No doubt

What would I say to a friend who was feeling thoroughly demoralised and frustrated by these times, wanting to make a difference in a world that feels stuck in a crisis yet with hardly anybody wanting to listen to solutions?

When it happened to me, I knew I had so much to say that I had to set about writing it all down. What I share starts from a state that so many people are in these days; traumatised, panic-stricken and feeling hopeless, yet it takes you quickly on to somewhere very different, opening up a whole landscape of potential that you may not have considered before.

In striving to explain how I keep myself very far from hopelessness, I find my approach is far more coherent than I had previously noticed (until I tried to explain it to someone else, so thank you for the opportunity).  In fact, achieving and maintaining coherence has become a pivotal factor at the very centre of everything I am about, I now notice (and in a way that is heartily relevant, as you will see from what I share). Join me if you are curious.

Where we start our evolution from…feeling hopeless?

We have this idea that we are on a merry-go-round that is spinning out of control and we can’t get off it. Not only that but the ride is getting faster and faster, we are all feeling more and more thrown about and those of us that care to change the ride into a different  kind of experience feel overwhelmed; we just don’t know how to stop it or how to persuade other people they want to get off too. If we attempt anything too drastic, we risk hurting ourselves even more than we already are as such highly sensitive folk who can hardly bear any more pain than we are already in. Meanwhile, people around us seem to be fast asleep or in a stupor, anesthetised with medications and toxic lifestyles; some even profess to like being on the high-octane ride and still others simply don’t seem to care anymore, like they have become numb from too many cycles. So what are we to do?

For those of us sensitive enough to notice how this is a tedious and destructive ride…Who feel the trauma and pain of a dying planet and sickly eco system, along with all its struggling inhabitants, including its animals…Those who witness the zombie-like state of just so many people whose only concern seems to be when can they get the next iPhone or celebrate their bonus with a mountain of toxic fast-food that required the deforestation of the rain forest, the slaughter of sentient beings and a ton of carbon fuel to get to their plate…For those whose family and friends are part of this paradigm and don’t seem to want to wake up to anything different because its “inconvenient”, what’s next?

We like to tell a particular story…you know the one

Its full of pathos and it makes us feel such deep sorrow that we almost enjoy its misery; it stirs us in our soul, we can relate, feel sorry for ourselves, it helps us to identify with others and them with us…and its all about things going wrong! Yes, most people, even the most obtuse, can see this same story’s profile dressed up in many outfits; those oft sung-about “ups and downs” of life that take us up very high, only to crash us down low again…and its as though we are addicted to hearing it.

Yet it wasn’t always like this; before this tale got so ingrained. My own theory is that something “catastrophic” happened, a very long time ago, tipping us from the top of our game (because this isn’t the first time we have been this advanced, as new historians are daring to suggest) and crashing the entire planet into eons of hardship and separation mentality (thinking we have to compete with one another, race against race, gender against gender etc., in order to survive). That event ingrained in our collective psyche as a trauma we never seemed to get over, until now we have a new opportunity to do so…

Our songs, stories, soap operas, legends, religions, even our fundamental belief systems about “what is possible”, hang off this one event and the so-called “inevitability of setback and loss” that we believe it “proves”, to such a high degree, that we keep expecting it to reoccur…and so it has, over and over again. We’ve become quite smug in our accepting of it; to the point that when something “bad” happens, we say “I knew it would”. People bond over their sad stories and its as though having our own misery to share gains us membership to a club…so that anyone who is more optimistic, who dares to suggest there is another way, is (literally or metaphorically), stoned into silence by the herd. This is where we are now.

Yet some of us are singing a different tune…hard though that is; as it always is to go against the chorus of the majority.

A different tune is being carried on the wind – so, dare we listen?

I went to see a musical called Hadestown in London the other week and it was astonishing; not only for the wonderful production but because of how on-theme this was with what I am writing about here which is, in essence, the core matter of where we all are at this point in our collective history. Bear with me as I recount the storyline as it is so pertinent (as you will see):

The plot of Hadestown is based upon the old story of Orpheus and Eurydice; a tender love story set in dark times when the balance of the seasons have got out tilt and the long darkness and cold has got to everybody’s morale. Orpheus, a musician, promises Eurydice a different tune; one he is working on and which will transform everything they experience. However, Eurydice, being hungry and tired of the way the world has become, goes down to the underworld and signs her life away to Hades, the king of the underworld (who is Trump by any other name) on the promise of a more comfortable life. This is a carbon-gobbling underworld where people live out their heinous lives enslaved to an endless task…building a wall to keep them “safe”. Eurydice, of course, realises her mistake all too late…

Thankfully, Orpheus has never once given up on her or his ability to “sing a different song” to the hopeless chorus of everyone else; and so he embarks on a treacherous journey to the underworld and, once there, somehow channels what he believes is possible into a new song (really a very ancient song, long forgotten), of a world that is in balance, its highs and lows in beautiful harmony with one another; not distorted as they have now become.

Hearing the exquisite highs and lows of the new song, Hades is reminded of those earlier times, when he first met his love, Persephone, the queen of the overworld and the bringer of springtime; and how he felt when they were in balance together. So overwhelmed is he by the renewed feeling that comes over him on hearing this song that he lets Orpheus and Eurydice go….

Or, at least, he lets them go, on one condition; that they must never doubt! They are told to walk back to the overworld in single file and Orpheus must never look over his shoulder to check Eurydice is still with him. And, of course, in a moment of doubt, he fails to keep to the terms and Eurydice is sent back to Hades…leading to separation…a tragedy…our world.

