My journey with AuraTransformation

There’s a process called an AuraTransformation, which is designed to be a complete and fundamental upgrade of the human energetic operating system from the old “soul” format to the most current one available, which is the new “crystal” aura structure, ready for the love-intelligent New Time energies that we are now living in. Children are now being born road-ready for these new energies but what about us? This, for those of us above a certain age and/or who struggle to remain embodied, is a radical way of upgrading our energetic…and our physical…health. To learn more about what AuraTransformation (AT) is, with answers to all your questions, please go to the AT website since there is no point in me repeating the core information here; there are also several books on the subject, written by its creator, Anni Sennov (these and many more resources are listed below).

The reason I am sharing this is that it is a year since I had the second session (the Balancing session, since the process is carried out in two parts) of my treatment; so, you could say, its my AT birthday today!

I should add, this was…and still feels like…a MAJOR event in my life; not only a milestone but a REBIRTH of sorts. In fact, I am more aware of this now than I was at the time I underwent the procedure, which is why I am ready to talk about it some more. It is certainly more manifest in my daily experience of life now than it was a year ago and has taken me on an interesting journey from the moment I found out about it; let me explain.

How and why I found Auratransformation

For years…I mean as long as I can remember…I had struggled to stay in my body, to such a high degree that I didn’t know any different; in fact, for a lot of those years, I told myself I was coping as much as the next person and that my weird sensations were “normal”. At some, hardly articulated, level I felt like I was always subject to some kind of disadvantage, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on, like I didn’t fit, or had different “equipment” to everyone else. I just wasn’t able to engage in life in the way that most people seem to, and prefered to be in some other place which, increasingly, felt off planet. I also felt vulnerable to things, even (or especially) those I couldn’t see. My aura, such as I had one, felt shot full of holes by the time I was a relatively young adult.

Over time, I became painfully aware that I was highly sensitive, to an excessive degree, feeling people, thoughts, things, frequencies, all kinds of sensations from my local and broader environment…and feeling wide-open to them all in a way that left me feeling vulnerable all the time. On top of that, although I kidded myself I was leading a normal physical life (socialising, travelling, running a business, making use of my body, enjoying having physical sensations, engaging in a physical relationship and so on), I realised it was as though I was doing all of this from outside of my body too…I was just never fully grounded or “in there” as I should have been. In fact, it felt like a catch twenty-two because being in my body subjected me to so much over stimulation and, later, pain from being exposed to way too many things all at once, but being partially outside the body (or vacating it altogether when things became too overwhelming) left me with a half-life and my health was really showing it.

moth to flameOver the last decade or so, my health became steadily worse, I became even more vulnerable to “outside” things and my only peace came from having a life that felt more and more withdrawn and sheltered from outside stimuli. I also knew, by now, that the popular idea of “ascension” meant, to me, achieving a higher consciousness from within a human body…not by vacating it to go and live elsewhere, in another dimension far beyond physicality, like a spiritual guru of old; but how could I achieve this if my body kept faltering? Everything I was passionate about, all I kept talking about in my blog etc, was this idea of  achieving enlightenment whilst in a physical form and yet I couldn’t seem to achieve it in my own case. I made huge leaps in my health, based on insight about what I needed to do to sustain myself better, but none of them seemed to stick because I would burn-out again just as soon as I found out I was able to house even higher-frequencies than before; so it was one step forward and a massive one back, over and over again.

Towards the end of 2017 I realised I had had enough of this and I started to search for something to help me through some sort of transition, though I had no idea what this “thing” was.  At the same time, I put out a cry for help to the universe and my fumbled words were something along the lines of “find me something, I don’t know what it is but maybe something like a sort-of Super Reiki; only, not just a physical fix because I’ve tried all of those but something that works fully and permanently at the energetic operating-system level”.

Within five or ten minutes, with no exaggeration, I came across AuraTransformation on the website of an AT mediator in the south of England and I gobbled up all the information on both her site and the official AT website that was linked. I also downloaded every single book written by its creator, Anni Sennov and, over the course of the next week or so, I gobbled those up too.

