Going quantum

Here’s what I’m noticing at this remarkable time: I’m noticing that the Schumann Resonance is “up” like never before; by a factor of 5 compared to it usual behaviour (something I wrote about on 5th February in my post “Keeping Your Vibration Up High” on my website Living Whole). I’m noticing, in tandem with that, my body is registering peculiar nerve sensations on the left side of my body (related to the right brain hemisphere) from the feet up, something never experienced before across more than a decade of having a super-sensitised nervous system during which almost everything has been happening on the right of my body. In fact it was this sudden switch-over that made me consider that something energetic was happening under my feet for a change, which led me to find out about the Schumann Resonance being so unusually high, which is (I discovered) being talked about across the internet. It led me, last night, to an article by Dr Joe Dispenza, written a couple of weeks after I made my own speculation about this new development being evolutionary in nature, in which he states the following:

Increases in frequency create increases in consciousness, and when our consciousness increases, we have greater awareness—and that’s what gamma brain waves are. Gamma brain waves, which can be more than twice as high as high beta brain waves, represent an aroused state in the brain, however, they are not connected to the survival states of emergency mode, but correlated with a kind of super consciousness and awareness, as well as higher amounts of love and compassion. As the earth goes through her metamorphosis, maybe we too have to transition through this time of emotional intensity related to beta brain waves before we enter a new consciousness of gamma brain wave states. And wouldn’t that upgrade our nervous system and expand our perception and awareness of reality?

Perhaps we are on the verge of a great evolutionary jump.

The fact I am no longer alone in drawing such a conclusion from this news about the Schumann Resonance heartens me in my positive interpretation of what feels like an extremely interesting turn of events.

Then I’m noticing all the ways that this upsurge in Gaia’s “heartbeat”  presents differently to when we have solar events playing out, which (as I’ve written about many times now) register in my nervous system as some of my most familiar “symptoms”. What is starkly different is that solar events tend to trigger my neurology starting with my head and working downwards, primarily on the right side of my body; associated with the left hemisphere of the brain.

Hmmm. This led me to ask the inevitable, are we seeing more examples of “yin and yang” in action here (subject of my recent post); played out through these complementary impulses of the earth beneath our feet and the star at the centre of our solar system –  two formidable forces pushing us to our next level of evolution? I can’t help but think so. For a long time, I’ve observed certain trends when the sun is active, as it is right now following a flare on 20th February (described on Space Weather thus – “SOLAR TORNADO OVER-ROTATES, EXPLODES: Yesterday, an explosion on the sun’s eastern limb hurled a twisted plume of debris more than 250,000 km above the solar surface..”). These solar events can feel extraordinarily “yang” in their impulse and the sun has been associated with the masculine aspect for as long as we have had the civilisations to talk about it. Conversely, the Schumann Resonance feels like “yin” in action. I am now wondering whether, as the Schumann Resonance has been on the increase (since a moderate peak in 2014; but nothing so dramatic as we have seen in 2017), the push-back of the sun leaves us “stranded” for a time in the beta frequency range, which can induce feelings of over-arousal, imbalance and survival fear. What if the Schumann Resonance uses those times of solar flare to push hard against the counterforce and then, when the sun suddenly eases off, that’s when the Schumann rockets over that frequency edge into the gamma range that is associated with superconsciousness, awareness, love and compassion?  I  can’t help noticing how the Schumman Resonance exactly lives up to the idea of yin as “shadow” since she is to be found where the sun (solar energy) is not. In otherwords, she provides the very opposite impulse to those energetics that come at us from the direction of the sun (I like to think of them as yin and yang yodelling to each other more so than in some sort of conflict), and we get caught in the evolutionary cross-fire of their cosmic interaction.

In my own experience, solar events tend to present as migraines, heat, acidity, inflammation and a feelings of overstimulation (instigated at the time of the event; which points at a quantum connection to the sun). In fact, I’ve learned, the best way to cope is to go deeply towards the opposite impulse and make life as “yin” for myself as possible until things settle down. For some time, I have been noticing (such as my localised world  presents such observations) an increase in aggressive or hostile behaviour; or perhaps I am simply being more vigilant myself at these times. For instance, I always notice a trend of email scams targeting artists like myself with attempted sales using fake payment methods at these times when the sun is active. Also an increase in cases of fly-tipping in the countryside where I walk. These are fundamentally hostile, “couldn’t-care-less about other people or the planet” behaviours that set out to use and abuse other people since they come from a separation and  survival-fear perspective. This very morning, in the wake of the solar storm overnight, I had to suddenly swerve around a huge pile of concrete and other rubbish abandoned in the middle of a narrow country lane next to a blind bend, dumped in such a way that could so easily cause a head-on collision between two cars yet the perpetrator clearly had no care for that versus saving the cost and effort of going to the municipal tip. I notice in myself a rise in the frustrations I feel around making a living (survive fears) that seldom come up at other times since I tend to prioritise other things, most of the time. A friend has just cancelled her visit due to a sudden onset of extreme back pain and my daughter is consumed with frustration to do with  the “competitive” vibe at school. It’s like our dials get turned up suddenly at these times…yet most people hardly notice the patterns since they are looking at everything through eyes that are deeply invested in all the twists and turns of the survival “stories” they think they are locked into.

