Consciously creating with the Ninth Wave

29767582How do you adequately convey to people “I consider this book to be extraordinarily important” without saying so in terms that are either too general or personal? In fact I consider it to be one of the most significant things I have ever read and not just from an academic point of view (though it is certainly that) but because it so closely validates and makes sense all of my own most bizarre, often most inexplicable or even (in some cases) irreconcilable experiences in a way that stands it apart from other paradigm-rewriting theories that are emerging. It is no exaggeration to describe it as the missing jigsaw piece to everything that I already knew or suspected (and had been noticing the patterns of for most of my life) and yet struggled to articulate or make fullest use of. In fact, the timing of the book’s release, at the end of 2016, feels like no coincidence since I believe we were always meant to reach this breakthrough level of conscious understanding at this most precise point in our evolution. This gift awaits for all the many other people who have yet to find and so benefit from Calleman’s extraordinary work and I hope my enthusiastic review will help them to find it!

As a passionate historian for much of my earlier life, I suddenly found myself (since 2011) compelled to dilute, question or disregard much of the learned history I thought I “knew”, in parallel with what has been the most astonishing period of personal-evolution and of “waking up” to a much bigger sense of what human existence is all about. What Calleman deals with in this book, imparting a fresh new over-view of human evolution, is consistent and coherent with everything that I have come to intuit over those recent years whilst stepping it up to another practical level for my logical mind to make use of.

In particular, he validates the growing intuition that I have suggesting that evolution occurs in very distinct waves that, in effect, download brand new holograms of understanding “all at once” at certain key times in our history. One of those transitions, occurring around 5000 years ago, has gradually emerged through my direct experience (in a way that Calleman’s theory about “waves” helps to explain) like a memory arising from my own cellular databank, played out through the convoluted circumstances of my life and the patterns of my health. The more I have opened up to this “new” approach to our shared history (it underpins my very deep fascination with the “lost” sacred feminine aspect and its sudden reemergence in very recent years), the more I have discovered that many of the answers I have long sought were within me (and everyone else) all along; as though coded into our very DNA, playing out as the current patterns of our health, our preoccupations and our ability (or not…) to thrive. We ARE the sum total of these waves and we are in a most unique position to merge them most beautifully…as ourselves.

Not only that but many of the patterns of these incoming waves “arriving” during my generation match (most closely and significantly) with the most significant milestones of my life. These include a very sudden change to how I was living, thinking, relating to others or to a sense of “the absolute”; all of which altered – most abruptly – at the very beginning of March 2011. In fact the date corresponds with the creation of my very first blog; a quite uncharacteristic venture into writing publicly (now a full-time occupation) since I was an extreme introvert who struggled to do anything outside of my comfort zone; and so I have often wondered what provoked such a dramatic change in my perspective after which nothing was ever quite the same again. It was as though I felt, quite suddenly, compelled to speak a truth about unity consciousness that was emerging in me so rapidly and inexplicably that I hardly knew where it was coming from and this has motivated all of my work ever since. This turnabout in my preoccupations, according to Calleman, occurred exactly when the Ninth Wave (a wave that is everything to do with unity consciousness) “came in” and I know that I certainly felt it arrive!

Moreover, that I was attuned to the Eighth Wave (its predecessor; you could say the wave that brought the feminine aspect or “yin” back into the out-of-balance reality of our world) from very early childhood became more apparent the deeper I got into this book, with my personal light-bulbs flashing iridescent at every turn (I don’t know when I have ever made so many personal notes whilst reading a book). Having shared the book with others in my circle, I am already hearing about synchronicities galore and I know this is a book that will speak to so many of our generation since we are the ones who are experiencing a time of not one or two but sometimes THREE different waves transitioning over the course of one lifetime whilst still dealing with the undercurrent of all the earlier ones. The gift of understanding this is that we get to fully appreciate the profound opportunities that await us now, personally and globally, as some of those earlier waves go into their period of least influence (their “night” period); hence the book’s extreme timeliness. We can already see the Ninth Wave playing out; its backlash clearly observable in our current politics – which is fascinating and so much less alarming to witness from the perspective that Calleman offers. Understanding the cosmic patterns that underlie world events means that we are far better placed to work with the incoming wave in ways that guarantee an outcome that will serve us all best, manifesting a world that is based upon an awareness that we are not separate at all.

