Walls of honey

In my last blog, I shared a story about the two thousand-year old fortress walls that I noticed were alive with loudly humming bees flitting in and out of a small hole in the mortar; how I took this as a sign of hope. It became, for me, a metaphor made manifest of how something built to be hard, rigid and intractable had been broken open by something small, soft, honeyed…and it was like imagining egg yoke running over from the edges of the most surprising kind of shell, broken open before my very eyes. It encompassed the feeling of the kind of surprise we are set to experience as our world…the world we think we know so very well, that many of us have become so jaded and derogatory about…breaks open to reveal an inner softness; its own honeyed centre waiting to pour out like the sustenance we are all waiting for.

In that same post I began to feel out a new ending to this evolutionary journey of ours (thus far, at least since I can’t believe the process of evolution ever ends as such); one where the ninth wave into which we have just entered looks less like the hemispherical split that we have become accustomed to since the sixth wave partitioned our brains (and no less, our global mind) into two very distinct halves. What if, instead of another “flip” so that the left hemisphere now becomes the feminine and the right becomes the masculine, this new wave looks more like a pattern of many many many (countless) hemispherical relationships (a word I prefer to “partition”) consisting of both yin and yang, all happening at once…like a very rapidly oscillating frequency that keeps us from either entrenchment or drowning?

What do I mean by entrenchment or drowning? Well, it might be a gross simplification but the left hemisphere can feel a lot like a load of busy-bodies building walls, structures, corridors and filing cabinets…all of them seeking to make life hard, structured, logical, organised and systematic, not to mention guarded and territorial (so, yes, entrenchment within a fixed belief system is the perpetual risk of such a paradigm). Conversely, the right hemisphere can sometimes feel like a sea of chaos, like an indecipherable abstract painting or a load of hippies not really knowing where they are going (I told you this was a gross generalisation but you get my point through these exagerated characatures).

One can feel utterly rooted in the specific and the physical, the other “let loose” in a spiritual vastness that knows no bounds. Again, you get the point I am trying to make.

So, what if a vastly oscillating state of experiencing both of these, side by side (virtually simultaneously), is our next evolutionary state…one that oscillates at such a high frequency that it maintains us in a version of physical form that is just the other side of not being physical at all. In other words, we maintain a state that is very close to “source” (which is the void where no yin-yang exists any more; before such a choice has been made) yet we are just physical enough to know what it is to live in three-dimensionally, so that we get to reap all the considerable benefits of doing that, experiencing it. And we get to duck in and out of more or less form at will; without either loosing ourselves or becoming entrenched. How great would that be?

Of course, since we have free will then, generally a preference would be expressed in each moment as to whether we preferred a more yin than yang or yang than yin approach. A slightly off-centre arrangement is perfectly “normal” in even the most well-balanced brain when tested for hemispherical leaning…but what I am talking about here is that this gets to become a very fluid state of affairs, one that alters all the time instead of fixing into a life-long persoanlity trait as we tend to think of it. This would be  something like a needle in a compass that is suddenly able to register its “north” more to east than the west (or vice versa) depending on the circumstance or its preference in that moment and  changing all the time, rather than having a permanently fixed point. Maybe this kind of needle shift is happening within individuals more and more now; no longer requiring a whole lifetime in which to be one way or the other. For my own part, I know my personal “compass needle” started shifting about ten years ago and it has tended to find no permanent home ever since (and I think I can speak for many of my friends in saying the same – my post Like a bee from a jar touches on this topic) – so is this evolutionary? I suspect it is. Such a state of affairs allows a great deal more to be found in common between us all than a state where we become entrenched in one viewpoint at the expense of another. When we have seen things from many different angles all in one lifetime (and can accept they are all relative to an I Am presence at our core) we become much more accepting of other people’s viewpoints; we can see more easily through their eyes and it has the effect of softening things when we engage. When we become “all one way” we only manage to sustain the appearance of harmony for as long as everyone is in total agreement (or forced to be so…) but how often does that happen and is it healthy? Our history tells us that it is not and this is at the root of every conflict we have ever experienced as a species.