So, you could say (and I suspect a great many people in that theatre probably did) that the endless cycle has been reaffirmed by the telling of this familiar tale; that we should leave our seats feeling demoralised, having been reminded that we cannot ever break out of it since we will always be sent back to Hades. “Its a sad story…and it keeps repeating and repeating” went the refrain in the song.

But is it really a sad story, or does it contain another message, hidden in plain sight…because, perhaps just like in life, we always get the opportunity listen out for a different melody; one that goes against the grain. Perhaps the running theme isn’t that we always fail but that we don’t listen out for that singular melody, or dare to believe in it enough when we hear its beautiful message. People like Orpheus come along and they play such a tune…as they have been doing since the very begining…so why haven’t we got much further in our evolution than we have?

Because doubt comes in…and thus we bring about our own downfall.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Doubt is, basically, fear…that we won’t be able to change, can’t make a different ending,  that we aren’t enough, that there are too few of us, that the given version of history has all the answers and that the “bad things” that have always happened will always continue to happen.

So, in always doubting, we make those fear-based expectations into our reality…over and over again.

What would happen if enough of us stopped doubting? What if we could look beyond the so-called evidence of a world in “irreversible” crisis and all these shocking headlines and have every confidence, regardless of what things seem like, that things are evolving apace; that we WILL get to experience that different ending to the sad story?

That’s not to say we ignore all the warnings and carry on abusing our planet; I don’t dispute global warming or any of its effects and I absolutely believe in taking responsible action to avert an eco-disaster; these are priorities in my life. However, on top of doing all that, I do assert that we need to have faith that we are part of a shift, that shift is real, that we can each contribute significantly to such a shift (regardless of how many people we can persuade to listen to our point of view, as I will explain below) and that it is already on track to be the kind of shift that the world has never seen before.

But things feel chaotic, like everything is atrophying…

This is the tug, like a great force of gravity, pulling down on our ankles whenever we feel like we have even a moment’s doubt…look at all the evidence out there, the news, the anecdotes shared by our neighbours about bad things happening to people….things feel heinously chaotic right now. How can we  keep out of doubt about a “happier ending”, given what our eyes are telling us?

Well, we can when we take in the bigger picture. From that broader perspective, it makes sense that things have to be kind-of chaotic, at least for a while. The old ways have to undergo a deep scrutiny, like never before and, where necessary, break down altogether, which leads to void and instability; we have a lot to do in a very short time, but that’s not to say we can’t do it. This is why it can feel like such chaos at the ground level.

I have long had a feeling, based in part on the fact that pretty much every culture on the planet had  its version of a prediction that these times would be terribly hard, “apocalyptic” you could say; and partly due to some deep inner knowing that I have always had, that things would get particularly tough between 2015 – 2020. I have had this on my radar for so long that, looking back, I think I used to half-expect a world war to break out, or something along those lines, within that timeframe; but I don’t feel that any more. Its as though I could never imagine myself beyond that era, even as a child; like there was a cliffhanger where life just disappeared. Now I tend to think it was always a void to me because it marked a great reboot, beyond which I still wasn’t in a place to imagine how things would turn out yet.

Again, our long-running fear-based belief systems got a hold of that word “apocalypse” and turned it into something that the original forecasters of these times didn’t really mean since it refers, more accurately, to a rebirth or reboot and that is what I believe is happening here.

And we are actually living through those times; wow, look at us, we’re amazing to be handling all this, which is way beyond anything that our recent ancestors had to cope with! I subscribe to the point of view that if the embodied aspect of consciousness that we are (a spirit in a body) chose to be alive in these incredibly hard times then we had something to contribute; and that’s every one of us…we are each playing the particular role that we signed up for to perfection; no one has missed their cue. If we seem to be poles apart, if there is more friction coming up than ever, then perhaps we need that rub-factor, the contrary points of view, the extremist angles, to make us really want to do this thing…whatever it is. We’re launching into a whole new paradigm so we need the run up to that, like a rocket taking off or a sprinter off the block. We could never have done that if we were all in tacit agreement with each other, living near-identical lives.

Lets tell a different story

How can we know the old story is over; how do we know the new one will be any better? Well, we can use our own defunct logic if we like….if we have been in the “down” phase for such a long time, it must be time for an upturn. However, I see it as more of a spiral….we’ve done the up-phase before (prior to whatever cataclysm occurred to send us off into a a several-thousand-year-long tilt), and we’ve lived through incredibly dark times since, so now we are ready to put those two sides together into a new era of amalgamation. You could say, bringing the yang and the yin, the left and the right hemispheres, the masculine and feminine aspects, back together into a realisation of wholeness, as a collective and a planet. Why am I so confident this is the case? Because, I firmly believe…

The universe has a plan

I’ve written copiously about physicist Dr Carl Johan Calleman’s work with the Mayan calendar (which, in his view, hasn’t ended; far from it) in which he hypothesises that all of human evolution is happening under the influence of a series of quantum waves “pulsing in” from the universe to impact the development of our planet over the course of billions of years, evidence of which exists across all the various layers of study. The cosmic source of these waves, by the way, has been depicted, cross-culturally, for as long as we are able to delve back into history, as the tree of life symbol that is shared by all cultures (though we seem to have forgotten its significance, more recently). From the huge biological leaps we have made at certain key times, to the patterns of human movement across the earth plane, to the various stages of profoundly altered behaviour (in giant leaps) that have occurred, again at certain key times in our history, these evolutionary milestones, like branches of a tree, have all occurred to a rhythm that is quite compelling to see on a graph…moments like the worldwide emergence of organised religions, the birth of science, the industrial revolution and so on. Calleman makes a convincing case and I, for one, felt the distinct shifts he refers to (people of my age have lived through two of them), long before reading his book. For a fascinating journey through time in light of these “nine waves of creation”, as Calleman labels them, I refer you to his book The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity (and via my various other posts on the topic: search for “ninth wave”).