Considering whether AuraTransformation was right for me

Some of it wasn’t new to me; I had already read about the new indigo and crystal aura structures a few years ago. Yet, perhaps like a lot of people of my age-group, I had found out about this in light of being a parent. It had occurred to me, several years ago, that my sensitive and fairly highly strung daughter was an indigo child and so I researched it with a view to becoming a better, more relatable, parent to her. It never occurred to me to ask “but what about me?”; it was almost underwritten into all the copious information that is now out there on these topics that my generation are, in a sense, obsolete now; we will never catch up with the youngsters and the way they are pre-wired for the next stage in our evolution.

Yet, in some unspoken part of me, I have never really accepted this and can clearly recall how, the more I read about indigo traits, the more I felt like I was exclaiming “that’s me, that’s me” far more than recognising them in my daughter; even when it came to recalling my own childhood. Since I was as young as I can remember, it feels as though I have been accessing, and playing with, ever higher frequencies yet, like a moth to a flame, I kept coming away from these experiences even more physically compromised than before, so perhaps my indigo trait was an early model that would never see me though; perhaps there was no hope of me effecting my own permanent upgrade, to make this ride more comfortable for me. I had tried in so  many ways, yet struggled, to find lasting ways to feel more synchronised with the New Time we are now in and less like the age and state of my body and my energetic capacities were out of step with each other. Finding AuraTransformation was like finding a key to the door that others had hung a “no entry” sign on and I was like a kid shouting “I knew it, I knew it could be done” as I read all about it.

I should also add a couple of balancing points to all that enthusiasm: part of me felt in resistance to it, for one reason that was quite trivial (but felt like it could be “a sign” it wasn’t for me) and others that were more weighty. The first was that I strongly disliked that the brand name has a trademark symbol as follows: AuraTransformation™ (which I should probably include all through this post…but I haven’t…because I know how many people I have spoken to have been put off by that). It made me wonder if I was dealing with a gimmick or a money-spinner rather than something that had real substance and potential (I later came to understand why the trademark was deemed necessary to protect people from imitation procedures since it is not something that untrained people should be carrying out). I also felt such a lot of resistance around the fact that I had come, by that point, incredibly far in my own consciousness-transformation journey…and I had done it all alone, without the need for a guru, being part of a particular community or following any particular path. I had always dived into whatever spoke to me with passion and curiousity…and then taken what resonated and moved on to the next thing, never committing to a particular brand of consciousness process but mixing up the best bits of many approaches, as appropriate for me. I already felt like I had such a direct and beautiful connection to source, via my heart, that I felt quite protective of that, knowing it was quite refined and not knowing whether an AT might disrupt that connection in some way. Really, overall (apart from my physical challenges), I felt like I had “got it together” pretty well so far and this had been all my own hard-work, I was thrilled with how far I had already come, so did I really need to hand over to some external mediator at this stage of things? Really?

To overcome these doubts, I had to do what I always do and immerse fully into the material, drinking it up, scrutinising it from all angles, with a long list of questions at the ready. By the end of the year, I was like some sort of expert in what AT was, what it involved, what risks and considerations there might be given my age and my health status and yet I still couldn’t put it down, I was drawn to it like a magnet. In the first couple of weeks of January 2018, being full revved up to go ahead with this, I interviewed three different AT mediators by Skype, in my quest for the exact right person…for me (which is so important)…and, when I found Sarah Jennings, I knew I was there. I booked my two appointments and, a week later, went all the way to Exeter, twice in one week, (which is no small distance from where I live) to have the procedure carried out.

Undergoing my AuraTransformation

Of course I was excited, of course I expected a lot from it, of course I was also afraid it would turn out to be a lot of hype and I would feel no different…I expereinced all of these misgivings and more, but mostly I could feel that this was right, it was important and it had arrived right on time in my life. I felt like I literally couldn’t have continued the way I was and had such a doom-laden feeling about the way my sensitivities were headed, which were making my body more and more depleted, even as I was becoming more conscious and aware of myself…which was a terrible paradox, a sort of splitting of the ways, like I was dissolving back into the ether. There was only one way that this could have gone, sooner or later, and I didn’t want to cut my life short; I have such a lot to live for. I knew I needed to ground myself back into my physical body, as a matter of urgency, if I wanted to stay around as a physical being.