In a world that has broken open so completely as ours, via the internet, was a future consisting of a global mind split neatly into hemispheres ever going to happen anyway or was that compartmentalised era of our existence always destined to come to an end with the ninth wave? We have become shards of light and dark, everything we are splintered and showered inextricably across every surface of us so that nothing is kept hidden any longer. No amount of control could ever put back into pristine order all that has been released and tipped out of all the corners; it could never be swept up and put back into the box. We have, each of us, “outed” ourselves by coming to know and consider things about who we are that were unthinkable to us a decade or more ago, just as surely as all manner of variables relating to gender and sexual preference, political flavour and so on has been tipped out of the global box, all to be explored freely and stirred into a vast soup of experience, consideration and experimentation over the last two decades (most of all, in the last five or six years since the ninth wave got started). Looked at in the most positive way, this is exactly what needed to happen in order for us to split into a zillion-zillion tiny hemispherical oscillations so that we now super-rapidly flip from this pole position to that, sometimes all in one week, one month, one day, even all in one minute or second…for this is how rapidly we are now all firing on all cylinders and it gives us for less time in which to become so entrenched that we fail to see the point of view of another being. Our opinions and our standpoints are becoming as flux and rapid-firing as a higher frequency electrical current and will only get faster still as we move into some sort of new plane of existence; one that we have never before experienced as physical beings. Our next evolutionary burst could never have been as simplistic as the west hemisphere of the planet becoming more like east used to be, politically speaking, and the east more like the west when they were dominant…or those of us (me included) who were once so left-brained giving it all up to become an artist (as I did…but now I’m not so sure again…) and artists embracing computer technology to become oh-so geeky (though these dramatic shifts across hemispherical boundaries are certainly part of it). We are becoming utterly mercurial…and it is evolutionary!

SilchesterThis whole stream of thought fluttered into life when I studied this floor: the mosaic pattern from a pre-Christian temple that lies beneath the ground near where I walk, with its alternate black and white corners; two of them more black than white, the other two more white than black yet, at a glance, they are similar enough to work together as one. That could be us…or at least where we are headed. Perhaps it is where we have been before…or maybe those ancient folk held it up as some sort of future ideal. When we are in one of thoses lower corner; say we are spiritual but we express that spirituality as “religion” with a great deal of structure and ritual (a sort-of left brained spirituality) we can surely perceive things in common with the next guy in the next lower quarter who is spiritual in a way that involves simply being out in nature, finding the sacred in a leaf. One is more yang than yin, the other more yin than yang…yet they fit comfortably enough side by side.

The same again when it comes to science. When we are the kind of scientist who wants to heal others with every fibre of our being but prefers to do so through well honed tests and diagnosis based on scientific precedent then we are not so dissimilar to the herbal healer who seeks answers in nature and vibration since our aim is just the same. Indeed, if we were but open enough to have that conversation, we would find that many of the health variables that we take into account are remarkably similar. We could…if we were open to it…work together, side by side, perceiving the value in what each of us offers; concede that where one method brings back an obscure result, the other might help fill the gap. Again, we have a teamwork in the making – a true vision of the direction medical approaches could be allowed to go (if we could but get that initial dialogue going…and some people are). You see what I am saying?

Yet, ironically these two areas…spirituality and health…where partnership seems so very obvious are often areas where the most entrenchment exists. Religious institutions close their doors and their minds to other spiritual approaches that share a very obvious basis to their own; or those who are spiritual yet without religion think “death to the church” is the necessary answer to their own spiritual vision that knows no doctrine. Walls are firmly built around medical science by certain entities (traditionalist schools of medical training, the pharmaceutical industry…) and herbal or energetic practices are kept firmly on the other side of that high fortress wall. Meanwhile some herbalists and “alternative healers” refuse to go where medical science has cornered its patch, or to have anything to do with conventional medical doctors and their science, so they miss out on the considerably benefits of an integrative scientific approach (I have been recently led to admit to such a resistance in myself…and to soften that stance so that I can enjoy the best of both world). What if we could allow for there to be some empirical structure to our medical approach…but that it also be allowed to flow with all the honey of those alternative methods? Or that where there is already all the honey of innate understanding overflowing (direct spiritual understanding, natural healing knowledge..), a little practice and well-chosen structure invited into that could be like the honeycomb is to the beehive? As ever, bees have a great deal to teach us.