According to the rhythm of the arrival of those waves, a brand new wave (the ninth wave) was instigated in 2011 and it is, indeed the one which is destined to, as it were, “bring it all back together again” after the previous three waves had, by contrast, fragmented it all apart (generating an ever-widening rift between the masculine and feminine aspects of human psyche, played out as our collective history). We should see, and are already seeing (if we allow ourselves to expand our viewpoint) massive strides in the healing of all the various ideas of “separateness” that have been underlying human behaviour for just so very long. These newer, more evolved…more holistic…ideas are starting to percolate through as all the various movements we are seeing to do with gender, animal rights, the dissolving of borders and barriers (against which talk of “walls” and revived “nationality” are merely the last desperate backlash) and so on.

If we are experiencing a lot of backlash then we have to make allowances for the fact that this is just the beginning of the transition process and it will attract a certain amount of push-back from those who fear losing the “safety” of the old paradigm (think of Hades wall…) and who are, thus, digging their heels in. Yet the movement towards wholeness is growing exponentially and the snowball effect is well underway if, like someone listening out for Orpheus’ song on the wind, you allow yourself to notice all the positive changes taking place. You just have to take a cause close to my heart, veganism, to notice how last year broke all records in terms of numbers of new people joining its ranks and this year, Veganuary is reported to have have exceeded the previous four years combined in terms of participants. The trickle-down effect of monumental changes I am seeing as a vegan consumer, via shops and restaurants offering massively increased ranges of vegan foods, media coverage, common acceptability of being vegan as a lifestye choice and so on, is startling and I’m hearing from long-established vegans that they have seen nothing like it in the previous forty years.

Across many aspects of life, beyond this specific, there is no stopping the kind of momentum for change that is underway…to the degree that, if I was the kind of person who was desperate to keep things the same as they have “always been”, I would be feeling very anxious indeed right now!

A new wave is coming in…and nothing can stop it

Dr Calleman’s book, whilst extremely compelling as an abstract theory, merely echoes what many of us were already aware of happening, at the ground level; having already sensed that we were entering into brand new territory these last few years. And with a brand new era “coming in” we can expect some disruption, some teething pains, a feeling of being thrown around in the spin cycle.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 07.48.44The thing is, the spin cycle of doing a load of washing is, as we all know, a necessary part of the process of getting the clothes clean (and we’ve upgraded the washing machine lately). When you’re in the midst of it, however, it’s going to feel like you are being thrown around somewhat. The ninth wave that Dr Calleman talks about oscillates to a rhythm of  36 days (see the ninth wave calculator to get the idea of where we currently are, which is the “daytime” or “switched-on” phase, of the 81st oscillation as I write this). So, our evolutionary impulses are going on off on off, very fast…compared to about two years duration (720 days) per on-and-off oscillation for the eighth wave (which began to assert its rhythms in the mid-to-late 1980s) and 39.4 years in the seventh wave before that (which had been running for over two hundred years so we were, at that time, evolving relatively slowly compared to where we are now). In other words, we experience as much “change impulse” in about a month, now, as we we did in a time frame of about forty years in the 1970s, for those of us who were around.

This is important to know if you are feeling frustrated by people that don’t seem to be evolving very fast, if at all; not everyone is atuned to the ninth wave yet…which is where we get into some interesting, friction causing, scenarios. Many of those earlier waves are still available, especially during the “switched-off” phase of the ninth wave, which lasts for half of every oscillation, lasting eighteen days.

Fig 8.1

comparison of the 6th to 9th waves

So, when the ninth wave is in its daytime or “switched-on” phase (above the line, see right and above), it potentially influences us and others around us the most and when it is in its  nighttime “switched-off” phase we are, as it were, left to our own devices (or the influence of earlier waves) once again.

So, did you already feel like things are speeding up these days? That’s because they really are and, when we stay on the ride with these evolutionary rhythms (which our subconscious may be tuned into, even if we arn’t yet aware of them), we can feel up one minute and down the next. Have we undergone a sudden change lately; perhaps an illness, given up our old job, moved to the country? Could be the ninth wave asserting a new melody in our lives. These changes for the better could have looked like “crisis” at the time we were handling them. If the way in which we feel out-of-sync with world circumstances manifests as health issues, we may feel wonderful one minute and absolutely terrible the next, in very quick succession…which can be quite exhausting and demoralising until we find our feet. Its all too easy to blame this topsy-turvey feeling on the world being in a mess; but what if it’s the rhythm of the world righting itself? What if this is the engine of change itself, purring throughout our awareness in ways that feel, at first, disconcerting in the extreme? Instead of feeling like we are undergoing a most disconcerting personality change, perhaps we could entertain the idea that we are finding ourselves…at last.

