The harmonic perspective

Last time I was on here, I was in a flow state writing that last post on frequencies and I can tell when I’ve hit a bullseye with the hypothesis when the universe gets into a sort of tennis match with me straight afterwards. After all that high frequency stuff, it will always remind me I also need more dark in the picture; because, really, life is no different to a painting. Not dark as in “bad”; there is no good or bad out there but just more balance….

So within hours, my theorising about bringing the higher frequency, all-inclusive Gamma waves into  the context of “real life” was tested out by the kind of news guaranteed to slip under any mother’s skin; being about a child (albeit an adult child) in health and work-related strife. I noticed, recently, how offspring-related issues are still my biggest tripwire; even though I’ve learned to put up with all sorts of pain and challenge for myself, gradually getting more adept at balancing it into a far bigger picture, where I get to see how all of it is running to some sort of higher orchestration (really). Yet, when it happens to them, its different somehow; partly because we parents tend to feel so responsible for their wellbeing, somehow, regardless of their age. I honestly think this is even more the case for parents of indigo children (as all kids of that late-teenage-to-early-twenties age group are) since they are full of energy and zest for life but can lack certain practical skills dealing with the pressure-driven ways of the “old” world set-up, which is not (yet…though they will change this) wired as they are. So, until they start to chrystalise…which they will when they’re ready…they can quickly burn out their physical bodies when they clash with those old structures that don’t fit how they operate. This can seem far worse to witness in them than at those times we have experienced it for ourselves (as I have), plus our own intense experience of this difficult territory only makes us all the more anxious for them as they head out into a world that is, to our own eyes, so backward in its ideals. So I knew, even as this was unfolding and I was noticing how bothered I was becoming, that this was a good road-test of what I was writing about last time.

I spoke then about how experiencing even brief glimpses of the Gamma frequencies helps to synchronise us to the frequency of higher harmonics, enabling us to bring those “down” into day-to-day experience to achieve a kind of transcendence from within the messy picture of circumstance.

Even as I was feeling rattled by these circumstances (the kind that would normally throw me off at a tangent…), I was noticing how, at their core, there remained a sturdy part fo me that was still…well…harmonious. I just didn’t feel dragged in like I would usually be and I had a pervading feeling of optimism inside of me that almost felt obscene given what was happening; the kind that used to be reliant on better news or more obvious solutions up ahead. Its like I remained pulled back a little, patiently waiting for some sort of new picture to unfold, knowing somehow that it would…today, tomorrow or whenever the particular poetry of this challenge/reset would reveal itself out of what seemed so indigestible today. Its was that all-pervading feeling of “all is well” that people talk about but which we rarely allows ourselves to experience.

I can only imagine how many people experiencing this across many different situations (one day, all situations) could help to defuse our world, remarkably quickly. I can perceive how, by no longer adding to the drama of emotion around this situation, I was playing a more powerful part in influencing its outcome now, at the quantum level, than I ever was when I added to its bonfire…and in ways that remained to be seen. And yes, as it played out, there was a remarkable turn-about of circumstance by morning, which developed further as the week went on, turning these stresses into a storm in a teacup and even a highlight from the way that so much was gleaned by my near-and-dearest, who did some impressive growing up when faced with these challenges (and without me joining her in her panics but supporting her from outside their intensity). Why wasn’t I surprised.

Maintaining this Gamma state (perhaps all the easier because I spent a day writing about it) enabled me to see a far wider perspective on this “bad” news I was receiving and to do what felt more powerful than trying to be proactive, second-hand which, actually, only contributes to feelings of despair and helplessness since we simply can’t live other people’s lives for them. We can’t automatic-pilot them into doing what we would do, we can’t see it like they really see it and we can’t expect them to follow our instructions to the letter. All we can do is do is our own inner work…I mean really do it…and wait, whilst holding that state of higher harmonics as us, embodied by us, feeding into any actions or advice we contribute, along with a state of no doubt (that thing I spoke about in the post of that name, recently).

Those higher harmonics include being able to perceive how even outcomes that are not what we think we are chosing right now might be for the (broadest interpretation of) best overall. And although I may have tried to get to the same place as this, many times before, by faking positivity, as in cheerfully telling others and myself “everything will work out” in the middle of crisis, as many of us (especially parents) are wont to do, it probably wouldn’t have stuck in the same way, thus its effect would have been far less swift. This has to be so much more than just doing lip-service to optimism or sharing out hopeful platitudes. You’ve got to gain experience of what harmonious feels like, seeking it out and being vigilant for it, to learn its ropes and believe in it…and I honestly think we are all being bathed in such opportunities at the present time, even though we hardly realise it (see my last post on the Schumann Resonance).

With perfect synchronicity, I just came across this quote from Lee Harris:

“There is a new world emerging alongside the dissonance so do not be seduced by fighting the dissonance in the world too much. It can be very debilitating if you only want to fight the old without creating the new – and more importantly, you start to mirror what the old is and become the old itself. ⁣

There are harmonic ways to bring about change and there are old and dissonant ways. And what you will find as you go through these coming years is that this high harmonic principal will apply to all of you whether it applies to your personal life, the work you are doing in the world or the mission that you have in the world. ⁣” – From Light Years (2019-2022): The Era of Higher Harmonics⁣

Another thing I noticed was the speed with which the crisis passed through my body, which is usually so eager to take the hit and suffer for it, even long after I have righted myself in my mind. The night this was all happening, rather than stress-dreams, I dreamt the expansive dreams of the cosmically extended mind, waking feeling altogether better and more inspired than normal, in line with that truly optimistic feeling I was spinning. And though I could feel my body had taken its usual hit by morning, waking in a lot of pain, I had the urge to go and stand barefoot in the cold garden to ground myself  in the middle of jotting down these words. Once back indoors, a raging heat passed through me…quite incredible in its force yet so swift, flushing through me so intensely and then gone again. Right afterwards, my body felt wonderful, all the pain of earlier gone, and right back to where I was before any of this happened. This was the most noteworthy thing of all since I am so used to how long this kind of stress-related pain usually takes to process through me as physical collateral.  All that human tension washed away or emptied out of me, like opening the bottom of a vacuum cleaner to tip it all into the bin, and was gone in a moment (if only we could all learn to dispose of our tensions so quickly).