So many others reading the book may find in it their own patterns of “not relating” to the world as it has been until now and of feeling they were already miles ahead of their own times, attuned to some other paradigm of existence which felt softer, more adaptable, loving and in balance than our old familiar reality. The good news is that the Ninth Wave is here now and that more and more of us are already in resonance with it so, when we get to know its patterns (and Calleman offers tools for assessing this), we can better establish whether the projects we put our energy into are aligned with its impulse, thus consciously welcoming it in, helping to make it manifest rather than circling around in the worn out patterns of an old hologram that we are rapidly growing out of. In this context, the book goes far beyond serving as “just” another interesting and validating new perspective upon the conundrums of our past and becomes, additionally, a handbook to navigating our way through our best and most transformative lives – both individually and en masse – during what promises to be the most daunting and yet potential-filled era of our evolution so far.


Experiencing the Ninth Wave

The above is the formal review that I have given to “The Nine Waves of Creation” on Goodreads and Amazon and yet I feel, in the context of the preoccupying material of this blog (to which this book is so relevant) that I want to add just a few more words.

Calleman’s theory matches and adds coherence to all of the deeply personal processing that I have done (the subject of my blogging for nigh on six years) in ways that are, at once, startling and compelling. In fact, as described, I was startled to learn that the Ninth Wave was activated on March 9th 2011 (two days before this blog was started on a completely knee-jerk impulse that I have never been able to adequately explain). Prior to that, the extreme introvert that I am had prevented me from doing anything so public, in fact writing to anyone outside my most trusted felt so raw and vulnerable and yet here I was opening a WordPress account and sharing my deep and innermosts with the world. Where did that impulse come from? Shortly afterwards, as I have described many times before, I had the milestone experience – one which I have always referred to in my writing as a direct experience of unity consciousness – which happened to me on a tube train in London and felt like my solar plexus lit up and spilled over the sides of whatever had been previously been holding me in so tightly (my visual was of a gold egg cracking open), lighting me up with the most unforgettable experience of unconditional love. It was a dazzling experience that altered my whole paradigm of existence in just a few moments – a kind of rebirth that turned a new light on inside of me. From then on, I started meditating, exploring the divine (not something I ever admitted to being interested in before) and, for the first time, began to gain forward traction in my health recovery using intuition and a holistic approach.

The correlations in my earlier life are also very startling, with the rhythms and key events following the 360 day pattern of the Eighth Wave over more than two decades of pre-wave, long before it was fully activated in  1999 (also a personal milestone year of vastly altered lifestyle and outlook). Currently, with the help of the Ninth Wave Calculator recommended by Calleman in his book (the Ninth oscillates at the considerably more rapid rate of 9 days up, 9 down during the “day” time periods before, as it were, swooping into the “night” time periods – a total of 18 + 18 days), I am able to back-sift through diaries and blogs to notice how my health dips and “darker” (earlier wave related) “inner work” have been lining up beautifully with the “night” periods of the Ninth Wave, and my somewhat more exhilarated, creative peaks with its days, for at least the last three to four years, showing me just how much in resonance I already am with what came in after 2011. I was so excited to find such degree of resonance at very personal levels (and visually too; since I have always been able to “see” time in the most visceral way that looks a lot like Calleman’s diagrams in the book) that I have been in contact with the author who was also startled at the degree of correlation between my experiences and his. In fact, I find I am able to make far better sense of events and relationships stretching back across the whole of my life, noticing how certain characters in my “story” were so strongly aligned with earlier waves that the way circumstances played off between us can be understood best as part of this evolutionary impulse that we are all co-creators of. Now we have access to all nine waves, we are each working out – through the choices, inner guidance system and external frictions of our lives – which waves we resonate with most and where we want to be heading; and, as we navigate thus, we help to steer the evolution of a whole planet.

This will all make so much more sense to you – and may become something you can observe the patterns of in your own life –  if you read this remarkable book, the gifts of which are still unfolding in my life. I am now back-reading Calleman’s other books, starting with “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization” (which is so closely related to my long-running preoccupation with yin and yang and the division/reunion of the human brain’s two hemispheres). Thus I expect to be referencing these various books in future posts and would love to hear from anyone else who can relate to them.

Since writing the above, I have been working with the Nine Waves in an extremely deep and practical way and have had some extraordinary results. For more on this, see my related post Using the Nine Waves to Heal Your Life.

About the author – biography of Carl Johan Calleman, PhD on Goodreads:

Carl Calleman earned his Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm, where he was mentored by a Nobel Committee member.
In addition to being a Senior Environmental Researcher at The University of Washington, Seattle, he has served as a cancer expert for the World Health Organization. His articles have been quoted over 1500 times.
Calleman is recognized as the main proponent of the idea that the Mayan calendar reflects the evolution of consciousness. His three previous books on the subject include The Purposeful Universe (Inner Traditions, 2009), The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Inner Traditions, 2004), and Solving the Great Mystery of our Time (Garev, 2001).

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