Here comes the yin…

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-22-03-22When the charts reveal a very dramatic red-and-orange week of space weather up ahead, I usually know about it before its even happened but this time it wasn’t just me. A message from a friend in Germany asked, was I feeling this one more than usual; answer, most certainly, yes! Not just me but my whole family had been showing the signs.

In my case, I felt like I was what I call “flatlining” from about 5pm on Saturday all through Sunday. This means I had next to zero energy, tingles coursing through my face and body, couldn’t even get dressed or walk the dog and found even climbing the stairs utterly exhausting. Any loud noise, loud smell, hullabaloo – too much for my senses! I lost all interest in food or doing any of my usual things and just kept feeling like I wanted to close my eyes and sleep…only, as a parent, I couldn’t so I kept going as best I could, for hours…weakly, like my batteries were almost drained.Then I curled up into a ball on the sofa and was “gone” for two or three of hours and could have surrendered for longer if there weren’t things I had to do. While I was “in there” I was mostly conscious and yet not; like a half-place between life and death, I could think but I couldn’t seem to move my leaden body, even my heart seemed to be beating more faintly by the minute. It began to feel malevolent, like I might just slip away, so I reached for something I havent taken for a long time, D-ribose. As this most useable thus direct form of sugar hit my system, it felt like I was emerging from the depths and spluttering my first proper breath at the surface yet, for the rest of the day, I was still on seriously low battery, bearly functioning. By the following day, my body was in so much pain like the old days in my recovery. When the message came from my friend 600 miles away, it was almost a relief to know “its not just me then”, even though I’ve been here before.

Other typical themes of a yin wave coming in are a loss of the ability to think logically and of life-purpose in the rational terms that we are accustomed to use to measure and define this. My daughter – usually a wiz at maths – bewailed that she couldn’t do her homework, couldn’t seem to use her brain in the usual predictable way and my husband, who was having dizzy spells, got into a tailspin contemplating the point of his life and all the things he felt he hadn’t achieved in his career (all very lighthearted stuff for a sunday afternoon).  Even my dog didn’t raise his from his bed until forced to go for a walk at 4 in the afternoon. Then we all lost our appetite or any interest in sitting down for a scheduled meal (hunger, wanting more, is an extremely yang compunction) plus I was too weak to cook like I normally would at the weekends. When this kind of energy comes in, its like I’m forced to deep-dive into a living meditation; to pull back from the details and succumb to the current that wants to come and claim me so I ducked out of any ritual, conversation or drama and found myself going very quiet and “inner”, trusting all was well if I went with it. These waves are here to defibrillate us back into balance, to shock wave us into noticing that we have been all one way for too long…so they can seem to pull us very far on our piece of conventional elastic until we feel like we have nothing left of our old-structured life; all that is left is to dive into the fluidity and surrender utterly to the softness.

yin_yang-svgWhy does a solar flare constitute the arrival of more “yin” energy on the planet? Because when the sun provokes in such a direct way, the earth responds by rising up to its energy; those Kp-index charts we can track on the tesis and other spaceweather websites show the magnetic pulses that come from beneath our feet in response. This is Gaia talking and she rises up like an answering call to her counterpart the sun so that the middle…get to rebalance ourselves, to recalibrate in ways that are evolutionary for our species. These times are often when our personal or planetary imbalances become most stark; the volcanoes and seismic shifts, the anger releases, the political upsurges, the cancers, the breakdowns of structure in ways that seem shocking…these are the yin element imploding the yang “hardness” from within; breaking out from where she has been hiding very quietly, minding her manners, deep inside the structure of “yang” (think the white dot in the black half of the yin-yang symbol). When this happens, it is an evolution opportunity, the universal safety valve working on behalf of our planetary and personal equilibrium…and can be enhanced all the more when we acknowledge what is transpiring and work with it. This brings the opportunity for great healing, powerful world-altering recalibration and the closer harmony with nature that will enable us to thrive like never before, though the events that come up may seem terrible through purely human eyes. Instead of fighting this recalibration, we are being invited to work with the wave coming in.

So how do we meet this invitation in order to work with it? By softening, allowing flux, malleability, adaptability. By letting go of some hard structures, definitions, rigidity, timetables, demands, traditions and fixed ways of doing things, constructs we have outgrown. By selecting the more creative, fluid and uplifting tasks to focus upon; the kind that thrive in this softer energy, which can deliver staggering amounts of inspiration if we are open to receive it. By not getting caught up in stereotypes of what it means when you feel like ordinary life is imploding or like you are suddenly walking through treacle; this state of extreme overwhelm will only last as long as it needs to to get you looking at things a different way than through all those “old” definitions of what constitutes good and bad.