However, once we start to acclimatise, as those of us that are synchronizing with the ninth wave will do pretty quickly over these rapid-fire 36 day undulations (can you start to notice how your life has been changing in leaps that are approximately a month long?), we notice a sort of personal bench mark or steady continuum asserting itself, somewhere between the highs and the lows. Once we start to recognise, and lock onto, that personal  “best feeling place”, regardless of whatever is going on in and around us, we come to equate it with a more robust sense of selfhood than we have ever known before. In fact, we learn how to do this all the more quickly because of the extreme ups and downs going on; like we are in training, using circumstances to create some resistance to assert our own state of coherence “against”. You could think of it as a computer game, where we increase the challenge level to get so much better at playing it. The more we are able to hold our own steady place of heart coherence regardless of trigger events (more on that below), the more quickly we personally evolve…and the better we get to truly know ourselves, which is the name of the game when it comes to evolution.

Given time, we get to know this coherent place as who we really are; yes its us! So when you get there, say hello to yourself…it might be the first time you’ve ever met yourself properly in an embodied form because this could the first time you ever dropped all the pretence and belief filters to get so real with yourself. It’s an amazing experience, I can assure you…and once you find this place, you’ll likely want to stay there and make it your new home. Things tend to get a lot easier from that point because your experience is no longer conditional upon what’s “happening” on the outside…because you have now established your most balanced operating hub, the one that was always there but you temporarily misplaced it, which is located (not in the brain, as neuroscientists would love to tell you but) in the heart; more on that below.

So, how do I work with this new wave…why don’t I feel better yet?

When we have a new wave of evolution at our back, we must surely have some real momentum for change “on our side”…and we do, although we work with it most effectively when we tune in to it (of course). You could liken this to hearing Orpheus’ song on the wind; being the one who listens out for a new rhythm, a melody with a different story to tell…and then believing in it, making it your default rhythm…Playing it, often…Turning down the drone of that other discordant ditty that is being played by the fear-driven masses…And, so, getting ourselves out of doubt…

First of all, instead of believing you feel “off” because of what is going on “out there”, bring all your overwhelmed feelings home and take responsibility for them. See how the world is playing the role of a mirror to your unrecognised self-doubts. Many of them grow out of misplaced ideas of your own ineptitude to contribute a solution to this apparent world-crisis; a feeling that you should be doing more than you are…yet doing is less important than being this time; so consider, what are you being, in your heart? Let go of all those nagging thoughts that you “need” to change the world into a better place, singlehandedly. Such thoughts are only depleting you, feeding your sense of hopelessness, exhaustion, conditionality and DOUBT. Remember what I just said about doubt?

If you are feeling threadbare from all that you have been through already then you might want to consider some radical means of rebuilding your own energetic integrity; and I talked about the AuraTransformation that I underwent in my post last week. This process works with the incoming crystal energies which, in my view, are one and the same as the high frequencies of the ninth wave (just as the indigo energies correlate with the eighth wave and the soul aura with the previous waves). This has meant that, although I was already tuning into the ninth wave before my AT, I am coping so much better with its high frequencies now that my new operating system is onboard.

Whether you need to take such a step yourself depends on how depleted your energetic system is feeling; you might be able to cope more than adequately with integrating the new energies  (which will give your life a significant overhaul once you tune in to them) if you are healthy and use other means to achieving what I refer to as heart coherence (a potent form of balance; explained in the section below). An AT will make your heart into the only chakra you need, located at the very centre of your entire operating system, which is a significant change from the old seven chakra system (to which we have become so attached; these are now fully integrated with the heart). So you have to be prepared to launch into this new territory without any doubt that this is the appropriate thing to do, including all those doubts that your yoga teacher etc may dispense when they hear what you have done, which goes against centuries of teaching about chakras. Those centuries, however, were part of the old pardigm. You might need to look at where else you are so attached to “fixed” or “widely accepted” ideas that you can’t take a step forwards…

Yes, you have to have immense courage and determination to cease such doubt when you put your own heart-choices to the test in the world.

Whether you pursue an AT or not, achieving balance (using the heart as your centre) is the most important thing in this new era; and we will see what that looks like, inside and out, in very quick time once we hold onto its tail wind; which, to start with, can look disruptive as things adjust (and we see just how out-of-blance we have been…) yet it is thoroughly transformative when seen at the broader picture.

Working differently

We cannot change to a new paradigm using the same methods that defined the very paradigm we wish to leave behind us now; a paraphrased version of something Einstein once said which has never once let me down.

So, when we push and shove other people to gain attention to our “new song” or “more evolved” way of doing things, we only create more resistance. Hammer your audience with images of all the horror that goes on inside of an abattoir, for instance, and they will only eat more flesh in defiance (and you will demoralise all those who are already sensitive enough to care when they see all your graphic pictures); I have witnessed this so many times. Have you ever noticed how the more you bang the drum of your perspective, others around you…even your friends…will bang the drum of the opposite perspective even louder. I seem to see nothing but really meaty recipe videos auto-playing in my newsfeed every morning, before my reflexes are quick enough to click them off my screen, since I enthusiastically adopted a plant-based diet (which I seldom mention in my private social media accounts, out or courtesy to my friends), which could traumatise me if I let it; instead I have trimmed back my intimacy with certain people (and stopped following their “news”). This unconscious behaviour is the fear-reaction of those who resist change; and its almost funny, but provoking it can delay the very evolution that we long for as it creates more head-on collisions than are strictly necessary in our new paradigm since we can do things a different way now…

Spend time visualising what you want the world to be like, every single day. For a few minutes at a time, see the rivers and oceans as clean, the children as fed in your powerful mind’s eye (the eye of your heart). Imagine a world where no animal that you come across has slaughter at its inevitable end. Focus on seeing everything, nature included, as already balanced and in perfect working order. For my own part, I have a quiet trust that nature knows exactly how to rejuvenate this planet, and remarkably quickly at that; and is only waiting for the cue from us, which will come once sufficient of us are on board, holding this clear “without doubt” intention for the planet to repair and for us to pick up our task as worthy and responsible custodians of it, going forwards. Only once we show our full commitment will she reveal to us exactly how this is to be done, in ways that we can’t even speculate about at this stage, since science is not even aware of them yet. Holding this faith feels like a superpower.

