Becoming superconscious

We all know about our subconscious mind, though we may struggle to grasp just how much this takes care of, for us, in the average day. We mostly think about, and celebrate, the conscious mind and the popular idea of “expanding” it though, fact remains, we only use an average estimate of just 10% of our brains consciously, in our daily lives; the rest goes on in the unseen realms “under the hood”, so to speak. So, many of us have worked at growing our consciousness, bringing our “inner” (and, in the vastest sense, “outer”…) processes into full view, for many years, but what does that mean; what responsibilities and pitfalls does it entail and do we really want to take care of things that we don’t normally have to think about or to deal with? Of course, that all comes with the territory…we can’t have our cake and eat it; with expanded consciousness comes more awareness, more involvement, seemingly much more to take responsibility for…

GB quoteEarth is a giant mind too; in fact, we are it and it is us (and if you haven’t grasped that yet, I direct you at some of the reading matter at the end of this post). As we step into this next era of human evolution, this is only going to be come more (painfully?) apparent. Because when we work so hard at expanding our consciousness, which is to stick our fingers into matters that used to be run “for us” under the surface, we open a vast new potential to “mess up”. Just like having to think about how or when to breathe, to pop enzymes into the gut, to release a perfect balance of certain chemicals into the bloodstream at just the right moments would be a nightmare for any human being whose consciousness is trespassing on those areas (ask anyone with chronic health issues what this feels like and you will realise its like opening a huge can of worms…), sticking our fingers into the pie of managing the global consciousness and, indeed, all the unseen aspects of “running” a planet, with all of the most delicate ecological and biological arrangements this entails, could get messy…very messy indeed.

This has been the story of the last few hundred years, as human beings have so assiduously worked at controlling more and more of the planet, and yet it has never been more poised to turn into a disaster zone, as we vastly accelerate our involvement in matters of which we have no real understanding. Why do we make such a mess of this involvement, apart from this fundamental lack of understanding which, you would think, would teach us even more quickly where we are going so very wrong through all the hard-knocks along the way? Because, as it stands, we’re still wrapped up in so many ulterior motives, subplots and agendas that we are not really interested in the wellbeing of the whole…you could say, our intentions are not clear. With fear, greed or a desire for control, power or manipulation motivating us, we make a mess of our interference with all these subconscious processes, whether we do this at the individual level or at the global.

And if you’re wondering what the subconscious processing of the planet looks like, its all those things that the planet takes care of “for us” such as the ecosystem, the weather, the way microbes, enzymes, bacteria, cells, food chains, rock formations, chemical balances (need I go on?) get on with things without our knowledge or say-so and at blindingly fast speeds that we could never keep up with (just like the processing speed of the subconscious mind). We don’t know even the half of all that stuff yet…not even nearly…whatever our egos, or our scientists, might tell us and yet we think we are ready to get involved in all these processes, at the frequency level, on the planetary scale, which is to truly mess with the unseen realms? I take my hat off at the sheer, audacious stupidity of such an idea yet I guess its no different to what we all do, at the personal level, when we immerse our whole bodies into a particular vibe that’s not conducive to healthy functioning, be that repeated negative thinking or any kind of toxic exposure that we know about yet put up with anyway (could be something we eat, our own pattern of negative thoughts or the unhappy marriage we tolerate…) yet assume it will have no long-term detrimental effect on our health. The reality is, it has a monumental effect on all the unseen processes within the body and, in time, could crash our whole system…

Don’t I know this…as someone who has come to realise, over and over again, that to heal I need to rid myself of all fear-agendas, all outmoded and limiting beliefs and certainly of all ulterior motives, in order to shift to that higher ground of healing. And its tricky…heinously tricky…because bedded deep into that subconscious mind, as well as all the stuff to do with keeping all the body functions working, is a whole other stockpile of stuff which is very old…you could say “historic”. Its made up of all the many stories of “mankind” that we ever told about ourselves, or had told about us, across multiple lifetimes, plus all the “bad situations” that ever played out, like a cesspool of memories stored up as one giant cursory tale… and its primarily fear and lack based. It tells us that to survive, we must get down and dirty…must fight for control…must always be in charge…must grab the wheel first in order to create what “we think” is best for the whole; and this is whether we’re talking at the individual or, guess what, at the global level once again.

