on track towards a better world or a new harmonic (in other words, a new timeline with a higher/lighter frequency range).

This is not the most pristine or highly edited post I ever bashed out in a hurry but it feels necessary to break the stalemate in my writing…the kind of “lots to say but don’t know how” feeling that was burgeoning; and so here it is, take it as you find.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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  1. cathytea says:

    Hi! Sounds like you’re doing well! My family and I are well. I’m negotiating having to work too hard (from home) with having all my structure turned inside out, but thanks to garden, cello, and writing poetry, doing OK with it. Thanks for writing this!

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