The power of visualisation is so underused (even by me); meaning we hardly know the power of it yet, in practice, but when we each take responsibility to use it, daily, we play such a key part in regenerating this world. Visualising balance, as well as actively working to create or hold balance, in all things, is one of the most powerful tools we each have in our kit. Using it is like strengthening a heart muscle that we only just learned about. I suspect that, in the unity field (more on that later) its effect is cumulative, like putting savings away in a bank account for a rainy day. So don’t make the mistake of underestimating this skill (and don’t keep putting it off  because you are too busy “doing” stuff); as I already said, it is the superpower of the new era. It will also encourage you to spend more time in your heart.

Your task…in fact your ONLY task…is to reconnect with your own heart and make it central to your entire operating system! Sound easy? Its more challenging than you might think and we will find every distraction we can to do otherwise. So, making this a full-time practice is, really, the only task we should be prioritising right now, until we make it so consistent that we can stay heart-centred and balanced through any circumstance that comes our way.

Getting heart-centred

So, in summary, reconnect with the heart and make it the absolute centre of everything you think and do…this is your aim, in every moment of every day. What do I mean?

Well, it’s a bit like getting off the elevator at a different floor…allow the brain to play second-fiddle for once, and stop going “up” there all the time, like it has “the best” view or the only viewpoint that “counts”. Instead, get off at the floor of the heart and take a good look around. Better still, feel around. There is something much more intrinsic to our humanness than our brain (whatever neuroscientists may try to demonstrate to us…) and its the human mind or, more accurately, the body-mind. This is a combination of brain-function and heart-feelings, working together in perfect synergistic harmony. Once they click together, we can actually feel this as a sort of glow emanating from the higher-heart region, which is located at the centre chest, just below the collar-bone. We can direct our responses there in any situation….and then notice how we tackle or respond in a different way than if we allow just our logic-driven brain to deal with it or, even, our feeling senses emanating from the (often fear-dominated) lower chakras; this heart centre offers a much more balanced view than either of these. Yet it doesn’t exclude either logic or feelings; rather, it incorporates the higher aspects of both.

Well that all sounds very nice (if a little abstract) but give me a more real, tangible example of what I can do to make the world a better place, you might say. Well, try to lead you life from joy and good feelings. Make choices from there, not learned responses, entrained habits or “what everyone else is doing”. Dare to be different and put what you feel first over dictates of “logic” since good-feelings act as a sort of sat-nav to where we are meant to be going. Once you make choices from this place, synchronicities will start to occur left and right and you will feel as though you are playing the lead part in a beautifully scripted play where things begin to feel divinely orchestrated. Meetings with people, changes of circumstance in your favour, information appearing just as you need it…and much more…will become part of everyday life. Follow this like a trail of breadcrumbs and, when you don’t get that switched-on feeling, question whether you are on the right path.

What difference does what I do make to the rest of the world?

At this point, I’m so tempted to reel off a glut of new science and fascinating books etc that support how we are all connected to one another and how one person making this change of life-approach impacts the whole (just look up Rupert Sheldon, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Lynne Mctaggart or the Institute of Noetic Science, to name just a few starting points). However, I would be here all day, digging out sources to back-up something that I already know to be the case, and I’m not wanting to turn this into an academic study. As a mirror touch synesthete who feels events that happen on the other side of the planet, I already know this stuff is real; and maybe you do too…you just need to stop doubting it!

We are all connected in what is often called “the field”, the “unified field” or “the field of human consciousness”. You could say, we all get to meet-up there; and when some of us have an evolutionary breakthrough its true that, in a sense, we all do. Useful that, isn’t it? It means we don’t all have to do this evolutionary work…not even the majority of us…before leaps in human consciousness are made. The more tuned-into the field those who are set upon positive changes are, the more other people are affected by it!

So how do those who are wanting to do the work set about contributing now, knowing what they are just starting to understand about the field?

Much of that new science is based on the concept of “heart coherence”, as I briefly referred to above. HeartMath Institute have done huge amounts of research into how being in a heart coherent state (which is exactly that state I described above…where heart and brain synchronise) alters people’s stress reaction, their ability to process clearly, to enjoy optimum health, to deal with complex situations, to manifest what they set their intentions upon, to roll out their own state of higher consciousness into the wider field of collective consciousness, and more…the list goes on and on with much still waiting to be discovered.

I have demonstrated this for myself as I have a HeartMath training device, the emWave2, which I periodically wear clipped to my ear, from where it monitors my heart coherence, so I can become more conscious of when I am in that state, how I achieved it, when I lose it and how differently I function at those times versus when I am not. Apart from having amply demonstrated to me how fear-based or even momentarily “doubting” thoughts take me out of heart coherence in just a split nano second, losing me some of my accumulated headway, I have been shown how much more productive, optimistic and solutions-based I am when I am in that heart-coherent place….not to mention my body feels so much better, pain withdraws and I start to recover very quickly from any setbacks in my experience. I am, literally, better at life and can roll with the knocks, keep a clearer head and stay in a place of joy for far longer, reaping the benefit of far more inspiration and the kind of heightened experiences I used to enjoy in mediation…only, now I can have them while I’m busy doing things that constitute “ways that I engage with the world”, doing what I most enjoy. This is how I get to make my personal difference; and is how you also get to make your personal difference whilst pursuing your own particular dharma, or life purpose.