So I went ahead with it and, after the first session, I was elated and…yes…I certainly felt something major had occurred, it felt momentous in a way I won’t even attempt to describe as it was most-particular to me, relative to the way I had been feeling before it was carried out.

Yet I also knew something major had shifted because of the feeling of solidity, of having landed and of being really, finally, in my body in a way that ( I saw with all-new clarity) had dwindled steadily since I was a child…even though I knew I had made my best attempt to hold onto it (and I was now able to love and appreciate that child-version of me, who had tried so steadfastly to be here like all the other kids, once I saw this). In fact, it was like being reunited with the physicality of my youngest self and rediscovering sensations that were marvellous to me back then but which I had been unable to hold onto for very long; not once I was put into the schooling system and encountered so many affronts to my high-sensitivity, forcing me to withdraw, more and more, from the body. Suddenly, I had such clarity around all of this; as you only can in hindsight, once you are past the worst pitfalls of a situation.

So, I was elated and I felt quite different that day wandering around Exeter and on the long train journey home; and my family could see it about me straightaway. My daughter, who knew next to nothing about it, only that I had been for some kind of treatment, treated me quite differently and it was as if she couldn’t take her eyes off me. One of the well-reported effects of an AT is that it significantly improves relatability between adults and children (like they can “see” you, and you them, far better) since, being born after the mid 1990s, they already have an indigo or crystal aura, or a mix of the two, depending on the date they were born. What has since happened, in that respect, amounts to a very interesting year where my daughter and I have almost had to learn to be quite different people together, exacerbated by her coming of age and leaving home (yes), but I can sense how so much of what has played out has been to do with this fundamental shift in my own “operating system”, but all that is a huge topic and for another post.

How my body initially reacted

For the next few days, I was on a high but…more than that…I was lit up, on the inside, in a way that was so reminiscent of the event I regard to be my “awakening”, which happened spontaneously in March 2011; an occassion when I felt like I burst open and had a goblet of golden light overflowing inside of me, in the region of my higher heart (more on the relevance of this to the crystal aura later) and everything…I mean everything…changed from that day. This felt somewhat the same and like I was glowing all the time, from the moment I woke up in the morning; which was now done with such ease and none of the usual turbulence from “re-entry” into the body.

The most interesting session of the two, in a sense, was the balancing one, which happened a year ago today because it actually felt like an anticlimax after the high-jinks of the first one. It was like I had already landed in the body and now I was being sealed into the deal…and, at some level, where it hit against an old belief system (more on that later), there was a panic-reaction taking place in my body when that door, as it were, came into the door frame and clicked shut…like I was trapped. Yes, a very big part of me had relished this ability to take flight from the body, to fly off whenever the mood took me and here was its rebellion as I became more grounded. In hindsight, it feels as though too many belief systems I had carried, for a very long time, about entrapment, and the need to avoid it at all costs, were sounding their warning bells and I felt more somber on the return trip home. Even on the journey, I felt unwell and, by the next day, I had developed full-blown flu, the kind I hadn’t had for many years, laid up in bed for over a week and still weak and unwell for almost a month. This was my body’s response to my spirit coming home to it after all these years of partial separation or what had been like some sort of new-age marriage with all the freedom, none of the commitment. There was a lot of ironing out, renegotiation of space and discussion of house-rules to be carried out over those first few weeks and I set to my AT homework as diligently as I could, from my sick-bed.

Yet, quite organically, by the end of that phase in bed, allowing my body to adjust, I had made some quite spontaneous changes. For instance, I went fully vegan, from an occassional, half-hearted attempt over all the months before, and I bought a juicer and began a daily celery juice regime at the start of my day (as a bare minimum), as I was genuinely craving green juices to get me over my flu. These two things, and a year of learning ever-more about herbs and plant-medicine, have defined the year since, becoming a lifestyle that is so natural to me that I can’t imagine any other…or how I ate the diet that I did before my AT. My body suddenly seemed quite clear about what it needed me to do to sustain my energy from now on; similar to how it was right after the experience I had in March 2011, after which I also made some very dramatic, instinctive changes to my lifestyle and diet, quite literally, overnight, which was the first major leap in my health-recovery journey.

