A message from the valley…

The other day, I was talking to someone about the Ninth Wave, the unity consciousness wave of evolution (see footnote if you don’t know what this is)…describing, not some textbook idea but, how I experience it. I was trying to describe its 36 day undulations, how they manifest for me in my direct experience.

Well, there’s this part in its wave-rhythm that we are in right now…and you might otherwise dread it, if you read about it in a book…where the daytime phase turns suddenly to night (early last week) and stays there for 18 days. Viscerally, for me after a little turbulence (as I had a few days ago!), it can be like sucking through a threshold and finding its all gone suddenly dark (not in a “bad” way…), like when your car hits the tunnel on a motorway and the sky is sudden gone from view, the signal on your GPS or radio lost and, no denying, everything abruptly changes yet you know its just something you are passing through. There is always light at the end of its tunnel and, even when you can’t see it yet, you already know the feel of approximately how many heartbeats it will take to get you to the other side; for that’s how quickly the ninth wave transitions – relatively speaking, its pretty darn quick. As I said, it takes just 18 days to get through a night phase (not eons or centuries, not even years or months) and then you are there on the other side again. When you get to know the feeling…and I do now…its not alarming or even to be resisted; just different.

When you approach this phase viscerally, not with the mind, and though it can be a little turbulent…yes… it’s not so very frightening; not when you get to know its rhythms. For its “darkness” is more akin to what it must feel like as the seed gets tugged under the soil. No point being a seed lying around on the surface in the sunlight…you know that and so you really want to go under, go deep, to where the mulch of broken things provides peaty sustenance. The darkness down there is your friend for it feeds you, protecting you until you are ready for your next new growth spurt. Its fecund moistness and broken-down, deconstructed potential is the very tool-kit you are working with, for you identify with its potential and with all those rich opportunities to reconstitute old constructs into different forms that are more resonant with where you are and WHO you are now. The apparent lack of assertive or convincing structure in the night phase (these are often the phase when I question almost everything that makes up the substance of my familiar world) is what makes it so easy to process through all the dirge; to see what is already broken down, obsolete, predigested into molecular building blocks with flavours and themes which, you realise, you are already more-than familiar with since they are the substance of many lifetimes. This familiarity is handy since it means you can quickly sense what you want to keep and what you are ready to let-go of (in fact you get quicker and slicker at carrying out this clear-out of what is no longer meaningful or important to you with each ninth wave valley).  The sifting and sorting you do in this phase is the master clear-out of many lifetimes and what gets selected is much more authentically representative of you; it’s what you would choose if all things were laid out for you to choose from…and they are.

Down, down, down you feel yourself being tugged until you reach the cusp of the ninth wave night-phase and suddenly you hit a rock bottom of sorts…and there will be something waiting down there or that you recognise you have been working towards though, perhaps, avoiding; some age-old issue made yours that becomes the latest thing you realise you are here to work on or deconstruct, only it’s not at the global nor the political nor the ecological level. This thing is made deeply personal, it draws you to the very centre of yourself, the apex of who you are and the cutting edge – you could say breakthrough edge – of your consciousness. That conscious breakthrough then becomes the leading edge of what you are about to become, for it uses its sharpness (and yes, it can be very sharp) to cut through the very seed of you, breaking through your previous, tightly held, boundaries to become the shoot that starts to make its way back again through the dark peaty earth, back to the surface of the ninth wave day phase and the awaiting light that will warm its first leaves. By the mid-point of the night, you can already sense that turning point rumbling its fanfare through the very depths of whatever it is that you feel like you are heavily “working” on through your everyday themes. For that’s one of the wonderful things about the ninth wave; you know, by now, that you aren’t there to languish or to wallow as its momentum moves far too quickly for that kind of stagnation to occur. That new pinprick of optimism shining through the dark, though hardly visible at first, is the feminine torch bearer that is here to show you the way out of the dark cave of the masculine, by awakening all your most forgotten instincts. If you are prepared to listen to Her (and she is really just an under-used aspect of You), trusting Her guidance (for She is more than familiar with the task of finding her way in this sensorily deprived place) then, before you know it, you are on the threshold of a new day.

Even that transition into day can feel like turbulence or a shock of bright light (when will we cease being so alarmed by the way that what we most want often arrives with the kind of “bang” that sometimes startles us away in fear, if we let it). Yet you know you want it so you, hopefully, overcome that, preparing to climb the hill of a whole different vibe with no expectations left over from the cycle before. Once you break the soil of that new day, it is the very “broken down” theme of the thing you have just been through in the dark that becomes the material of your next new growth spurt and so you reinvigorate your way to a crescendo of creation; which will be to do with whatever your life happens to be focusing on right now. This is the domain of playing with the very best of masculine qualities for you long to construct things…new things, ideas…with all the inspired materials you have just acquired from your root-around in the dark and this is, after all, the male specialism – building things. At last, you can turn His hands (and he is really just a once distorted aspect of You) to the construction of substance that feels truly light filled and authentic, not the turgid repetition of the way things have always been done before. Inevitably, this is often more of a “doing” phase as your projects take flight; a period of acting on all you have just processed (and, again, I speak at the personal level…none of this needs to be world-scale stuff; though it might have more wide-reaching repercussions than you can imagine).

