Cultivating the mystical

These weren’t unusual experiences in the sense that I often have small mystical encounters with other creatures; ones which I know are more meaningful, multilayered and potent than others might allow because I feel them carrying synchronistic messages to me that I might so easily have missed, had I been of a more logical frame of mind. So, not unusual, yet they were being more assertive than normal yesterday…and it had been going on all day. 

It started, in fact, after a particularly potent mediation using Dr Joe Dispenza’s audio Blessing the Energy Centres which, if you happen to have read his books, you will know is one of the lychnpins of his uber powerful healing modality. I’d been doing this meditation most days for a few weeks but this time I really got it…and something happened that was so powerful I had to lie down and integrate again, even after doing my yoga and eating breakfast, because something felt like it was on the shift in the cells of my body.

So I had been lying down for about another hour when I decided to take my bike out for a ride…my first ride since getting it fixed, having decided I’m going to take up cycling again, which used to be a big part of my life but I hadn’t done for a very long time. And I know I was still feeling just a little bit soft-edged, sort of mellow to the point I half wondered if this was a good time for me to try to remember how to ride a bike but I managed it and got into a comfortable pace, beneath the trees.

Now, I know bikes can be quite stealthy, compared to walking a 43 kilo dog, but it was as though every creature wanted to get to close to me or was happy to just keep on doing what they would be doing if I wasn’t there, as I progressed along the bridle path that edges our woods. That I simply wasn’t disturbing their natural energy in any way was my strongest sense (which can’t be said of most human beings) and so it was almost as though I was one of them; a privileged insider to woodland life. I had a robin almost clip my handlebars, gliding right in front of my face, had just-in-time bunnies and blackbirds hopping within inches of my progress, a wren that sang sweetly on a branch so close to my ear it was like a personal serenade and, the pièce de résistance, a red kite swooping straight at me, at not much above head height, along the corridor of trees, eyes locked on eyes until, at the last moment, she lifted up into the branches overhead and disappeared from sight. It was the surrealist thing to be head-to-head with this mighty bird, going towards each other and yet neither of us was fazed in the slightest; there was no sense of alarm, it all felt so seamlessly coordinated, including my part in it.

Holly blue.jpgBut it wasn’t even that morning’s cycling experience that I came here to write about, though it had certainly gained my attention, but what happened on my early evening walk. This took place later in the day than intended because I had been feeling especially spacey all afternoon, like the overhang from the integration of the morning’s meditation and I still felt as though I was held in a rarified energy field, where anything could happen. When I finally decided to go out for my walk, I had just spent two to three hours in a semi-meditative state, followed by yet another run through of the Blessing the Energy Centres meditation and, suddenly, I was OK for my walk; in fact I was raring to go. Even as I stood up to leave, I encountered a rare (for my garden) Holly Blue butterfly fluttering excitedly in my garden…

Butterfly 24.jpgThen this walk was literally full of butterflies, the long warm grasses that glowed incandescent in late afternoon sun being quite alive with them, yet they were especially acquiescent to my desire to take their photo today. Usually (and its my running joke) as soon as I so much as put my finger on the camera shutter, birds bees and butterflies have this predictable habit of ceasing their perfectly positioned pose and suddenly they’re gone yet, when I have no camera, they come so much closer, do all those things I would almost trade a small body part to capture in a photo (I said almost…) and stay there for ages as I watch them at intimate quarters. Do other creatures sense our intentions and our attention, including a finger on (any kind of) trigger? Of course they do! Yet, on this day, they were being especially accommodating, even though I did have the camera with me; not seeming to mind, in fact humouring me by giving me their best angles (see more of them in my Flickr feed, right margin).

Butterfly walk 50.jpgIt was when I got back to the main path, away from the grasses, thinking there would be no more shots to be had, that I came across what felt like some newly metamorphosed Red Admiral butterflies since they all seemed to have that very particular burst of enthusiasm that comes from exploring the world on the wing for the very first time. I saw one of these the other day, in my garden; its excitement quite palpable as it speedily zig zagged here and there on pristine wings, examining everything, stopping for no one. Here, several of them were pairing off and dancing together, spiralling high into the trees and were quickly gone out of sight but one lingered as it clocked me standing there…and made a beeline  straight for me. 