Another thing that came up for me…some of my old issues, beliefs, stuck points, old emotional debris or whatever, literally fell away with the AT as I had kind-of hoped they would; especially where they turned out to be “stuff” that wasn’t really mine in the first place. Others, that I thought I had already put to bed, over the many years of doing all the consciousness-work, seemed to come back as though to insist I look at them in a whole deeper, more definitive, final and holistic way. This, of course, set me on a course of having even more “to process” over the coming months and, initially, felt like a version of “set-back”, even though the bigger part of me was half-expecting it to happen; the shock being in just how much I thought was finished-with that, really, wasn’t until that point. Its only now, a year later, that see how I have moved through as much in one year as it took me several years to even scrape the surface of before my AT.

Every AuraTransformation is a very personal experience…

Back to the resistance that I initially felt in the body, this is something the books about AT caution about; when we come to AT later in life, there is far more risk that the body will have ingrained traits that are much harder to shift or evolve, which may cause some difficulties with the process. They also caution that anyone undergoing an AT should be in good basic health. Clearly, I wasn’t…and I was approaching my 50th birthday when I had it….but I, knowingly, took these risks because my instincts told me this was the way I had to go.

Here I need to explain something else that is quite important to say about my case of over-riding all this cautionary advice. I am aware of two things about myself and have no doubt about them whatsoever when I share them with you, bizarre as they may sound to some.

One is that I have had an indigo aura all of my life, even though I was born before the date given, by Anni Sennov, as the time frame when people with the indigo aura started being born from the mid 1980s (and, to be fair, the books do refer to people with what I term “flashes of indigo” before that). In fact, I can see how all of the people I have been most attracted to, and formed the strongest relationships with, over the course of my life, including my husband, also have very strong indigo traits and they are almost all of my age group. However, in my case, I feel as though I had indigo traits from the start and was fully indigo from, I would say, the early to mid 1970s (I can recall aspects of the transition..the experiences I was having, how I was curious and welcoming of them), which is what caused me so many challenges at school and so on, as I was always swimming against the tide of my era. When I became an adult, which coincided with the first mass wave of indigo energies coming in, there was almost a fashion trend of adopting  “indigo” behaviours by those with soul auras who tuned in subconsciously and my innate trait felt drowned-out and confused by these bizarre yet disingenuous interpretations (there was all of the rebellion and non of the high-frequency); so I anesthetised myself back to sleep with drink and chaotic living for the next few years.

The second thing is that I have been turning crystal quite spontaneously since at least 2011, from the date (and the event) that I shared above, and those occasions or even phases of experiencing the crystal frequencies have been growing ever-stronger, more potent and longer lasting for me ever since. But! Crystal energy is extraordinarily difficult to ground into the human body all on your own; its frequency is so potent, so different that it is somewhat like running the wrong voltage through a household wiring system and it can blow the entire fuse box. I don’t hold that it is impossible to achieve, as the AT books assert, but I do believe this is a formidable feat and success will depend on many other factors, such as how grounded that person already is and the state of their health, also how long they have been attempting such a transition…I really wasn’t grounded and my health was already a mess from having played with high frequencies, outside of my time (and operating system), all of my life, as I have already shared. Attempting it could have some serious health consequences, as I was already finding out, and I needed this procedure to make it safe for me to continue.

This is what I have come to know, for myself, over the last year, which is why I was so reserved about sharing my AT experience until I had figured all this out for myself, beyond what the AT books or anyone else was telling me; basically, beyond what anything other than my own direct experience let me know, which it has…so I really feel like I know what I am talking about here, at least in my case, and can be honest about it. I am not affiliated with AT in any way, I opted not to train as an aura mediator myself when the opportunity was offered to me, so I remain independent of it in every sense except that I have undergone the procedure and this is what I believe; that it really helped me to ground what I was wrestling with, and being seriously depleted by, beforehand. I will never know how the alternate route would have turned out if I had passed this by but I am glad, in my case, that I went ahead with it.

