Flows like a river

Long have I been writing about my journeys along rivers, my metaphorical adventures, my new layers of understanding delivered by means of all the watery places that I have long tended to go. We all connect to water in ways that are hardly fathomable but there’s no denying that my health-journey has pointed, repeatedly, to a relationship with water that has been like a metaphor for my own life.

Never more than recently, when a geopathic survey revealed there is a water vein beneath our house and, no less, beneath my bed. These features, natural though they are, can be problematic when they correspond with your sleeping area and the line where this one was found to flow corresponds with a distinct line of pain and health-symptoms that it is hard for me to ignore the coincidence of (and if you think “nonsense” then I refer you to information gathered by all the dowsing experts that work to make living spaces healthy through an understanding of this phenomena; there are more of these consultancies cropping up every day). Where there are other kinds of energy line crossing over with water veins, they can become all the more potent and problematic (i.e.Hartmann and Curry lines which form aspects of the world energy grid) and we have all three crossed under our bed in a star-format that corresponds with pronounced health issues we have both had. More, they can manifest as (worse case scenario) cancers and, initially, as cysts and this particular water vein crosses right over the site of a major cyst I had to have operated on eight summers ago this very week…and with tooth and gum issues, ear problems…you see what I’m saying.

When we had our sleeping area dowsed by an expert from Geovital, we took the consultants advice, installing bioprotective mats beneath our bed (since which we have enjoyed far better-quality sleep than ever before in that bed) but then, this month, my dog developed a red-angry looking cyst on his left eyelid…could it be? Well, yes, tracing the same line of the water-course, it crosses over where his head most typically rests, skimming over his left eyelid….a week and a half of increased turmeric doses and bathed with salt water and colloidal silver and, I’m glad to say, his cyst has finally settled down to where it has almost disappeared but I have now moved his bed away from the path of the water vein. Interesting that, for some months, he’s been asking to sleep in the kitchen…is the water stirring more than usual under our house? I don’t just think so, I feel I know so.

Dogs and cats, of course, feel these things more profoundly than most of us do; cats are even said to gravitate towards geopathic stress-zones; and I count myself as dog in the way that I tune in most-minutely with these phenomena. On a full moon, both he and I (the dog) are to be found acting far more bizarrely than usual…not wanting to be in certain spaces…yet my husband seems to be growing more attuned to these phenomena by the day as well (and wishing he wasn’t). So, could it be the rise of the feminine, are we all starting to feel the flow beneath our feet?

Thing is, I suspect the flow beneath my house isn’t so much a flow as a stagnant water-course, perhaps stuck or polluted. The times when I classically feel most pain and electrical symptoms is when there has been a lot of additional surface water added due to heavy rain, putting pressure on the water table below, which has been an insight to the seasonal symptoms that I had previously put down to cold weather and darkness (even though these never explained all the circumstances in ways that felt convincing to me). Yes, these things do seem to exacerbate what is going on with my body and yes, when my body is in most pain, it does feel fundamentally like it is teeming with a kind of energy that has nowhere to go; its not that I am a low energy being, its that I’m bursting with energetic force but, at times, feel like I have no relief from the mounting pressure, as though my cells are crying out. So, have I been empathing the water-course beneath my house?

Certainly eight years ago, when my huge cyst suddenly appeared out of nowhere and almost sent me into toxic shock, it followed a month when I had been fixated with painting a circular pool of water I often passed on my morning walk in the woods. It was a stagnant pool, not very nice really (I would shout at my dog if he tried to go into it or drink it…) and was right next to an electricity sub-station but, one morning, the early morning sun tried to come between trees and light up this small round pool and the effect beguiled me; you could say, I was trying to see it in its best light. So I took a load of photos of these shafts of light coming into the woodland bower and bouncing off the soupy water and I started to paint it; only the painting seemed to go nowhere and became an irritant in my determination to complete it yet finding it didn’t get any better however hard I worked at it. It was like a sore that I couldn’t stop manhandling; when I really wanted to be painting other things, I would keep coming back to it, trying to evolve it into a finished work of art and it resisted me utterly. That was when I was, suddenly, hospitalised for my cyst and spent the next few weeks recovering (it saved my life, actually, because my time in hospital flagged up another more serious issue that needed urgent attention). It was only after I came home to recover and almost couldn’t bear to look at the unfinished painting (which was moved to the garage) that I realised that what I had been working on looked like a giant watery cyst; a flued-filled stagnation…just like the pond in the woods. This sorry piece of water had been trying to get my attention, asking me for some sort of release whilst also helping me in to recognise and heal my own stagnation in return…