This model of both structure and softness could be applied over and over and over again…in our politics, out financial markets, the ways that we elect to get involved (or not…) in world situations outside our immediate range or say-so. It could be brought into our schooling systems to great benefit, into the way that we raise our kids with a mixture of supportive parameters combined with love and friendship plus enough room for exploration to occur (looking back, I see that is exactly what I did!) Honeyed walls make for – ironically – stronger walls; isn’t that interesting? Yet there is a truth in that which can be felt with an affirmative from our very cells as we say it out loud; for it is a truth known at a very deep level by our own bodies.

For at the very core of every single atom of our body there is a void; we are more void than we are solid (I spoke about this recently in my post Absolute healing) This “voidness” does not make us weak, it makes us stronger since it allows us to be adaptable in each moment. It allows us to choose whether we want to go this way or that at the quantum level, without becoming hard and brittle in our belief that “this is the way it is”. Once we have made such a decision, we start to defend it or fight for our lives as though it is true..which only makes us more vulnerable. When we are adaptable in each moment, we bend like a stick in the wind…and it keeps us upright for the longest time. It keeps all options fully open.

Say your diagnosis comes in and, before you have even got your head around it, someone says “do you have cancer?” (or it could be, say, a particular thyroid condition such as hypothyroidism, which is something I am currently entertaining in my own health). What do you say to them? The real answer is “I do and I don’t”…since both are equally true. When we do this, our higher aspect steps in to hold that position of “bothness” for us, or until such time as we are ready to hold it for ourselves and decide on our next chosen step. It buys us time before we become entrenched by a label; for once we start telling that story of ourselves, we start to make it more solid. By the way, if we deny we have this condition, even when we have received physical clues that we do, we also entrench ourselves…into a sort of denial of “what is”; a sort of push back against one thing with its opposite, which is a war of sorts. We need to entertain what is going on in our physical reality to even get a foot hold on the choices that we need to make next…either physically or quantumly (denial is no way to start this process). None of this is about making any particular situation “wrong”, it is simply about facing what is whilst holding space for a reality where there are more choices available to you than your physical reality has full knowledge of…which may take a moment for you to get adjusted to when you are swallowing news that contracts you into temporary alarm.

Remember, we all have cancer in our bodies all the time without it being fatal; and our body vacillates wildly between hyper and hypo states without us even realising; in other words, no health condition is ever as cut and dry as we tell ourselves. Only when this thing becomes an entrenched position or a story we keep telling about ourselves does it become life threatening and this is where our belief systems come into it; the domain where intention creates reality. When a situation becomes a “one plus one” (this is a phrase I have used consistently throughout my health journey; a typical one plus one could be that I am in awful physical pain and then some outside stimulant adds to my toxic load) we need something to tip that balance back in our favour. Say our one plus one consisted of two halves of a circle, both coloured in white, the third aspect, our highest aspect, is able to offer a black to keep things in harmony. This is our inbuilt safety mechanism; the third aspect that over-rides the “stuckness” of the binary system that sometimes only seems capable of offering two matching counters (black + black, white + white) which tips our balance. In other words, we get to triangulate ourselves out of a stuck point over and over again, using this method of calling on our third aspect; our highest selves.

This system works just fine…as long as we are on good working terms with our highest aspect; but, for a good portion of our evolution, we have been all but cut-off from it. This  is the holy trinity and it brings into our limited binary physicality this third point of view. It makes the triangle, it keeps the balance, keeps the piece, makes a spiral out of the circle, allows a stuck situation to “work” and keeps us moving forwards…and when we reclaim that aspect as our navigation point, this earth-based binary system morphs into something else entirely. It graduates to become a system that is able to widely and rapidly oscillate between all the blacks and whites of our circumstances in very quick succession without entrenching in either this situation or that one. What makes a situation stick, what makes it fixed and semi-permanant (for nothing is ever fully permanent)? Our thoughts build fortresses and our repeat behaviours entrench. That most infinitely adaptable aspect of us – our highest aspect, the quantum factor in the equation – is often kept well out of reach or we deny it altogether. Now is the time to bring it back on board so that we get to upgrade the way we operate as physical beings.