Yet when I registered the Schumann coming up so high, I couldn’t help noticing new feelings coming up with it; ones which were a power match of anything the sun has ever given rise to in my physical body and yet…different. I notice how there has been a new level of joined-up thinking about everything I am doing and collaborating upon with others, across a whole vast range of subjects. I feel inspired yet constantly surprised by the unexpected twists and turns of life’s most synchronistic flow. There is something newly imaginative about the subplots that are unexpectedly unfolding for me, as though life is now moving along to a rather magical script written by me at the highest level and everything dipped in gilt-edged potential. All of this feels energised…a bit like a solar flare can make me feel…yet in a different, softer way. I have had all these bizarre nerve pains ebbing and flowing in my foot, leg and hip… yet have kept myself  out of fear; knowing, somehow, it is all perfectly fine, a sign that Gaia is now stretching, yawning…and meeting the sun half-way. In other words, in some very fundamental way, I know I am untouched and unfazed by whatever presents to my physical body (my decade’s experience of weird and wonderful symptoms has taught me this) and am able to focus on the place where I am more than intact as the true focus of my reality. So, perhaps our most physical provocations are the very balancing act we have been waiting for, encouraging us to find a middle way where we are already whole and as one.

What’s this got to do with “going quantum”? Well, everything, it feels like, since as these two aspects play out their merry dance, I am left more than ever with that growing sense of the observer sat between them; the “I” that is watching the show. As has long been the story of my health journey, the more I pull back and observe that which is neither of these traits or sequences of events, the more I feel the sense of a new reality birth as “all that I am”, in the most abstract sense, is made even more tangible than what I used to think of as my “concrete” physical reality. Then, with the kind is synchronicity that is a prime instrument of the quantum perspective, I notice the same triangulation – two distinct “sides” and, in between them, the void that is me – play out across so many different aspects of life. Suddenly these triangles of experience are everywhere…and me sat like the pyramid point on the top of them all, experiencing what it feels like to be the unifier of everything in my experience realm.

For instance, I’m teaching myself the piano and it hadn’t escaped my notice how this instrument was an interesting choice in a year that feels all about bringing left and right hemispheres together. So, of course, I’ve been getting slowly used to using both hands on the keyboard at the same time and, yesterday, plunged into learning Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. For two hours, I practiced those left and right hand parts separately then together, inching closer to harmonious collaboration all the time but still in such a studied and mechanical way. But it was when I woke this morning with a far more accomplished version of the piece already playing in my head that I somehow knew today’s practice would go better; since I had managed to internalise the melody and make it my own, beyond the learned and rather hesitant mechanics of first this hand then that hand (which is, you could say, how we have experienced the various stages of our evolution thus far, flipping from one hemisphere to the other and back again). This is what every musician brings to their instrument and the sheet music on the page; the unfathomable quality that is uniquely theirs and which makes their interpretation quite different to the way anyone else would play the same piece. We all do a version of this every day without even noticing most of the time; seldom placing our attention on that all-important space between our activities that is so uniquely “us” and which observes everything else that is going on and yet which stands back from it all. This is the quantum void that is neither particle or wave but something in between, choosing in each moment which way to go and opening whole new portals of possibility through the expansions of its limitless perspective. Its how we create our own unique reality and its time we realised how much scope we really have to play with this; to make our experience of life the way we really want it to be.

stefan-stefancik-106115.jpgI’ve been playing with the quantum perspective for years now and it comes very naturally for me to seek out the spaces where my mind gets to step into unlimited possibility, to find that sweet spot where I get to drive whatever manifests next through what I chose to focus on. And now, having taken The Nine Waves of Creation so seriously, I feel very strongly that  what we are seeing occur here is the Ninth Wave in action (see my previous posts Using the Nine Waves to Heal your life and Consciously Creating with the Ninth Wave). A friend of mine, who has also read Prof. Calleman’s book, pointed out that all the various left-right (black and white) hemispherical diagrams in the book, relative to the various evolutionary waves that we have been subjected to thus far in our history, resemble binary code: in other words, black and white could equate to 0:1, rearranged in a different format for each wave. My goodness, yes, she has a point and then this slotted into my own experiences of the Ninth Wave, which feel profoundly quantum in nature; like this quantum quality is what makes it quite different to all the previous waves in a similar way to how quantum computing is different to the binary computers that came before. For instance, when the Night phases of the Ninth Wave take me back “in time” to other eras in history in such a visceral way, it feels like quantum entanglement in action; like part of me is simultaneously existing in “those other times” and yet….there’s no mistaking it…I am profoundly aware that I am driving all those prior versions of self from THIS current perspective, like I am sat in a control room selecting  my choices from a giant switchboard. Perhaps the coincidence of more than one cellular memory of a previous wave during the “night” phase of the Ninth Wave is the equivalent of a superposition, creating a new quantum state out of a combination of a variety of other states…and that super-mind tying them together, us!

