Navigating that darkest before the dawn feeling

A friend whose words I treasure shared this morning “There is nearly always a dip, a feeling that all is lost before the revelation of a mystery…” It struck me that this is the very same as the feeling as when we experience the high end of the Beta frequency, which can make us feel that all is chaotic or “lost”, that we are on the verge of destruction and that we are caught in such a state of high adrenalin and overwhelm that we can’t even mastermind our own survival. But just the other side of that is the Gamma range which is quite another story, being the frequency associated with oneness and bliss. The reason this is an interesting connection to make today this is that there is a rumour spinning around social media (see this video) that the Schumann Resonance reached an all time high of 90Hz this week. If its true then it is quite phenomenal since the Schumann is popularly stated to hover around the 7.83Hz mark, though it reached record highs of around 40 earlier this year (see my 5 Feb post on Living Whole).

blake-richard-verdoorn-15549The heartbeat of the planet, as it is commonly known, is something we all tune into, biologically, much like an unborn child calibrates to its mother’s heartbeat and I suspect its both an essential and evolution-focussed connection (just as a mother’s health impacts the unborn child’s developmental progress during gestation). Holding a regular “heartbeat” of 7-ish Hz, this serves as a steadying rhythm that keeps us in the realms of the Alpha waves that maintain a calm but alert state, much of the time. When the Schumann rises up into the realms of Beta frequency, we start to feel the more adrenalised tug of active thought and action, the kind of energy that has us “doing” rather than “being”. When the Schumann takes us as high as it is goes these days we are led way up into the highest realms of Beta where that more-energised state tips into feelings of high-anxiety and feelings of hopelessness.

Its true, in recent weeks I’ve been noticing more and more people comment that they have had days of inexplicable high-anxiety or had thoughts like “what’s the point” or “I can’t cope anymore”. I can’t help suspecting that its a sign we are tuning into each other’s “stuff” more than we ever have before and that the barriers between “his problem” and “my problem” are starting to dissolve. I know from experience that these can be breakthrough emotions as I was living in a place of complete overwhelm at the point when my health collapsed a few years ago. In the aftermath, during the very early stages of my recovery, I spent a lot of time feeling like I had somehow gone through the highly-adrenalised state of overwhelm into some other territory where I felt like I would float suspended in a void for days on end, having the kind of experiences of unity consciousness that – when I came “back down to earth” – became the fuel in the fire of a process of awakening that has been my story of the last half decade. In that state, I started to feel like I understood things better than I ever had done in my life…only not in an intellectual way but far beyond that. I now regard those episodes to have been a taster of what it feels like to experience Gamma brainwaves and they were at once disorienting yet sublime and transformational, helping me to make sense of the whole gamut of my human experiences like never before.

As I’ve said, where the Schumann Resonance seems to be heading is well into the Gamma range, where all is resoundingly well once we learn how to handle being there, which involves unlearning so much of what we think we know about the world. Once we get over that last “darkest before the dawn feeling” there’s nothing left but an experience of unity consciousness and perfection, of all the barriers to our understanding dissolving as we reach a sea of reconciliation with all that there is and that feeling of blissful coherence beckoning us over. Quite a leap…and with quite a contrast at its threshold (from Beta into Gamma), like we have to feel so much much worse just before things start to feel infinitely better. And isn’t that life all over? We are quite the experts at that darkest before the dawn thing…but if we just hang in there a little longer…learn to handle it a new way…open up to new possibilities and perspectives…

I sensed the Schumann Resonance was on the up again even before I read these reports about its new peak…and I certainly felt it last night. My husband and I were lying rigid and sleepless in bed half the night and I knew what we were both experiencing though I opted not to give it substance by saying it outloud. In the  morning, both of us declared that we had been feeling adrenalised and panicky “for no reason” all night; you know, that feeling that “something bad is about to happen” or that you have seriously messed up in some way that is about to come back and haunt you. In that state, the tendency is to feel that everything is going wrong and it is all “our problem” waiting for us to resolve it, whether its on the domestic front or something on the global level; like we have to take a particular action to save the world but we haven’t a clue what that action is. I found myself explaining it like this; its as though we are stood in front of a lost property booth and someone is holding up a tatty old garment, perhaps a hideous old hat that’s been trampled on the floor and has holes in it. “Is this anybody’s hat?” the person shouts out. In that higher Beta state, we are very likely to shoot our hand up without even thinking and declare “its mine”, claiming it whether it is or it isn’t, while inwardly cringing at the awfulness of the hat and that fact we don’t even want to touch it. That’s what high-end Beta can feel like; its as though all the most heinous situations are, at some level, “ours” to own up to or solve, like we are personally responsible or let everyone down and now its time to “wear” this thing for all to see. It’s an overwhelming feeling, one that can spark anger or aggression just as much as meltdown since every instinct in us kicks back at the unfairness of it all. Its like we think we are being called to account for, well, everything that ever happened and its all too much from that human perspective where personal responsibility, action and blame have been placed at the central core of everything.

Then along with Gamma brain waves (more information on the peak performance, connectivity and super-rapid processing speeds that those enable here) comes that sea of unity, like diving into a smooth pool where, quite literally, nothing matters any more since all matter has dissolved into oneness. All barriers to understanding have gone, we can see it all for what it is, our stress dissolves, all blame (of self and of other) dissipates, we see the many perfections in the overview. This is where we are heading and, I suspect, the Schumann Resonance is preparing us for the transition. In the meantime, if we can stay in a place where we don’t try and make this all about the body (which is where our overwhelmed system often tries to carpark unfamiliar feelings, assuming “there must be something wrong with me”, since the physical body is the arena where we are most familiar with handling our problems) then we can make these transitions quickly without turning them into something biological like a flu, or worse. Dealt with in the energy field, we can allow these passing feelings of overwhelm to be transmuted quickly, efficiently and in almost no time at all. We become adept at moving up and down the scale of frequencies with the Schumann Resonance, without stalling because of a learned tendency to think our out-of-control emotions or weird physical symptoms have anything to do with the little dramas in our lives or the broader three-dimension circus going on around us in the world. We don’t know what this next stage in our evolution is going to bring but we can be sure it is happening way beyond all the small stuff of everyday life and it has our back, even if it is beyond our courrent understanding. The best things we can do are stay grounded and positive, observing extreme emotions without engaging, using meditation and a perspective of love to keep in a far broader space as we witness what unfolds. Interesting times….and we are just learning how to navigate them.

Heres a useful article on the Shcumann Resonance from Dr Joe Dispnza

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