Butterfly walk 52.jpgOver and over and over again, this butterfly began to circle me, my head, my face…flying straight towards my face so that it became very hard not to flinch and then, just as I knew it would, it finally landed on my head and just stayed there. I could feel through my hair folicles the subtle weight of its body just as, when it flew around me, I could hear the motor-like flap of its wings, like the sound made by one of those tiny flip books of moving animations that we played with as children.  When it settled on me, I could hear the subtle crinkle of folding wings like a tafita skirt.

This was just the start as it proceeded to take off and come back, repeatedly, landing on my shoulder for a few minutes at a time, fluttering off, coming back…probably 30…40…50 or more times…though I completely lost all sense of measurement and time and was astonished when I finally realised how late it had become. I was experiencing so much love and gratitude radiating out of myself, enveloping the butterfly, whose subtle iridescence I could so-intimately perceive in my peripheral vision as it sat vibrating on my shoulder, that I felt like a giant sphere of positive energy pulsing with life-force; knowing too that this was what kept the butterfly coming back and wanting to be with me. Yet when I saw a woman in day-glo fitness clothes striding briskly towards me, in quite a different energetic place to the one I was suspended in, I suspected it would all be over shortly, the magic broken, the bubble burst by her shot of reality…and yes, we chatted briefly about ordinary things since I felt I should explain why I had been rooted to the path with my dog (who was being so patient) for so long; she took me for a particularly keen photographer. Yet as soon as she had gone, even though I had moved on a few yards, the butterfly came back and continued circling and landing on me, as the sun began to lower as a golden-amber glow behind the trees.

How long I was there, I really don’t know but its fair to say I didn’t want this “moment” to end. Regardless, my day felt “gilded” and the feeling still hasn’t left me, reverberating out of every reinvigorated cell, a day later.

I also knew there would be more; there’s always more, just as soon as I get into this mystically receptive energy; which is to radiate love, coherence, balance, gratitude and all those other higher vibrational things as the field of energy that my body carries with it and transmits out into the environment. Being this frequency creates a portable world which generates its very own kind of experiences, regardless of what everyone else might be experiencing around you; and this is so important since it means we each get to create our own reality. My chosen world happens to include enjoying intimate encounters with other creatures, yours might not yet we each get to attract what makes us most joyful. The shared features are that the world (“our” world) becomes more whole, more unified, more magical, more participatory and we become more aware of our creator skills within it; we don’t have to take whatever is supposedly being doled out to everyone else.  Yes, life does start to become more joyful, more idyllic, more innocent and playful.

Certainly, whenever I get into this sweet spot, these kinds of heightened experiences become my norm…every time…though perhaps yesterday had a particular point to make about just how coherent I was becoming on the back of those powerful mediations I have been so diligently using to “recondition my body to a new mind”, as Dr Dispenza puts it. The more we become this state of coherence, the more easily such experiences find their way to us because we attract them from the field.

The thing is (I know this so well…) all it takes is one moment’s lapse, a single nugget of doubt, one logically dismissive thought and the whole bubble of other-worldly experience collapses once more to deliver the same lowered expectations of a conventional mind that we have long tended to make do with; which are ingrained into us as the oh-so limiting mindsets that determine our most predictably disappointing experiences of life, over and over again. Conversely, just as soon as I return to that higher frequency and allow myself to have these experiences, without turning them over to “logical” explanations or dismissing them as trivia, its as though the sun comes out from behind a cloud or the gentle creature shows up to be my friend and the magic starts to happen…or the perfectly synchronised person, the very assistance I was hoping for, the better sensation or solution and the well-timed information or encounter just appears out of nowhere. If only I could convey the uncountable number of such experiences I have gathered over the last few years, multiplying even more now (a butterfly is thinking about coming into my window as I type this…) as the frequency of cross-overs between one dimension and another seems to be increasing, the veil thinning, the other layers of experience ever-more willing to show themselves through the cracks in our reality as a fifth dimensional upgrade beds into our experience. And so this post is really a reminder to myself; and to anyone who was needing that reminder, to open up to the mystical so that there’s room for it to happen…and then it will, I can near-enough promise you.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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