In other words, when two or more waves overlap, they have the potential to magnify themes that they share in common (for instance, where fifth and eighth wave themes coincide, this could exacerbate the effect of the “yin” or feminine traits that they have in common) or they could simply cancel each other out but, ultimately, as the conscious experiencer, we get to choose.

In other words, memories, emotions, thematic flashbacks, outdated belief systems, a whole variety of traumas or limited ways of seeing the world can flash through the mind and experience (and often do) during those phases….and yet, I know from experience, it’s just an opportunity to pick and choose, to iron out, to make different, to use those old building blocks like an under layer or foundation on which to build something more enlightened. I get to BE that creator-god in action, dipping my hand into all the perspectives of multiple lifetimes and select for myself what to carry forwards into the “day” phase that follows swiftly on its heels. And in those “day” phases of the Ninth Wave, it’s as though I am lit up with new possibilities; things tend to materialise almost as fast as I set those newly enlightened intentions to work on them and I can SENSE so powerfully how I drive it all with the focus of my mind. Previously hidden doorways seem to open up, the kind of people and information that evaded me a short time before suddenly appear right before my eyes (is this how I found Dr Dispenza’s article in such a timely way, as though I jumped timelines as soon as I considered that the Schumann Resonance had evolutionary significance?) and many pieces of life’s jigsaw fall effortlessly into place. The only limitation to ANYTHING, in the Ninth Wave, is how we choose to direct our minds including how well we come to know (and trust) our own power of focus and how fundamentally open and optimistic we are to allow anything to happen.

This IS the quantum mind in action and we are just starting to get our feel of all those new switches in a control room that has never been so expanded or unlimited in human form. In fact, we hardly dare believe that its true and so we so-often self-sabotage ourselves back to square one, failing to see how the super-power we have will keep looping us backwards (just as easily as forwards) if we focus too much on the shadows during the “night” phases, when we are tempted by so much that still evokes emotion and learned behaviour traits. So many of us still dive into those flashbacks of old only to lose ourselves back in the mire of them, missing that they are now (in the Ninth Wave) merely flashcards of opportunity and that there’s no NEED to keep jumping back in with both feet. I saw something in my newsfeed yesterday, one of those posts that are becoming so popular about how the divine feminine is hung all-around with the wounds of so many witch-hunts and tortures, so many eons of not being seen or heard ; well, yes, but if we keep licking those old wounds, using social media to keep pumping out verbose descriptions of all that we’ve been through “in the past”, shoving graphic images of our trauma beneath the impressionable eyes of a tentatively awakening public, we are only going to keep dragging humanity back into even more trauma. This is so important to know about the quantum perspective – to our mind, the visuals we conjure up in imagination are just as real as anything that is happening right now in front of us since it makes no distinction between memory and experience. We’ve ALL been through vast amounts of trauma before – that’s everyone, without exception – so we are at a choicepoint: we can choose to stay there or we can say enough now, lets focus on what we really want to manifest as our reality.

As soon as we get the feel of that quantumly creative void that is absolutely ours to wallpaper and decorate as we choose, we get to move this show along now; manifesting a world that far exceeds anything we have imagined since we haven’t fully opened that box yet, having always held back until now. So we can notice the push and pull on our planet with great interest now (and there will be a great deal more push and pull yet…) and we can choose to get excited by what we hope it all means; yes. Above all, we can allow ourselves to know that, ultimately, we get to decide what it all means and how it turns out…which is to take hold of the super-potential of the quantum void  to be found inside  of all things in creation; that’s everything we think of as most solid, including us. This is where we create from, this is where we are already whole, this is the aspect from which we get to lead the process of realising unity consciousness on this planet…guided from the “place” where it already resides. This is what it really means to “go quantum” and its an opportunity that awaits us all the very moment we choose from this place.

If looking at the world through quantum “eyes” still phases you, there is a really accessible, award-winning film that might help to make it more relatable to your everyday experiences. Its called What the Bleep Do We Know!? (available to stream via the link) and is how I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza and his blog. Here’s his article as refered to above – “What does the spike in the Schumann Resonance Mean?

Keeping your vibration Up High” is my original article about the up-turn of the Schumann Resonance on Living Whole

The Nine Waves of Creation – a paradigm shifting book by Carl Johan Calleman PhD

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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