So, when we receive that same diagnosis – a scientific diagnosis (“white”, since it originates from the masculine aspect, the left brain) and we take the news as meaning we have a proven, indisputable health condition along with all that entails (“white” again; we now believe the diagnosis because science holds all the answers, doesn’t it…) we now have white + white  = entrenchment in a whole belief system residing in the left side of the brain. We now believe we must tackle our circumstance as this defacto physical reality, leaving no room for alternative circumstances to arise, so we make it thus with our thoughts. Our reality just became fully left-brained so we put all our focus on acquiring the physical tools we believe we need…chemo, pills, maybe an operation…to get our fight for survival (“fight” being a classically left-brained word) underway. Once entrenched in that particular belief system, if the prognosis provided by left-brained means is “bad”, we take that as read and pretty-much lose all hope there and then, creating that reality as the “inevitable” outcome; which it now is since we believe in it fully.

However, when we receive a scientific diagnosis where the given prognosis is not favourable (“white” = masculine) but we keep the opposite aspect on board (“black” = the feminine aspect; leaving space for anything to be possible, even the most surprising of ourcomes) we hold balance, keeping our options open and entertaining other healing modalities from outside the scientific model. We allow that the power of thought really is a super-power driven by us PLUS we can bring in the turbo boost of our highest aspect in support of the aspect that needs its supports, tipping the binary equation in our favour (in this case – white + black + black; this proxy feminine aspect being supplied by our highest aspect on our request) which is how we get to direct outcomes with intention. When we believe that alternate outcomes are still posible, we allow our prognosis to remain flux. In other words, walls of honey are made manifest…for though our predicament may seem as hard and “final” as a solid brick wall as the doctor delivers the news, we allow that our circumstances are not yet fixed and that we still have a part to play. Indeed, those same circumstances could be over-running with honeyed light, on the inside, so that what “seems” to be so hard really hides a gift meant just for us. Spontaneous remission is birthed from this place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASuch “honeyed walls” can be perceived in a myriad circumstances (they are already here, all around us…) and we navigate toward them with our intention; by holding the potential for black and white, left and right, east and west to coexist side by side, over and over again in more varied and diverse formations than we could ever imagine with our minds. In fact, we are being constantly reminded of this potential in every single moment of our crazy, over-busy, taxing, chaotic and seemingly meaningless existences…until we start to notice how the pattern is literally everywhere, not least within ourselves. Like that black and white mosaic floor, its patterns can be found in all our corners. When we stop being so entrenched in our ideas and allow that it is those very things that seem the hardest that hold the most potential to break open into honeyed softness, we bring this potential into being as our living reality, creating and experiencing a whole world on such a basis (finding honey everywhere). For the ninth wave is the age of the individual, so all our evolutions start with self, perhaps at the miniscule point of relationship that occurs between the two hemispheres of every atom and every cell of our physical expression; it occurs in our thoughts, our attitudes, our lifestyle choices…and this thing that we do when we model healthy partnership of masculine and feminine aspects in our individual lives spirals out into our overal wellbeing and so the wellbeing of the entire world.

Such a world allows for great diversity to coexist side-by-side without harm to any living being; allows for us all to be who we fully are without being perceived to let anybody down or held responsible for bringing great structures crashing to a halt because we followed our heart (nobody should have to carry that much weight on their heart). We gain access to many more flavours and colours and textures of experience, all in one lifetime. We get to know what it feels like to be both the water and the river bank, all at once; that is, the one that holds the other so that it may flow but also that which gets to softly sculpt the sides of the very structure that holds it. We get to know the gifts of both giving and receiving; many many many times over. We get to be the one experiencing all of these things, simultaneously…and not even once but at each individual choice point of the entire physical organism that we are as a human being, right down to the minute choices made at the point of the formation of our cells. This is how healing gets to become super-rapid too; for when we know that we can alter the trajectory of a cell in the nano-second that it takes to flip hemispheres on demand, our bodies get to become the super-responsive, adaptable, self-healing tools of experience that they were always meant to be. And when we get the knack of this at the cellular level, we get to do it as a planet – think of that. More honey than wall or more wall than honey – all at the flip of a switch and capable of being flipped again just a moment later; it sounds like a bizarre and really rather asbtract concept of our future but then how do we imagine where we have never been. The only way to know it is to go there…


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The ninth wave refers to our current wave of evolution as described in The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Desitiny of Humanity  – Carl Johan Calleman, PhD. For more of my writing on this topic, search this blog using the term “nine waves”.

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