In short, maintaining a heart-coherent state optimises our humanity so imagine if we all did it, at least most of the time. No need to imagine how powerful that could be as HeartMath have also conducted numerous Global Coherence experiments where synchronised heart coherence has affected or even altered outcomes for the better as a result of intention setting whilst tuned into the quantum field. Their core hypotheses are as follows:

  1. Human and animal health, cognitive functions, emotions and behavior are affected by solar, geomagnetic and other earth-related magnetic fields.
  2. The earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems.
  3. Every person affects the global information field.
  4. Collective human consciousness affects the global information field. Therefore, large numbers of people creating heart-centered states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetary discord and incoherence.

(Quoted directly from

In other words, there is a feedback loop between individuals, the field and the collective; and we are all playing our part in this. Their studies are finding that not only are people synchronised with each other across the globe but with the planet itself. Its happening already but imagine if enough people consciously worked with this knowledge…how we could change the world using the focused powers of our minds!

Tipping point

How many people would it take, you may then ask, to make the positive difference only some of us seem to be focussed upon. Most people haven’t heard of heart coherence or HeartMath; they don’t meditate or practice mindfulness and couldn’t care less if the world changed from how it is since they are (basically) fast asleep and in base survival mode.

True. Yet some fairly well-known hypotheses show that it takes, actually, a very small percentage of people to tip the balance enough for a significant change to sweep in across the collective (see below). Bear in mind, also, that those in heart coherence are actively working towards accessing, and positively influencing, this field where we are all quantumly connected, whereas those who are living materialistic, fear-based, left-hemisphere driven lives don’t even believe in such a field so they are, as it were, low influence participants by comparison (whatever it may look like at the three-dimensional surface of things). This is where we have to stop doubting what is really going on beneath the surface of a world that looks more messed-up than it really is; and trust that change will start to manifest on the surface more as enough key people get really good at maintaining heart coherence. Given this need for trusting the process, this is where those fairly well-known hypotheses I mentioned before are really so compelling.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, came up with the figure that it would take just 50 million individuals (out of the 7.7 billion people on the planet) being involved in the world enlightenment movement to create a “critical mass”. This happens when an unshakable belief is held by 10 percent of the population, a theory put to the test by scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York who reported that “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”Others have predicted an ever lower tipping-point percentage.

Once again, the importance of having “no doubt” in the possibility of a new paradigm, is illustrated by these models; otherwise the snakes and ladder game begins again just as soon as we question that can do this thing based on “old logic”.

Really, we are talking about needing to achieve a relatively modest critical mass that has “no doubt” in the possibility of such a paradigm. To keep out of doubt, we have to stop taking, at face value what we see with our eyes every day and being so demoralised by it.

We have to get over our doubts that we can do this thing!

Being the lighthouse

We also have to get over our doubts about whether we are, personally, doing enough to contribute; and to keep worrying over this is to set ourselves back, all the time, on loop (sound familiar…)

Just because we don’t get to meet members of that (must be getting close to) 50 million world-wide population count of consciously evolving people every day, in our neighbourhood, workplaces or families, doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that we arn’t powerfully co-creating with them. I’ve already made that point above; we can do all of this work by contributing to the field using heart coherence. Think of it as being a “remote worker” for an entity called The Shift; you can do it any time, any where.

However, once we stay in heart coherence, at least most of the time, we will start to notice how we “bump into” these kindred spirits in other ways; online or “by chance” on holiday and so on, connecting with each other so powerfully, almost as soon as we cross paths, like we have known each other forever. We need to take heart from these connections; and keep them alive as long as they feel truly resonant…they are so important for morale!

It also helps to see ourselves as something akin to a lighthouses during this phase. You wouldn’t get more than one lighthouse on the same headland; they have to be far more spaced out than that to be useful yet their beam covers quite a wide area of influence. If we take heart that we are forming a matrix of such lighthouses, right across the planet, we can start to visualise how the spaces in-between will start to fill-in over the coming years and that planetary grid will light up like a diamond. Really, take the time to visualise this, if you can (very often) and, meanwhile, keep shining your light…who knows who might be so grateful to see it cutting a path through their particular brand of hopelessness some day!

I read somewhere recently that it takes just 34 days to touch every person on the planet…Because, it said, if you touch the life of just on person today and they are so impacted that they do something to positively touch the life of another person and those people  affect just one person each, etc., in each subsequent day, it would just take 34 days for you to have impacted the whole world. Knowing about the incremental impact we can have in this way is one of the reason I keep tirelessly doing what I do; via my blog, my social media posts and so on. If we keep on working at sharing our point of view, even when it feels as though we are swimming up-stream or talking to deaf ears much of the time, we can be sure we will resonate with exactly who most needs to hear what we have to say, in just the right moment…and, being so impacted by this, they might go on to influence countless other people. Who knows how many people we impact over the course of a lifetime.

So, just imagine, by living from your heart, demonstrating a heart centred way of being in all your daily choices, and by sharing your enthusiasm and joy with as many people as you can, you get to influence far more people than you could possibly imagine.

