Six months in – working more effectively with the ninth wave

The dip of the ninth wave cycle (or, mid-point of the ninth wave “night” phase) is like deep diving for pearls in the mud – that much I knew immediately on finding out about it and tracking it backwards thorough the rhythms of my life. Those times when the ninth wave influence subsides to allow “previous” waves to have another say, like a clear, assertive voice that pipes down to allow the hecklers on the back row to shout out another word or two, can feel messy, dark, like plunging  somewhat reluctantly into the mire of “the past”.

Fig 8.1

This gives some idea how the evolutionary impulse has “speeded up” since the 9th wave was activated in October 2011 (from

Yet, (made conscious) they can also feel like we are only revisiting those aspects of our “story” for a valuable review (the kind we used to only get at the end of our lives), so that we can now get to make all those layers of experiences fully conscious AS they briefly come up again, seeing them for what they are, noticing the patterns and higher threads of connectivity between them. So, once I had read The Nine Waves of Creation and delved into the ninth wave’s patterns for myself, working it backwards against my own life events, I noticed myself working with these phases differently, newly, from a higher vibration, (not submerged in them, filthy to my neck but) perched on the side, reaching in for what feels of value to pull out of them and carry forwards into my next phase. Like I was, with 20:20 vision, reaching down and expertly plucking out the gems-in-the-mud of many lifetimes’ experience. Not loosing my footing in that mud, not making the revisited drama of going in there “mine” again by investing in it or adding more mess but, rather, watching what unfolded with detached curiosity, increased clarity and a growing ability to making powerful connections, drawing vastly bigger pictures. And, all the time, trusting that this phase would move on and that, in just a few more days, the ninth wave impulse would inevitably assert itself once more and I would be back on top of things, in the flow once more. In fact, all the richer for the deep-dive and the hands full of pearls.

I was even starting to enjoy the opportunity for the review, to indulge in life’s rich and textured variety without fully going there like it was defining me in any way (not unlike watching a film without having to pretend I really am the main character caught up in a chase scene). There’s a part in my painting process when everything looks the most messy and slapped on, quite the eye-sore to anyone else’s eye and yet, I know (as the artist) that it occurs just before I start honing it all back, choosing what to keep, tweaking and manipulating my canvas to my original artistic vision of balance and harmony (no splodge of paint being, really, an accident) and that it will all be alright in the end. Well, somewhat like that, it can be deeply satisfying to be in the low-point of the ninth wave; an oportunity  to pick from the vast array of colours and textures I have “laid on” to life’s canvas and to show off the skillfully achieved state of coherence that am I capable of suddenly pulling out of the bag at the, seeming, darkest moment (like that classic “darkest before the dawn” thing); never really faltering in the knowledge that I would do it and that everything was perfect, all the time.

The more I practice this thing, on vastly different themes it seems, cycle after 36 day cycle, the more intuitive it feels to be like this rather than immersing in whatever doom and gloom life offers up. The ninth becomes a feeling that you re-navigate to, adjusting your dials over and over again with so much relative frequency (compared to previous cycles) that it starts to become a default position that you hold steady to, throughout all the ups and downs; finding and maintaining a personal plumb-line throughout. Meanwhile, during those night phases, you know what you are in for and, instead of seeing “doom” you simply reach into the mud for those gemstones rather than plunging into hopelessness as you might have done before. It is a compelling pattern, once you tune into it; one which, I suspect, we are all being entrained to, whether we are anywhere near conscious of it, yet, or not (though making it conscious vastly accelerates the process).

I also find these can be vastly creative times; monumentally so, like I just have to show willing and show up for things to come together, inspiration to strike and the right words to find their way to the page, with what feels like a higher wisdom effortlessly coming through. Like today, I’ve got five posts on broadly different topics wanting to be written and its (guess what) the lowest point of the 64th night of the ninth wave right now…its so called weak spot though, in some ways, its strength. Why? Because – once we are in resonance, the night phases test us out, they allow us to know our own measure, unconditional upon outward circumstances that may seem to be less than perfect. Having familiarised with its impulses, its particular frequency, throughout the day-time phase of its cycle, its like then being allowed to ride the bicycle alone for the first time during the night phase as its influence wanes; as though the guiding hand is lifted from the saddle-stem and – there you go – you’re doing it all on your own. Seeing that you are really doing this thing – that is, holding a ninth wave frequency whether circumstances are in your favour or not – can be an odd mixture of starting to really trust, appreciate and be in awe of the fact that the universe has your back whilst, at the same time, finally acknowledging that you really knew all along that life was just a game and that you were always in control of it (not it of you). Its like stepping into your “big shoes” and dropping the pretence that you were ever a hapless leaf on the breeze. Like a fast-track training ground to self-mastery, this oscillating rhythm of 18 days “on”, 18 days “off” is like a set of bellows teaching you to breathe new life into what felt most stagnant before; the CPR that gets you heart jolted back into its own trusty rhythm again…and never more powerful than this, once it really gets going on its own.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.20.37This is all really happening so rapidly now; this thing that what once took centuries, even thousands of years, to play out its up-and-down rhythms of evolution – any wonder that, for many of us, life feels like it is moving faster and faster and that we are hardly the same person we were even six months ago. If this is already us and we are aware of it, in what way is it useful to “geek out” on the ninth wave, cross-referencing our experiences with some sort of calendar we may only just have heard about? Well, for those in resonance with unity consciousness (or at least “getting there”), a conscious glance to see where they are at, against the rhythms of the ninth wave (noticing, how do our circumstances correspond with its rhythms; how well are they aligned), can feel increasingly comfortable and affirming as a result of noticing they are on that same pattern. For those not there yet and still in resonance with earlier waves such as the 6th and 7th, I agree, this can feel more disarming…perhaps, ironically, more so during the day phases when their lives may feel uncomfortably out of sync with the ninth wave’s compelling unity impulse, which may not meet well with remnants of preoccupations from those earlier waves. When the tension of miss-match becomes too much, this can trigger the kind of life “break-down” (a so-called crisis to do with health, career etc) that is the start of a whole new evolutionary trajectory that is now fast-track aligning with the ninth wave. Either way, if evolution of ourselves (in tandem with humanity in general) is where we think we are at, knowing how smoothly we are lining up with this trend can be a powerful tool. Like we sometimes need to look up from our engrossing book and stare out of the window of the train at the landmarks and place names whizzing past to feel that we are really getting somewhere, using the tool of the ninth wave (which can be so easily tracked here) is the very thing to contribute a sense of coherence and forward motion to the more ad-hoc, two steps forward and one step back, sense of traction you are probably already achieving; feeding even more rapidity into the evolutionary momentum that is now just longing to become realised with our conscious participation.

We still hold this thing in the balance and our next step together as a species relies upon the choices we make, going forwards. If achieving unity consciousness is something that you believe in, aspire to and want to work towards, faster and more coherently, in this lifetime as a top priority (which all starts with owning your personal experiences, both past and present, and choosing your present-day response to them) then I heartily recommend an active awareness of the ninth wave as one of the own most-powerful and potentially life-accelerating evolution tools available.


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