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.54.07

The useful ninth wave calculator – view here

Of course, all this doing can have its own pitfall, being exhaustion or a sort-of burn out at the top…and yet; each new ninth wave peak, looking back, appears like a series of hills, each with a different, colourful, flag of achievement at its pinnacle. In just a few months, you realise, you have achieved more personal growth, more breakthroughs, more dizzying heights of perspective and more newly expansive breadths of understanding than you did in a matter of years before the ninth wave got started…and you’re right. Because in each and every 36 day cycle you are achieving what it once took you two years to complete and, before that (if you’re old enough to remember the early nineties, eighties and beyond) might have been taking decades. This is how we move now; all of us (once we tune and synchronise to it; stop fearing it, embrace its rhythms). This is the speed at which the so-called linearity of our lives progresses through phases, up-cycling what was once old and stuck about our experience and evolving us towards a completely different kind of reality, in just one lifetime, compared to the numerous or even countless lifetimes it would have taken to achieve such a sense of progression before. We, literally, might not recognise ourselves from a year or even months ago…that’s how quickly this momentum gets going, once we get on its ride.

Once we stop identifying with the contrast between night and day, stop investing in the inevitable darkness of some of the themes that come up (as the depths are plundered to become our next newest building blocks) or with ideas we are so entrained to apply to our circumstances (such as about “set-backs” occurring, things being inherently “bad” or always predicting “the worst” based on previous outcomes) we allow ourselves to soften to its rhythms and work with their power. Don’t engage with what comes up, don’t make it “ours”, is the key. Ideas such as “set-back” or “failure” are outmoded now; as is the idea of ever arriving at a particular destination. Our progress is concurrent with where we have already been; its all mixed up and we define ourselves as we choose what is still relevant, what resonates NOW…again and again in each moment, without fixing our choices to become the next ivory tower blocking our view of something more expansive just the other side. When we surrender to the inevitable flip back-and-forth from daytime to night and quickly back again…like a breath in, a breath out…we stop reacting so much; and we co-create a whole lot more with all the immense potential placed at our feet, harnessing the very best of our feminine and masculine qualities in equal proportion.

This is the new phase we are already well into now; so I encourage you to notice it more and to work with it. See where it allows you to get to, very quickly, once you recognise its swift undulations and whether life stops feeling like this harsh thing forcing itself onto you to become, rather, a beautifully and necessarily diverse thing that outwardly reflects all the immense potential and possibility, light and shade, that you embody as a conscious creator-being. When you work with the night phases…knowingly, without alarm…the unity aspects of projects close to your heart will be enhanced and develop wings during the daytime phases; this is how the ninth seems to operate. It’s all about you…all of it; and when you start to get these rhythms, working with them as the unified embodiment of yin and yang balance that YOU are, the rest of the world will fall into place, through resonance. The more of us that are doing this; the quicker our world gets to evolve…this is how the ninth wave gets rolled out to become a shared reality and a far more unified world.

These are just a few words sent to you from the depths of the ninth wave’s 68th night phase which reaches its cusp tomorrow.

Fig-8.1-copy.jpgThe ninth wave of creation is an evolutionary impulse that was set into motion in 2011 and we are now in its 68th cycle. The 8 previous waves correspond with the history of our evolution as a species on this planet; yet no other wave has undulated with the swiftness of this one, taking just 36 days to complete a full cycle of day phase followed by night phase (up and down). By comparison, the eighth wave took almost two years to complete such a rhythm, the seventh took almost 40 years, the sixth wave had a full wave length of about 800 years…and so on; yes, they have been getting faster and faster. If, like many people, you feel as though time seems to have speeded up lately well, in a sense, it has and is a sign that you are tuning in.

For a wonderful and very though explanation of the Nine Waves of Creation by the author of the book of the same title, Carl Johan Calleman PhD, I recommend this wonderful interview in which he not only explains what the nine waves are but how this quantum-hollographic perspective of the world is completely relevant to YOU and to all of us. It is my firm belief that working consciously with it holds the potential to enhance your life like nothing else I have ever encountered before.




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  1. cathytea says:

    Oh , what lovely timing! I went to sleep and woke very aware of entering into a different phase, so I appreciate this identification of it!

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