It’s not even about being some sort of YouTube megastar and gathering a massive following (though you could do that too…as along as it genuinely brings you joy), since you could affect just one person at a time and still play your highly significant part. Heres’s why…

Trite though it sounds, we really are all connected

You need to know that you are the micro to the macro; that the themes you play out and reinvent the ending of, by finding a more heart coherent way of dealing with them, contribute to the collective process of expansion, even though you can’t know how…which is a case of trusting an inbuilt process where collective consciousness is concerned. Again, there is new-science exploring how one person making  a breakthrough exponentially increases the likelihood of other individuals enjoying that very same breakthrough across countless locations around the world, without needing to have any physical means of contacting each other in three-dimensional space. Yes, these are exciting times for being alive as we discover these things about ourselves and our interrelationship with each other and the planet itself.

When we renegotiate our own relationship with, say, physical pain (not necessarily by demanding that the pain stop but by altering the way we respond to the experience of it) or when we step up to take personal-responsibility for what we experience in our lives, we make these new boundary-pushing experiences or “spin” on life more available to every other person in the collective. These are just a couple of examples of the infinite number of mini-evolutions we are each contributing to the collective field, every single day.

When we stop doubting ourselves and our ability to make a change for the better, we make the old paradigm, which is built upon foundations of doubt, completely obsolete.

An epidemic of love and enthusiasm is hard to resist

This is a different era; so we need different tools for the job. Persuading and arguing is so “last year”…

As above, we engage other people most effectively when we are just so brim-full of our own high-vibe enthusiasm that they just can’t resist joining us; it’s really that simple. And if they’re not ready yet (and they might never be), we can step away, knowing that there is really no point wasting our effort on those who are quite determined to stay the way they have always been. Why waste our valuable resources on trying to convert them when that is no longer the most productive use of our energy? There are other ways of influencing change without entering into logger-heads situations and, in fact, those only distract us from our purpose.

Besides, keeping our excitement and enthusiasm stoked-up is the rocket fuel to this whole way of experiencing life and I encourage it heartily. Actively encouraging fun in your life, and focusing on what you want to see more of in this world, is my best advice. Don’t knock your vibe down several pegs each day by gluttoning-out on depressing news and all the other negative stuff. Instead, spend valuable time appreciating what is working, what is already beautiful and balanced and high-vibe (and if you struggle to come up with anything like that to focus on, get out in nature).

Spending time in nature is about far more than providing remedial therapy to yourself after a lot of stress facing up to the horrors of life. Nature really does have all the answers about how to reboot each of us…and this whole beautiful planet…so the more time we spend in it, the more we will absorb the frequency of the very solutions we need to hear; which will “come to us” just when we most need them. Almost the whole population of the planet desperately needs to become more attuned to nature again, since we have so lost our way in this respect; so when we spend time doing this, we do it for all. Thus we know it’s not about “being lazy” or “escapist” from the work we feel we should really be doing; it’s truly important that we help tip the balance of how most people are spending their time. I’ve experienced more examples than I can count of how time spent outdoors in nature replenished my enthusiasm for life, and inspired expansive new approaches to “a problem”, when all felt “hopeless” just a short time before.

And it’s not all bad news (as some of us have got into a rut telling ourselves); the world has moved on in some seriously positive ways in just the last 20 or 30 years. I was reading last night how the study of emotions as a valid area of consideration in relation to human health was still considered ludicrous in the early 1980s…imagine that; how backward we were not so long ago! Back then, the only people we connected with on a regular basis were probably our family, work colleagues, close friends and neighbours but now, with the internet, we get to connect with pretty much the whole world every day if we want to. We can share our thoughts or have a conversation and receive feedback in a matter of seconds; how incredible is that? Yes, we are so fortunate in so many ways. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate and all these resources we have at our fingertips will keep on delivering their highest, most switched-on, evolution-supporting aspects and the more negative aspects of our world will start to back off or lose steam.

In short, focus on what we do want; let the rest drop away. In fact, when we use modern technology to connect with others and break down barriers, including the limitations of time and distance that separate us, we affirm our commitment to the ninth wave’s impulse to connect as one open field of consciousness (and not just in the quantum field) and so we invest ourselves in the evolution of those technologies into newer versions that have far less detrimental impact on the ecosystem (versus if we don’t use them, they will cease to exist and we will revert back to a disconnected world).

So, enthusiasm…plus being an agent of connection and flow

Appreciating just how connected we are is such a big part of this gratitude thing because we now have the choice to connect with others…even if we chose not to, and this is a real privilege and a gift. We can get on a flight, if we feel this is going to serve our dharma in some way (which includes the value and joy of connecting with others and seeing new places). If we want to make a difference, we should use these gifts rather than going off to the wilderness and licking our wounds about a world “gone wrong” and the need to stop subscribing to modern carbon-using resources; but then, if we really want to go and live in the wilderness, we can also make a contribution to the collective, as long as that also brings us to a place of heart coherence. We have so many choices once we see the world through this perspective.

These are not times for being dryly spiritual on top of a hill (unless we really want to…), meditating our way into some deeply intimate other-dimensional space that takes us away from the world we struggle with. They are times for contagious joy and spreading the word or, you could say, “singing that new song” from every hillside and to whoever might want to listen to it. Whether we do this to whole crowds of people or to just those people we “accidentally” bump into in a restaurant or at a local market, the cashier behind the till or a person we pass in the street, sing the song and own it; we might be surprised at how many people choose to sing along.

If you’re looking for a folk hero at this point, you could do worse than the Dalai Lama, who gets his fingers into every pie he can and is one of the most enthusiastic beings on the planet.

I sense that so many people are getting caught up into a sort of petrified state; frozen into inertia because they don’t know which way to turn or because they have told themselves they can only call frivolity back into their lives once all the world’s problems are solved. No…it should be the other way around; we need to get back into joy, to live as though we are already there (because, in that non-doubting place, we already are…and we need to hold that space so the rest of the world catches up). This isn’t about wasteful, materialistic frivolity, it’s about expressing a passion for life.