Since I realised I have this water vein beneath my house, I have become much more attentive to its perspective and needs.  I have consciously sent it healing and love, have visualised it released and flowing. Funny how, on a direct line with it, there is a pond on the village common adjacent to my house…once overgrown with trees and bushes and a hang-out for the local youth who drank (and scattered) cans of beer in there and did who knows what else after dark. A couple of months ago, someone come and cleared all the undergrowth from this pond, releasing its (larger than I realised) oval of water to the sky and though it looked stark and vulnerable for quite a few weeks, like most of its clothing had been removed until it was now stood there in its underwear for all to see, it is now growing back its grassy banks and looking much better than I’ve ever seen it and has flag irises growing at one end which will, no doubt. bloom next year. I like to imagine it might attract some ducks by the spring and become a feature of the common that we all get to see and enjoy. Was this coincidental; or was it a sign the water beneath this small tract of land was starting to feel better…

The other end of my water-line continues beneath the downstairs bathroom that omits an unpleasant odour whenever the rain has been heavy or even just when the atmosphere becomes pressured due to space weather events. For years, I called out plumbers and investigators with cameras to probe my drains and look into the phenomenon but now I feel strongly that it is just a sign that my water-course is trying to force a course through whatever is blocking it when the water pressure builds up in its seam. I suspect that concrete or something equally thoughtless was just thrown down into any holes that were found when the house was built (we have dug up concrete slabs and metal scaffolding from our garden), as is often the careless reality of it when modern houses are built. Where our house is located used to be the field next to an old coaching inn next to a blacksmiths shop; there could be any manner of things under its surface from a cess pit to an unmarked grave, who knows on a road as long-standing as this and once a highway between stops on the coaching route south. When we seal things in that need to be released to the surface and allowed the natural fluidity to shift around as we evolve our way of life, we create havoc with our long-term health (as my body has been testament to for many years) and the land that we live upon is really no different. I continue to work on healing the water beneath my home whilst mitigating its most unsettling effects upon me, especially where I sleep…

All this came to mind this morning as I walked down by the river after a night of memorable thunder storms. Last night, the air was so thick with static electricity that I received a powerful electric shock from stroking my dog that made the whole of my hand pulse. My face was feeling it so much that nerves were dancing and distorting all through my cheeks and around mouth and I began to go into nerve pain and muscle spasm, feeling the electrical current from my keyboard and recharger wires like an energy soup until I had the good sense to turn all my technology off and read a book. I heard the first crashes of thunder in my half-sleep and thought “oh good…relief” before surrendering back to my dreams. I’m told it was a really good display, that the lightning flashes were impressive and we had three windows open so the freely flowing energy and the welcome moistness of the rain was a very welcome clearing force over my bed as I dived back into sleep.

This morning had that tangible heaviness and humidity that often hangs around just after a storm has passed and everyone around me seemed irritable, my daughter and husband had fallen out before I even got up and I could feel how I could so easily tip into “grouch” if I let myself. Down by the river, all the biting insects were out and they seemed to target like never before; even gripping on to my flesh as I swiped at them, relentless and viscious. I lost my temper with my dog for not walking fast enough for me to get away from where the clouds of biters were at their thickest and all the wet-sticky grass along unkempt pathways made me cross. The lady who professionally walks other peoples dogs was struggling with her pack in a way that I had never witnessed before; all her dogs kept breaking out of her control and into bouts of aggression with each other and she was frantic. Yet the river was like a balm, she flowed as calmly (perhaps more so) than ever and she held her level with all the poise of one who knows all these energies will settle down again soon enough and, meanwhile, she just keeps on flowing, dimpling,  easing round obstacles on her path, no rush and absolute faith she will get wherever she is going.. Yes, the river levels were way up – she had flooded the pathway down by the ford and many more currants of water were dashing eagerly to join her from up on the hill; nothing would get in the way of the water today, it knew what it was about. Ever thinnest stream and trickle of it knew that there was a larger flow awaiting it at the bottom, that they would all join forces and make up a great body of water, together.

And I knew this for the truth that it was; the world may get anxious about this or about that, people get angry and fired up, they say careless things, get all hot under the collar, we feel ‘bad’ things will never get better, that we are stuck…but always the water will flow, will find its level, will regroup and will find its way back to the next biggest body of its own kind, be that the ford at the bottom of the hill, the stream, the river, the sea…just like that, we are all returning to our levelling ground now and things will get much better. We are all regrouping, regathering, recollecting – remembering – and we are breaking out of our bonds, our temporary prison cells, our stagnant, “stuck” places and we are moving again…one by one by one at first and then together… Just like all the first hesitant drops of rain  suddenly come down in rods and become a great deluge that arrests attention and has everyone talking about it in the morning. Water will flow…and oh how she is flowing…and we are all part of it; we cannot not be for we are made up of her, she is us and, at some level, we all know that and are returning to the place where we remember, at last, the flowing river inside of us.


This song – by “chance” – found its way to me and has been a favourite this month –


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