Splitting…or coming together anew

Its been a powerful weekend of shifting energies, in my experience, as is often the case for me when I’m away from home…as though just the change in location and routine jangles up enough space for those more-expansive themes that I am already working with (within the scaffolding of “ordinary life”) to fall into new and far more dynamic placements with each other.

I’m going to share, almost verbatim, a couple of things I felt called to talk about on social media while I was away. One is an observation about the Schumann Resonance, which I’ve written about before in this and my other blog space. I’ve been feeling it being “active” for a few weeks now, via physical sensations in my body, and this came to a head  last week but I hadn’t been keeping tabs on what others were saying about it until I saw a couple of posts in my feed on saturday. For me, these symptoms include an extraordinarily high pitched sound that I now hear constantly yet, whilst this may sound horrific (and I see how I could easily let it be), I correlate it with times of personal robustness and evolution, not to mention huge waves of new insight. I have this tendency to “go solo” when these kinds of symptoms arise for me as there are very few people with whom you can talk about such observations, without them thinking you are completely “cuckoo”, so it was as though, through being away from home, I was more awake to objectively hear what other people were saying about this peak. In the space of a few minutes, I caught sight of two references to a sudden spike in the Schumman Resonance, throughout November and especially on November 25th, so my interest was piqued; it wasnt just me noticing this, then!

For anyone who doesn’t know, 7.83 Hz (which happens to be the frequency of OM) is the  Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity. The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited  because of solar activity, thunderstorms and other interferences that can only be speculated about.

“The similarity of the 7.8-hertz Earth resonance and human brainwave rhythms was quickly identified after the Schumann resonances were first measured, and early studies were able to demonstrate a correlation between these resonances and brain rhythms. Numerous studies conducted by the Halberg Chronobiology Center at the University of Minnesota along with other studies have since shown that there are important links between solar, Schumann and geomagnetic field line resonances and a wide range of human and animal health and wellness indicators. (HearthMath Institute.)


Current levels have leapt from the “usual” 7.83 Hz up to as high as 40, 60 and even 80 Hz. (Note: Gamma waves occur at 30 – 100 Hz; these are associated with waking states and can occur when we are simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres. Whales and dolphins also operate in these frequencies). Then I found this post from writer and consciousness teacher/facilitator Jalelle Awen on Facebook, about the current peak, and symptoms this may be generating in the physical body, and was able to agree with every word of what she described.

I’m personally getting off the scale new head tones this last 3 or 4 weeks and, this most recent this week, they have built to a whole new intensity that feels less localised to one side of my head but is filling my WHOLE head, intensely, all the time, day and night. At times like these, I have to remind my human aspect to hold on and just trust all is absolutely well, it’s a reboot/upgrade in progress. Emotions are in full glow yet astonishingly quick to pass through, like weather clouds…such rapid clearing work taking place while everything is being upgraded, including that I’m watching fusty old stuck points get a complete makeover to become powerful evolution opportunities.

The co-creative aspects I’ve been involved in with some other ready souls have been astonishing this last couple of days, like a well choreographed dance. All this while being in considerable brain fog (to keep the logical brain out of the rapidly developing picture) and such impairment of the base senses, especially vision via the eyes (to encourage fall-back on second sight), in fact it’s felt like being in a physically challenging dream world a lot of the time yet so much going on at the deeper layers.

If you’re hypersensitive to these energies, you might relate. To me, it feels like this has been Gaia’s answering call to the intense sine waves ‘of exceptional purity’ heard ringing out across earths magnetic field last week (see article https://spaceweatherarchive.com/…/quiet-sun-makes-musical-…/)

The other gathering of thoughts that came to a sort of focus point for me over the weekend was garnered into action, in the sense of writing about it for the first time, by a post I saw from Aluna Joy Yakin, a sacred site expert and awakening consciousness guide whose posts I respect very much. She shared a post entitled The Great Splitting and End of Judgments, Thanksgiving and full moon eve 11-21-2018 on Facebook. In it, she discusses “…A strange need for a disconnect from our current world, and the observation of a challenging 50/50 split of humanity” (out of respect for her material, and to  better understand what she and I are both talking about here, please follow this link to Aluna’s Facebook post to read the full article). As often is the case, I found myself relating to every word she shared.