For those of us that are heart-centred, enthusiasm flows naturally when we do and share deeds that feel in sync with what we believe; such as becoming conscious consumers or eating a plant-based diet. We should not underestimate how irresistibly beguiling our message is when we operate from this place of excitement and enthusiasm (rather than “fighting against” what we don’t like). I have seen this so many times, in my own experience, when people have gathered to hear what my husband and I have to share like bees to a honeypot and all because of the way we light up with love for the heart coherent life choices we have made. The “magic” factor being they can feel the frequency of our enthusiasm because it flows, equally, from both our rational mind and the part of us that has to feel good about our choices in order to commit to them. You could say, such messages hit a particular “note”, like the song of Orpheus; containing, as they do, the yin and the yang singing a duet in perfect harmony.

All of us that are making such heart-centred choices wield far more influence that we know when we put out our message of heartfelt enthusiasm because our vibe deeply impacts others, sending out good feelings that remind them of their own wholeness and how to get back to it. Once we start to notice this effect, we often find we have a new desire or confidence to communicate with others, in person or on the internet, through words, art, vlogging, music or whatever we can use to convey our new-found love of life. I encourage all of us, even those who have never been drawn to writing or otherwise sharing their personal perspectives before, to consider finding a means of expressing what we are so enthusiastic about now, since it adds turbo charge to our evolutionary effect.

Wanting to be here…that most essential of ingredients

To make the kind of changes we envision, we have to be fully invested in them; there can be no half-way house (back to “no doubt” again). The trouble is, those who care the most tend to be those who are, as it were, half in and half out of the doorway of their own embodied experience. They are so turned-off by the way the world is that they hardly want to be alive anymore and spend all of their time imagining leaving or being on retreat.

Especially because those of us who are most tuned-in to the subtle “new song” playing on the wind are sensitive enough to be the ones who hear it, we have to work harder at wanting to remain embodied through these wild and bumpy times. Fact of life; more sensitivity also brings more pain. When we don’t want to be embodied because it hurts us too much, our health takes a knock and we find ourselves so depleted that we are hardly here at all. We also don’t do well when we hang out with joyless people, get bombarded with “bad news” all the time or get told how to do things a particular way, since we are natural innovators and creatives so we need all the juice and rich-playful variety of life to keep our engines ticking over. We have to want to be here in this physical playground which, much of the time, lacks appeal to us when things are, apparently, going wrong all around us. It’s as though we have to really want to be here (at least) twice as much as the next person because we know there is another reality “out there” beyond the physical world; which is why we have so many issues around staying embodied and tend to fly-off out of ourselves for long periods at a time.

However, in order to play our crucial part in these challenging times, we have to stay in our bodies much more and so we need to be temped by delicious experiences…by beauty and music, the tenderness of touch, by laughter and the exhilaration of the kind of physical sensations that make having a body the best thing we could be doing right now. Keeping these experiences “stoked up” in our lives, like keeping a hearth-fire burning or a candle in the window, is a crucial way that we serve the collective as it, quite literally, keeps us here as we approach that all important tipping point as a collective…and keeps us out of doubting whether it’s all worth it, through both thick and thin. I hope, with these idea, that I have helped to remind a few of you how.


One final word; soften, if you can, your reactions to the people around you…allow that each is doing their best, given where they are, to work to the disturbing new rhythms that are coming in. Not all of them were as prewired for them, perphaps, as you.

If they seem fast asleep then they will wake up in their own time and way; so banging at their door won’t really make a difference and, as above, we can make the most potent changes of all by concentrating on being how we are and radiating such enthusiasm for that way.

If those other people look tired, worn down and sickly, don’t judge them as doing badly at this evolution thing. As I am testament to, they could be acting as full-time agents of change (in ways that nobody would guess); which is why they are so threadbare in their physical health. It could be their particular dharma to help bring in this new era by helping to heal the collective at the level of the field, where their every breakthrough is contributing to a mass healing and increased self-awareness at a massive scale. They could be exhausted with this task and yet they still give themselves to it as their contribution.

The new era will call for less judgement about other people and more focus on how we tend to our own garden; which is where some of the more activist approaches to change hit against the risk of recycling the old ways. When we point our fingers at other people we are, in effect, in a state of doubt. Its like we are saying “YOU over there, you’re preventing ME from evolving by holding onto your old ways”. Don’t you see, that makes your own evolution conditional upon an outside circumstance and that is not what this is about. To get beyond doubt, truly beyond its long-running effects and range of influence, we have to see how it has been seeping into everything for a very long time. 

Instead, why not listen out for that different melody on the wind…believe in what it has to say…and then sing along.

Hadestown moves to Broadway on 22nd March and I highly recommend it as a breathtaking production with wonderful music and, ultimately, such an optimistic ending…if you so choose to notice there is a key hidden in plain sight (we just need to stop doubting ourselves).

This is very-much a musical for our particular time; yes, we all need to hear the sad cyclical story once more, from high above, like conducting a life-review (a theatrical stage is the perfect place to gain such an overview), so that we can get very clear about where we have been…and where we want to move on to next. If you are anything like me, you will come away from it feeling extremely moved by the pathos of our old story…and also very determined, which is the perfect place of balance from which to evolve since it both cherishes and respects what we have been through whilst wanting to transcend it.

Epic III (Opheus’ song) from Hadestown, the 2016 cast.


About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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