This is an important caveat attached to all the positive reasons for chosing to undergo an AT if you are older or have health issues (though, really, it applies in all cases); you need to be prepared to take full responsibility for yourself and the outcome of your choice. Do the research, feel into it yourself, read all the books first (not afterwards as some people do), don’t have the procedure unless you have done the inner work beyond what the books say about it; check in with yourself. Don’t, for heaven’s sake, do it on a whim or because a friend did it (or I did it) or because it sounds nice; this is a major, life-altering procedure and should be treated with absolute respect. Above all, it’s about stepping up to take responsiblity for yourself, more than you ever have before, which is just the beginning because you will only do so more and more once you have had the AT carried out.

In fact, I have been uncharacteristically reserved about AT since the time I decided to have it. Normally, I am not at all reluctant to talk about new ideas and treatments that I am exploring, even at the point when I don’t know how they will turn out, as I like to share the journey of processing through uncertainty, to encourage other people to be prepared to do the same (these are, after all, boundary pushing times).  Yet, somehow, for all these many months, I have wanted to hold AT very close to my chest, to remain inner and private about it as I let it unwind itself and watched what happened. I didn’t even want to take part in various online group support sessions that were offered for people that had undergone the process; when I checked in with myself, I mostly wanted the space to feel into it on my own. I had just done some serious work to untie me from other people’s energy so the last thing I wanted was a new tie to the concept of “AuraTransformation”, making it all about the process, hanging out primarily with AuraTransformed people. Yes, I can be fiercely independent and that hasn’t changed. There has been something decidedly “quantum” about this approach I was drawn to, like I was utterly loath to influence the outcome by loading it with anyone’s expectations, including my own.

Experiencing the crystal energies…and sustaining them

As a result, there have honesty been  times when I have doubted it myself; have thought “well that was a load of nothing then” as though nothing had changed; still other times when I have felt quite certain I was riding a whole other wave of experience as a result of having undergone it. Towards the end of last year, I almost forgot to think about it completely, as though it was integrated, a given…yet I was still struggling with my health, especially towards the very end of the year, though the autumn had surprised me by being the best I had had since, well, before I was a school age child and would suddenly feel depleted just because the calendar turned to September. This time, for the first time in living memory, I just kept going and had a wonderful couple of months, we even went overseas in October and I was so vibrant, chatty, made new friends, even found myself enthralling people with what I had to say…these are all typical, observable qualities of the post-AT person, especially if they are normally quiet, reserved and “invisible” to other people, as I used to be. We literally become more visible to others because we are more “here”!

Yet, as I said, I still struggled at the end of the year and, in many ways, felt like I was set right back to before I had the AT. It wasn’t until the very beginning of this year that it was as though an enormous penny dropped and I understood so much in an instant.

Those times when I was flying…I was actively working with the crystal energies.

Those times when it was as though I was worse-off than ever….I really wasn’t working with them, in fact I was flying in the face of them and this was hitting me even harder than ever.

I had allowed myself to forget that the power of manifestation is even more potent, more immediate, once you are in the crystal energies….thus, if you choose not to steer, its like crashing a sports car into a wall, rather than crashing the clapped-out old vehicle you used to drive. Yes, the impact is so much more obvious though (I had noticed this too) the potential to recover is much more speedy and responsive, once you set your intentions onto it. So, of course, I was bewildering myself with very high highs and very low lows, like a novice flying an out-of-control jet plane, pulling and pushing on the lever; what a ride!