So, kind-of inevitably, we’ve reached this point in our mass-human story too. Human consciousness wants to expand, its tired of being the minority 10 percent player on this planet versus all the subplots that nature has running all around it and it demands to get more involved. So much of what “goes on” is still dictated by Mother Nature; we don’t really know what happens under that hood (though we like to assume an awful lot, based on science that hardly skims the surface of the precarious domino effect that keeps our world standing). Like the human mind, the global mind thinks it has to take over more territory of control…to expand its involvement and then dictate a certain tune, for all things to march along to. And so our telecoms (which is about so much more than telecoms…) are rolling that out now…as surely as though our nervous system was developing a new infrastructure of synapses to feel their way into matters that don’t really involve them and, maybe, shouldn’t…

I know what that feels like…when your nervous system gets involved in areas that never used to concern it, you have to be prepared to take over the controls of functions in the human body that bewilder and defeat you; and it only gets (a lot) messier before it gets better. Try having to micro-manage every aspect of your health, every day of your life, for a few years in order to keep the basic equilibrium that others take for granted (the story of anyone with autoimmunity or other chronic “mystery” illness) and then tell me this is fun? All kinds of trauma, interference, toxins and other epigenetic influences can unravel these everyday body processes so thoroughly and fast, cascading an array of symptoms as once-automatic functions go array, that a person doesn’t know what hit them. Yet, somewhere in there, I learned something important from the experience and its going to lead me to this…

So I’m going to surprise even myself here and say “maybe this all has to happen”. Maybe we cant get any further in our evolution without first expanding our involvement into the no-go domain of the global consciousness, where (as it were) all human consciousness is pooled together into a mass experience that (ever-increasingly, thanks to the communication explosion) we all seem to be having together. This pooling of experience is already happening of course; the global mind is “a thing” whether we are aware of it or not (though when was the global mind ever truly free from manipulation; for as long as there have been politics, fear-mongering and advertising, this has always been the case…). Now, the global mind is on the verge of being dictated to like never before, through the roll-out of frequencies that can orchestrate the very way people think and experience the world, to some sort of global agenda, since it will be everywhere using bandwidths that are crucial to the unseen processes of the human body. Apart from the degree of abuse that this will open us up to in terms of the mass-scale manipulation of belief systems (indeed, of the very version of reality that we will be subjected to…using the subconscious mind of everyone as the bandwidth of delivery), and all on an unprecedented scale, there’s a whole array of other problems in store for those who think this is such a good idea. This is just like when the minority 10 percent of the human brain (with its limited experience of all those matters that the subconscious mind is used to taking care of) thinks it can dictate to the whole of the body; before long its “oh, whoops, how do I keep those finely tuned chemicals in balance, what does that connection do exactly…oh and I’m meant to keep all of the body organs, glands, synapses and cells happy and optimally working, all at the same time; how do I do that? Oh dear, I seem to be feeling unwell”. Likewise, the whole planet could be feeling unwell and in crisis pretty soon as a tiny minority try to decide how it will be for all of us from now on, against the gut feelings and sound advice of so many people…

So how could this serve us? In my own journey, this systematic breakdown of my health over the last decade and a half (typified by the sense that my body was being interfered with by a degree of awareness that was interfering with its processes…) has also been a powerful stage in my deeper understanding of how chronic illness happens and how to evolve myself out of it; completely altered yet grateful for the upgrade effect that would have, otherwise, eluded me.  Yes, I feel vastly evolved compared to the person I was before I came into such a state of crisis. However, before getting even close to that realisation, things had to get really messy. When we expand our consciousness, we make conscious all sorts of dark and dusty corners of our subconscious operating system that, once shown light of day and perhaps cleaned down a little, suddenly (ironically) find they cant function so very well because its like making the riding of a bicycle or the walking of a tightrope conscious…before you know it, you’re losing your balance. As soon as we bring opinions into a domain that should be allowed to get on and do what nature intended it to do best, we go into some sort of wobble that just keeps on wobbling…

Which is the inherent risk of thinking we can get involved in the global mind at every level, using frequencies that will mess with more than just humans…in fact, affecting every form of life, from microbes to insects to all forms of wildlife, to plant cell behaviours, to the weather systems, to the cycles of water creation, to the ratios of one life form to another…and onwards. Catastrophe could be around the very corner when we mess with these processes that remain, largely, in the dark to our conscious minds and, in many cases, best left so…so we’d better be prepared to take over all of these crucial tasks (I hope that they have a fleet of robot bees that can handle all the work when the real ones are made extinct, for instance) or our our world is going to flounder, big-time and quickly…