So we cope better by allowing these deep inner dives, regardless of time of day, other commitments or whether it feels “appropriate”. Matt Kahn (True Divine Nature) often talks about this kind of upgrade-energy; how he might be at the food store when he feels it coming and just has to drop everything and leave since he knows he has about half an hour to get home so he can surrender to the need to zone-out in a safe place. When it happens like this, its non-negotiable; I’ve spent at least the last 6 years doing exactly this whenever one of these waves comes in yet how many people can imagine living life this way, cancelling meetings with “sorry, I have to go, I’m receiving an upgrade”? The reality is, it might become increasingly necessary..for all of us…to at least acknowledge that there are times we are being asked to stop everything and just “be” because this is what it will take to put the brakes on a planet that has such a run-away feeling to its downwards momentum. The universal impulse is to thrive and we are all being dragged – whether voluntarily or kicking and screaming – towards enhanced consciousness so, when the mind resists, the body will often take over and insist we stop what we’re doing. We also cope better by keeping out of other people’s slip-streams, their dramas, their business and concerns; this is a time when we are forced to focus on the self, without the customary avoidance of all those inner domains that we don’t like to look (such as areas where we aren’t loving ourselves nearly enough…).Then, by trusting instinct and divine guidance, choosing to go direct to source (not through some sort of a middle-person, whether religion, teacher or other so-called authority) we start to receive the kind of information that really serves us most powerfully and perfectly in the navigation of our life.

During all this, we fuel all this rapid-fire evolution (not by ignoring the demands of the body but) by grazing; eating little and often, keeping nutritious food and plenty of water to hand to provide easy-energy and replenishment to the cells. Also, by getting out into nature, into a natural light source and by gently moving the body in ways that it can cope with, without force. The intensity will pass, we will feel suddenly uplifted – like after a flu or as though our entire system has been re-wired or upgraded – and life will go on, if somewhat more balanced than before. Looking back, we might notice we made sudden leaps in understanding or personal evolution during, or as a direct result of, those times we felt so supposedly “crashed”.

In short, these spaceweather events that feel like they come up through our biological system like a kundalini flame-thrower are the yin energy, mobilised. She’s coming in and she’s doing it so that even those who don’t normally choose to hear her can’t miss her arrival. This means that those of us who are already attuned, who are already well into the process, feel it most strongly, almost unbearably, like we will dissolve away through lack of the yang energy that gives us substance and makes us feel well in our bodies or our daily routines. Because, yes, we all need our yang…in balance with our yin and this is just one of those times when the universe has conspired to tilt the table to allow them both to meet in the middle somewhat more equally than before; so we all get to feel that tilt but hang on there, no need to fall off…its evolutionary , its desirable, it’s what we all signed up for. There’s a song I found myself humming to myself, tongue in cheek, this morning: “Here comes the yin, do-be-do-dah, here comes the yin…and I say, its alright!” Because it really is a song and a dance, a recalibration (neither asserting at the expense of the other), that’s happening and here’s envisioning that, pretty soon, we’ll start seeing smiles returning to all of our faces as we start to enjoy a whole new balance.

the-nine-waves-of-creation-9781591432777_lgIs the wave I keep talking about in these posts “real”, is it scientific, you might ask? Well, I’m just finishing reading a game-changing book by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman – “The Nine Waves of Creation” (this link includes an excerpt) – and am utterly blown away by it since it confirms everything I ever intuited about such evolutionary waves, including their timing. According to Calleman, our planet has been subjected to nine distinct waves of evolution at the quantum-hollographic level, the final of which was activated on March 9, 2011, the day I (suddenly, very unexpectedly) signed up for my WordPress account prior to publishing my first-ever blog post two days later! This uncharacteristic leap into the unknown struck me as bizarre even at the time since I had always kept my thoughts extremely private before this sudden urge to share all with the world and – 6 years on (with three blogs to my name and writing on these topics now a primary focus of my days) – I know this mode of expression is a vehicles of the Ninth Wave that I have chosen to drive forwards in a way that I could never have anticipated prior to 2011. No less have I been driving that same project forwards through the recalibration of my health (from where it once felt utterly fragmented along the lines of themes that Calleman plays with in his book…), which has been a true yin-and-yang journey towards realising a new level of wholeness.

So, what’s yours –  what are the projects that you have underway (probably started within the last five years) that are softening the hard-old realities of the world and bringing more unity consciousness into being? Because the Ninth is all about unity consciousness –  bringing back together the long-time dominant yang energy that has dominated our history and the yin aspect that started returning as a distinct wave from 1999 onwards (as we can see through the trend towards technology and social media plus the turn of world events since that time, to which recent politics are simply the backlash). It is bringing these two impulses harmoniously TOGETHER into a completion point that marks the upgrade of this planet into a whole new way of being; which has been a prevailing theme of my blog for some time. The synchronicity of many key milestones of my life with the stages that Calleman discusses are much too frequent and startling to ignore and I strongly recommend this book to anyone else who wants to delve into their own resonance with this incoming wave and ways that we can all contribute to making its arrival more conscious, easy and powerful to the benefit of the entire world. In fact, this book has very swiftly become one of the most significant I’ve ever read, transforming what I already sensed to “be so” into something that I feel far better equipped to navigate and understand.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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