I don’t want to go much further into this topic given its only meant as a brief add-on to my previous post. Really, what I wanted to get across is the difference I sense between before and after “realising” the harmonious effect of the higher frequencies that are coming into our experience (more all the time), so that we get to learn these ropes within life, without having to go even nearly so far as a near death experience in order to “see the light”. Also, to comment on the way this feels profoundly equated to the crystal frequencies not only coming in but being, feasibly, embodied….which is the great conundrum of our time. Its one thing to have high frequencies made more available than ever, plus the intention to embody them as humans, but quite another to achieve this in practicality, as I talked about in my recent post on AuraTransformation (the process I am using to support myself through the embodiment process).

For a long time, I have been bringing in the crystal frequencies, as have many people, and yet they are notoriously hard to embody or, if we do, to hold onto. They can also be extremely harsh upon the physical body and leave us depleted, extremely unwell or worse…this is, after all, spiritual light we are playing with, something which burns through matter in order to get back to the very essence…yet we are endeavouring to invite it into our every cell and tissue, which is not an easy mix (like oil and water). Anni Sennov, creator of AuraTransformation, who experienced a similar health crisis to mine, in the early days of embodying the higher frequencies, talks at length about the respect we need to have for pure spirit energy in her books:

“…if Spirit in its purest form were suddenly to occupy the Earth, as is the true wish of many spiritual people, the physical structure of the planet would simply collapse. All human development as well as the development of all kinds of physical intelligence, knowledge and insight would therefore be completely wasted; when the Spirit burns through everything, only the essence of everything remains, which corresponds to a pure state of being, but with no physical memory on which to build human development. If this were to happen, Earth would have to start all over by developing human consciousness from scratch”. (The Crystal Human and the Crystallisation Process Part 1.)

This is why balance is just so essential, the most important thing; as a structure in which to house this high-frequency energy; however, that’s not all that is needed. Not only does the process rely on balance to serve as the framework within which these higher frequencies become the substance. It also, crucially, relies on us realising that harmonious state…as us. We have to get beyond thinking of this as something “arriving” as though coming from ouside and get to the point where we know its us. Its, really, all us, with all of our messy stuff, all of the time, with no seperation; there is no “other” person, entity or state coming in to sweep us off our feet.

There’s also some confusion because people tend to mix up “balance” and “harmony”, or use them interchangeably, like they are the same thing but they’re not. Balance takes “just” the rebalancing of two parts of ourselves; the dichotomy that lies at the very core of our humaness. Harmony is like a vast choir plus orchestra made up of all things, producing such beautiful music, for all it contains huge diversity; bass tones and sopranos, harps, kettledrums and everything in between. Harmony is the “spin” on life we get to experience when we sample the Gamma frequencies (these new spikes we are experiencing in the Schumann Resonance will help) and, when we bring that down into the hotchpotch of real life, its like that orchestra’s conductor shows up on our own humble doorstep and turns a rabble into the harmonious sound we heard “up there”…yet, it turns out, we are that conductor. No matter how out-of tune or offensive a “sound” something may have been to us before, we can kind-of perceive the beauty and the requirement for it now…or at least we get a lot closer. So we start to perceive, and work with, life quite differently, always keeping an ear out for the harmonious music; which is not unlike (or unrelated to) what I shared in my post about the frequency of birds. We find we now have a lot more patience…to remain open long enough to see how something turns out, like waiting to see what a new cutting-edge composer had in mind, without prejudging their peculiar composition, for all they are using dustbin lids and other bizarre things to make a “sound”. Life is just like that; improvisation to the end.

Of course, this is old and obvious stuff; the stuff of ancient wisdom and of rote repeats in spiritual circles but to experience it is something else, especially in the context of your own-personal trigger situation; as happened to me. If I can make  “harmonious music” of even that, even for a moment, then I’m truly getting somewhere. Thing’s aren’t “the same as they have always been” (we have to unlearn that old belief system because its one of our biggest downfalls to hold on to it as we do); there are new outcomes waiting for us around every corner. So I encourage you to start to looking out for opportunities to road test the higher-harmonic approach…and the more challenging it is, the more you get to try it out; which turns the whole of life into a gift-bag of opportunities. For the record, I’ve had some even more juicy opportunities this week than the example given (which was chosen for its relatablity), turning it into a ceaseless game of creating new outcomes…yet, I can honestly say, I’ve seen some massive shifts in some potent areas of my life, working with this.

Right at the end of this writing process, “chance” threw up a favourite piece of music (so familiar, over many years, that it feels like part of me), yet given such wonderful new treatment by Christina Pluhar that it I was really moved by the upgrade, its classic formality stirred up into a loose Latin rhythm (as we are all getting to do with the familiar experiences of our lives). Its so-apt title for these times is “Welcome to All the Pleasures” and those familiar words, written almost 350 years, are as follows:

Welcome to all the pleasures that delight
Of ev’ry sense the grateful appetite.
Hail, great assembly of Apollo’s race.
Hail to this happy place, this musical assembly
That seems to be the arc of universal harmony.

(Purcell: written in honour of Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians)

Need I say more? I’ll let the musicians have the final word.

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