At other times, it was like I had slipped into some sort of cruise control which was fixed on the indigo energies, a convenient middle-ground, only these experiences were feeling more indigo than ever…kind-of  turbo-indigo. This brought up in me all those bull-in-a-china-shop traits of indigo which had always been the most challenging for me to embody, given my strong desire for a quiet life, such as being the contrarian, irresistibly challenging the status quo, taking on causes and speaking my mind without holding back and little care for who I offended…oh how I did such a lot of that last year. It was beginning to feel like a teenage revival and really rocked my boat at times. Now, I see how this was just a stopping-off point on the way to the crystal energies, which feel like home to me and I am spending more and more time there, now I know the difference (for much more on indigo and crystal traits, and the difference, I recommend Anni Sennov’s books). Which is not to say the crystal energies mean ceasing to challenge anything; quite the contrary, your desire to be more active around themes that matter to you only increases, yet there is a different, less “singe your own feathers” way of going about it (more on that later).

What I notice about the first year since AuraTransformation

Meanwhile, I can see now, as though looking down on my year from a high-up viewing point, how finding balance – in all things – has become my focus lately; how the higher heart chakra feels like my very centre-point these days; and how these shifts have altered, pretty much, everything. I don’t try to experience either of these things; they just are my truth and, in fact, my reluctance to do anything but sit back and see how my AT transpired allowed me to know that this all happened quite organically, with no pressure to perform, as it were. Integration of the masculine and feminine, a divine union taking place as me, has become my reality without any effort whatsoever and it feels like such a key part of my dharma to share this experience with the world, as you may have noticed I have been doing across so many topics. I have also found myself, instinctively, working with my elements more than ever, even though I was wanting to play with these before my AT; yet now it has become a key part of understanding my new operating system to work with these intimately to keep them conscious and in balance.

I can see how I have shaken off the last vestiges of “karma” (which, to be frank, I was already shedding before my AT) and have replaced this with a much stronger sense of dharma…my purpose in life…a desire to be of service (already there but now it energises rather than depleting me)…which is even less conditional than ever, since I know now that this may very-well have nothing whatsoever to do with “making money” or “taking the world by storm” and everything to do with being more, unapologetically, me in whatever shape that takes. I am experiencing, direct, that being crystal is not about ceasing to be active and vocal; rather, it allows you to be more active, impactful and unique than ever and yet to stay in balance; no longer having to choose between human engagement or “being spiritual”, like they are two different ends of the same see-saw.

My sense of perspective or “overview”, from within the human perspective, even when I hit a piece of core wounding at my own or the collective level (I am usually pretty quick to notice how I am really dealing with both at the same time), has never been clearer, so I no longer rely on mediation to achieve that, though I do still find benefit from pulling back to meditate from time to time to slow my hyper-energised state down a little. I maintain that level of energy for far longer now, without crashing my own system every five minutes. Though I still engage with human wounding, in fact I believe its part of my dharma to do so as part of what I offer to the collective healing, I don’t get drawn hopelessly into “the dark stuff” any more and can pull back out or hover on the periphery, even as things are unfolding around me, which is fascinating to witness.

Before AT, I was kidding myself that I was coping with the way I am…but it relied on me staying in a sort of blissful daydream outside of the mainstream current of life, at least most of the time, to keep my energy intact. I was playing with some pretty high-frequencies yet the more I played with them, the more depleted and, thus, less able I was to go out amongst other people to share or catalyse in a social context. Since having my AT, I have noticed how I can bring my higher-frequencies out to play amongst certain other people (who I seem to attract) and, rather than coming home crashed-out, I can show up and feel even more energised by the interactions I am now attracting, craving more of them, not to mention witnessing how this positively impacts those other people too. I find this is an area that I am longing to have more experience of; which was not characteristic of me at all before my AT. I am drawn to people with the crystal potential, whether or not they have had an AT, and seem to have naturally run out of steam persuing some relationships, without any drama, just good grace.

Do I still have health problems? Yes I do; whatever your challenges, AT doesn’t profess to sweep them all away overnight. However, I can feel numerous ways that my body is now catching up and, whilst things are similar to how they were, they are by no means the same. Different things crash my energy than before; and it has less to do with those aspects of leading a “normal” human life that I used to feel like I was missing out on, which means I can take part more. These days, it has more to do with unravelling the damage and life-long conditioning my physical body has sustained from having had to cope with such high sensitivity to anomalous experiences “outside the body” for so many years (which has, quite literally, altered the way my nervous system is wired, which is not an overnight job to fathom; I won’t say “undo” as I feel sure the peculiar way I am wired serves some higher purpose). Also the fact that I do still tend to rush headlong into high frequency experiences, with too little regard for the consequences…though I am getting much better at pacing myself and remaining present with whatever is happening here and now, taking into account the preferences of my human. Maintaining balance…most of the time…has become a far bigger focus to me now than it ever was; much more to me than chasing after high-frequency experiences in their own right (given a choice, I prefer them to be grounded…which is where the real creative fun starts). You could say, I’m focusing on being an activated human!