Personally, I’ve been in such resistance to the idea of split for such a long time yet am seeing signs of it everywhere…part of me even longs for it, for my own comfort and focus, as much of this world and its attitudes feel so out of synch with what I feel. For me, this isn’t a final conclusion (there’s no such thing), it’s all work in progress as it’s the constant spiralling between dichotomy and wholeness that fuels our evolutionary momentum but…something new is also happening here. And I’m so weary of working just so hard to bridge gaps that don’t want to be brought closer together, at every level of my experience and activity, so maybe there’s nectar in releasing that longing for a while, to allow what doesn’t feel good to be, very simply, let go of. Working tirelessly to find commonalities is just so draining of energy…and it’s amazing how letting go of the need to do this (the very fact I had been making it into an imperative or mission tells me such a lot…) frees up and expands opportunities straight away as it allows you to unapologetically focus on what you DO want, in an unlimited way (brand new stuff!), not on what needs upgrading and repairing. Imagine if all of us who are feeling this split but resisting it because we feel it is “bad” to “separate” suddenly allowing ourselves to explore this…and, instead, putting all our energy into our new world (where and how we want to live), not repairing what’s broken about the current world (where, and how, so many others still seem to want to live). It is like a giant energetic sigh of relief as soon as you even go there; even when it may involve making some very hard choices, initially, in order to follow through. I experienced that one too, over my weekend and know I am far from the only one (perhaps it was the Schumann peak but there seemed to be a lot of it in the air…).

Maybe it’s not even a case that we are about to separate “more” but that, in accepting some sort of separating of the ways as a given, we become more whole…or do that “work” in ways that don’t involve our minds so much as our heart frequency, which peaks higher, and by making our heart coherence more consistent (this is not about always staying the same; its about dealing robustly with all the variables) when we are following our own personal bliss. This would be reminiscent of how the brain split onto two distinctly functioning halves…which, we now know, make their very best music together when they work separately yet in beautiful cohesion, for all their contrast. In which case, we need to stop “trying” so hard to get into the full flow of where we, personally, choose to be since that kind of  coherence “just happens” when we let go of trying…and stop resisting what we don’t “like”. Perhaps those already working on our heart coherence are already impacting the field in some other biologically impactful ways, achieving gamma waves that flow out to the field, to impact the whole of humanity via these new frequencies being measured within the ionosphere. So maybe we just need to get out of our own way and let Gaia sort out her own wholeness at levels where we all take part…but don’t have to “work” at “doing” anything except maintaining our own heart coherence, following whatever path that heart cue leads us towards (rather than going “against” anything or hanging around in what we don’t like to “fix it”). And if there’s no doubt that the Schumann Resonance is affecting us all at the biological level, maybe those of us who already are doing that are the ones generating these very high peaks which, at some level, convey information to us all and will roll out their biological messages in all good time…

Dr. Michael Persinger, a well-known neuroscientist, has conducted numerous studies examining the effects of magnetic fields with the same magnitude as the geomagnetic field on brain functions and information transfer. Not only has he shown that applying external fields similar to the Schuman resonances can induce altered states of consciousness, he also has suggested in a detailed theory that the space occupied by the geomagnetic field can store information related to brain activity and that this information can be accessed by all human brains.

Furthermore, Persinger also suggests that the earth’s magnetic field can act as a carrier of information between individuals and that information, rather than the intensity of the signal carrying it, is important for interaction with neural networks. The above findings help support part of GCI’s hypothesis that the earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information. (HeartMath Instititute).

All I know, for myself, is that I’ve never been in a more determined and focused phase of simply dropping whatever, and whomever, doesn’t feel good to me, rather than going back “in” to the burning building, time and time again, in an effort to bring everything/one with me to where I want to be headed. Though I know I’ve reached this concludion many times before, this felt like a whole other layer of realising that this is not a rescue mission that I am on…which crystallised for me, on a very personal level, at the weekend over the timescale of that Schumann peak. I’m here to find my own way, not carry or cajole others. Where it feels light, joyfilled…connect; where it doesn’t, step away. There doesn’t have to be anything more structured or formal than that, in many cases; we just stop labouring over it.

As above, there are no conclusions…just sharing these two weekend threads to help fuel your own processing of what are sometimes spiritually controversial topics.


On Nov 18th, in spite of quiet solar conditions, a very stable ~15 second magnetic oscillation commenced and persisted for several hours in the earth’s. As the solar wind hit Earth it produced “a pure, almost-musical sine wave”, as recorded by Rob Stammes in Norway. The waves Stammes recorded are “essentially flutters propagating down the flanks of Earth’s magnetosphere excited by the breath of the sun” which are categorised according to length (these were in the category 15 – 45 seconds). Researchers call them “pulsations continuous” — or “Pc” for short and this was a Pc3. Stammes, who has recorded many Pc waves in the past, said of this occurrence “this is the first time I have detected category Pc3. This was a very rare episode indeed.” Source: Quiet Sun Makes “Musical Waves” in Earth’s Magnetic Field, Spaceweather.com

On 11/11 this year, a strange phenomenon set seismologists around the world off on a head-scratching conundrum that remains unsolved. Source: Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why, National Geographic, also An unexplained seismic event ‘rang’ across the Earth in November, Big Think.

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