Yet, didn’t I say above, maybe this is necessary; even desirable? Well, these painful growth spurts sometimes are, as I have learned (the hard way) because there’s nothing like floundering to make you realise the limit of your territory…forcing you to evolve so quickly….to get out of your own way…and to know where to pull back; not necessarily to where you were before but back outward to some other place, where you can see the whole picture, as from above. See it…know it like never before…be it in your daily life…allow it to experience what it wants to experience through you…yet seek to interfere with matters that don’t need to involve you less than ever before!

Because there’s another layer of consciousness and its called superconsciousness. Unlike the global consciousness, which is the mass-version of our individual human consciousness, beset with all kinds of distortions, insecurities and false beliefs, fears and unhealthy preoccupations, this level of consciousness is far beyond all that and has no agenda whatsoever…none…except, perhaps, to be a vehicle, or rather space-holder, for embodied awareness and for evolution, which is the very driving force of the universe.

When I pull back to this place, if Im truly honest with myself (which is all I can ever be from its perspective) I know there is no turning the human technological evolution around. We cant put the jack-in-a-box back into the box. We don’t want to go back to living separate and rudimentary lives (those that do, I suspect, do so as reaction to what they don’t like about the current paradigm more so than a desire to go back to such basic and difficult lives). In my own case, for instance, Ive been nursing some halcyon idea of pulling back to some remote, rural place to live out the rest of my life in peace and relative tranquility but, when Im honest, I know that won’t serve my needs because I love to share, to connect, to expand, to innovate and experience newness and variety…and how do I do all that without connectivity? I need this revolution in technology as much as the next person and yes, when I’m completely honest, I desire it!

What makes me hesitate, what makes any of us that are aware of the bigger picture hesitate, is the feeling that this is being done for some other agenda, which is to control and manipulate human consciousness, not to embellish and support it. While greed and power drive an agenda, there is always this risk and when we get into the realms of involvement into areas that we have never trespassed into before, this gets serous. The micro to the macro, its no different in the individual human; when fear, lack, a desire to control outcomes or to run any sort of agenda has got into my healing process, all my efforts to attain some sort of “evolved” new level of health have, similarly, crashed and burned all around me…every time.

So, how do we expand from the 10% involvement in our own consciousness to achieving a bigger portion without all the collateral as we (inevitably) fuc&-up our first few attempts? Maybe we cant, maybe its a growth curve we have to jump onto or risk being paralysed on the edge of an old world that is no long enough for any that are on this evolution trajectory. Yet what about all the chaos and mess this could unleash, as above?

So the next question is, what have those of us who have worked at growing our own consciousness, evolving past the pitfalls, learned? What can we do differently; can we drive out those old fear agendas, such as vulnerability, lack, greed and power, and make use of this growth infrastructure for better things, beyond all agenda except to connect and expand consciousness? In other words, can we hook it up to a higher bandwidth…not one of those frequency bandwidths they keep talking about auctioning for 5G but the bandwidth of our superconsciousness, where all higher intentions stem from?

fuu-j-1154532-unsplashNot only do I think we can but I think we have to make this the next leap; just as I have realised I have to do to make the next stretch in the stuck-place of my personal health. In my case, I have to leave behind all presumptions about what is humanly possible and harness the power of belief in something else, beyond the limited human perspective, without trying to control the outcome or drive it from behind using my fears. As ever, the same applies on the global scale. We all have to want to reach this place of superconsciousness so quickly now that we are the ones that flush this new level of connectivity with our highest vibes; pushing to the very edges all manipulation and agenda to make room for a degree of human connectivity that has never existed, in physical form, before. The highest vibe will always prevail when we we don’t keep defaulting to the “typical” range of vibes on offer, which will be more belligerent than ever, coming at us as they will from every airwave, all around us, day and night. One of these sources of low-vibe, which could floor us in our attempts, is the very fear-vibe around the technology itself since its well proven that negative beliefs influence outcome (see Greg Braden’s excellent book below). When we believe we’re doomed, guess what, we become the self-fulfilling prophesy!