I’m also able to be more fun (and funny), irreverent, light-hearted, trivial and relatable…no bad thing! I feel on such easy terms with most people I meet, from the outset, and if they don’t meet me there, that’s their problem.

I have noticed how I feel more in my physical body; which, you may assume, was always the case but, actually, I have always been quite obtuse to my own feelings and far more inclined to pick up on everyone else’s. This means I am, finally, learning to check in with my body and treat it with more care and respect, not to mention having better instincts about what it really needs. I will always be highly sensitive; AT is not a general anesthetic…but its the way my system deals with all this information that I see evolving rapidly.

I’m at the beginning of a journey of which the first couple of years is just the starting point. Listen to any of the videos made by people who have undergone an AT (which now include people from all walks of life…teachers, mums, pilots, hairdressers, artists, scientists, business owners…people with AT must be walking around in almost every town) and they all say pretty much the same in this regard. For pretty much every person I’ve heard, AT was just the start of a wonderful new journey which felt quite different to the life they had before. Even in its earliest stages, I can tell that this is what crystal feels like and I know this is where I’m destined to be now; I can feel, at last, like it really is my home and I’m ready to move in on a permanent basis, not just visiting. People can see it in my eyes, which have changed; I’m much more present in my body, without that constant otherworldly appearance that used to make me look like I would blow away in the wind or was away with the fairies.

Very quickly, from the point of feeling all of this, I was able to see the last year in focus, could see all the pitfalls as though they were highlighted. I could make sense of what I was doing right when it was coming together and how to do that (whatever it was) more concertedly than before, by focussing my efforts from now on, instead of free-flowing so much. I put effort into my crystal status now and it makes all the difference to my experience, day after day. I am also rereading the AT books and that is such a revelation because, whereas last time it was in advance of the treatment and I was mostly speculating “this could be me, wouldnt that be nice”, I am able to see how this now is me, these are my experiences…and not just in the brief, unsustainable flashes I was having before!

Where I am now at the one-year anniversary

As this January progressed, it was as though I could feel the one-year anniversary coming up on the horizon, like it carried some significance, a coming of age of sorts. It’s predicted to take two years to fully crystallise from the point of having an AT and I feel like I have certainly stepped-up to a new level in just the last few weeks. It was so funny, I had forgotten the exact date that I underwent mine, though I knew it was around this time of year…but, when the date came (though I still wasn’t aware of it) I had a phenomenal experience, a sort of heightened fanfare of a day, doing the sort of things that used to depete me, for instance going out to the theatre and for a meal in London, plus some other syncroncities, which seemed to crystalise such a lot of things for me about how far I have come. Its only now, a few days later, as I realise that it was the one-year anniversary of when it happened, that I see how I was having a sort of rebirthday party thrown by the universe.

Do I feel more grounded; oh yes, I certainly do and yet it’s not at the expense of that part of me that wants, in fact needs, to soar way-higher than my human self, to explore far beyond the confines of my physicality. I seem to have achieved a sort of best-of-both worlds, which is what the crystal energies are all about, after all; but to experience this, as your manifest human self, is something else entirely, compared to what sounds like a very nice idea. This fills me with such hope that what is possible on the personal level is equally so at the collective…and this is just early days in my own process, I know there’s much more to come.


AuraTransformation website

Dare To Be – UK-based AuraTransformation Mediator Sarah Jennings

AuraTransformation YouTube channel – a whole library of video testimonials, conversations and other useful information.

Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energies and all the other AT books by Anni Sennov

Sarah Jennings on what AuraTransformation did for her ( a beautiful summary in this conversation)



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