So we have to know the power of our own human minds at this point; that to flood this worldwide system with negativity could serve as the very instrument that wraps the global consciousness in such a blanket of fear that we collapse our own field. We can do what we feel compelled to do but we need to keep out of the fear vibe…I stress that above all things; from personal experience, it undoes everything. Be mindful of your thoughts; low-vibe throughts only deplete your energy. Never underestimate the power of love in this context; as the “flip-side” of fear, it can be so quickly turned on and flooded into places where fear once, so conveniently, held a space (thank you fear…you can go now). Know the limits of your physical involvement…whist never underestimating the power of your other-dimensional abilities. There’s a trip wire, born of human arrogance, where consciousness expansion leads us to believe we have to take charge of everything we’re now more fully aware of in a physical sense…That’s just a phase of infancy that we pass though on the way to a new maturity, on the other side, where we see oh-so clearly that we really don’t have to at all; that we take part through unblinkered awareness alone. Learn to let go of the need to control everything; which is deeply entrained into the human psyche but some of the greatest leaps only occur when we just stop doing that thing (don’t I just know that from experience). Take responsibility for the vibration you put out, whether expressed “out loud” or not, since we all transmit this information via the invisible frequencies that connect us with other people, all the time. Collectively, we have to uplift our global vibe, incidental of 5G delivering its own vibrations, to the highest level achievable…tune into 5D and above…and then let go of trying so hard (where we push against all the time, because trying so hard only keeps us entrenched in the three-dimensional mosh pit). Doing so transports us higher, way beyond such petty agendas into the realm where we are already super!

To make all this easier, and I will write more on it at some future point, we need to draw on everything we know that we know but currently side-line or fail to draw on as daily resources. If you have been on a consciousness expansion journey for a number of years, you will probably know what I am talking about; we have all gathered powerful tools along the way but may have become lazy or undisciplined about using them in our everyday lives…well, now is the time to use them, meditation (which I have returned to, twice a day) being amongst them. Before now, I was one of the many people that I frequently encounter ready with complacent, even very compelling sounding, excuses why I didn’t need that practice in my life any more but I have now reversed that thinking, with powerful effect; like these tools were just waiting for these times.

These linkages, the comparisons, I keep making between human mind and global mind, by the way, are no mere metaphor…we are all inherently connected to that global mind, we each drive it along far more powerfully than we know, so in doing this work “as the individual” we do it for all, crucially tipping the balance…perhaps even having the last laugh as the new era of connectivity serves as the infrastructure to roll out a level of positivity that, until now, has relied on far less tangible means of communication. When we make all our interactions, via any means, the highest-vibe we can muster, driven not by old stories of fear and lack, we up-grade the entire system and allow for what currently seems so cutting-edge yet fatally flawed to be a mere stepping stone, a brief teething phase for our planet on the way to some other sort of evolutionary burst…the main event, way beyond all the commercial hype…that is just waiting to happen on the other side.

Valuable Resources:

Just a couple of resources if you want to do research, or be encouraged, regarding the full potential of the human mind:

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief – Greg Braden

Becoming Supernatural – Dr Joe Dispneza

Also, some higher perspectives on 5G that feel in sync (I just discovered Amanda Ellis’s video, below, since publishing this article but recommend it for being on just the same wavelength):

5D, 5G & high-frequency consciousness – Elizabeth Peru

From 5G to 5D – stop the fear!!! – Amanda Ellis

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Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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3 Responses to Becoming superconscious

  1. cathytea says:

    This is really good and useful!

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  2. sandersong says:

    Hello! Thanks for your enlightening insights on the ninth wave! As I’ve been following the mayan calendar for years now in a daykeeper sort of way the ninth wave book by Calleman just came to my attention.

    Can you point me to a site where I can learn to use the 9th wave calculator? Calleman’s site seems to be unattended and out of date. Not much comes up on an internet search.

    I suppose I will just have to buy the book to find out?

    Peace and love



    • Helen White says:

      Hi Saki,

      I’m so glad you found it useful. There is no other information, you need to read the books as there is no get-around though the website has blog articles that are so relelvant to understanding it that I recommend you read the archive anyway; I guess Calleman felt there wasn’t much more to add as the rest is “experience and see”. I assume you found the tracker but in case, here’s the link again, I find my experiences are unfailing in sync with it, even before I “check”.


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