Change that comes in waves

How fascinating are these times. You may turn around on your heel in a room and sense that everything has changed in that split moment; may set up something you really thought you wanted to do then suddenly realise that you really don’t…anymore. Your moods and impulses may feel so mercurial that you don’t know how to trust them anymore or plan for anything ahead and so you find yourself almost paralysed, rooted to the spot, held in a void of no activity and, almost, no preferences – which can feel deeply bewildering and even a little frightening if you are used to being that active, decisive person you no longer relate to any more. There can be a sense of loosing self, or losing your grip…but, really, you are finding yourself and letting go of that old white knuckle grasp upon the self-created structures of life that were once your safety mechanism; knowing, as you now suspect (yet hardly dare believe), that they are simply not needed any more and that they only ever holed you in to a space you have now outgrown. We are being taught to let go of all we once thought we knew in order to make room for something BIG coming in; we are making space for that to happen and so what feels like void or nothingness is really quite necessary, if disorienting (for a while).

c81d7b_71521ae3a578488682165ba52840461cThe reason for sudden about-face alterations in what we think we want is that what is coming in is impacting us in waves; in fact, it always has but this is occurring much more rapidly now and we are far more party to it than ever before, noticing it literally as it happens. It can feel almost like, under the influence of these waves, we are revisiting every impulse, every experience we ever had across many lifetimes, in quick succession, and the availability of these options as something we can reintroduce into our “now” can feel real, albeit temporarily so as we just as quickly sort through them and make our choices based on all that we are in this moment. We are shape sorting these possible realities into groups with other experiences we have sampled before and we we are remembering, actually, “no, I don’t want that again after all” and so we are stepping quickly from one reality into another, so fast now we hardly register it at the mind level, but our cells know and this can feel exhausting and highly triggering, at times. Yet we can be quite sure we are not being tampered with here, this is not something being ‘done to us’ against our will; rather, we are peeling back our own layers, clearing our fields so quickly now that what seemed important five minutes ago no longer resonates, is already gone. This is warp speed evolution in action.

You can call all of this fine-tuning. We are at the stage of building the finely tuned being that we now are in human form and we are making subtle but important adjustments to the harmonious way that all the complex parts of us are playing to create the sound that most nearly matches all that we are beyond our human form. We are listening very keenly now for what resonates and what doesn’t, what sounds close and what is “off” – and we are selecting all of our ways forward out of all of these subtly different resonances to get closest to what feels like who we really are. It is such a precise job yet we have it all in hand now, we know in our hearts (not our heads) which way we are heading. We are like that master piano tuner, their ear more than capable of detecting the subtlest anomalies, and we are so adept, now, at what we are hearing in the vibrations of our world – a little more so every day. We cannot go wrong; we simply can’t.

You may find that certain lifestyle choices and things that you enjoy to eat and drink change very rapidly now so go with this in curiosity rather than despair and judgement. Whatever that thing is that you no longer crave (and wonder why you ever did…), just step back and observe this new state with gentle bemusement and wonder but don’t try to analyse it; resist the urge to make one thing ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’, nor do you need to mourn its leaving your life. Because you will find, very quickly, that your feelings over the departure of this thing from your life become remarkably neutral in no time, almost like it becomes invisible to you or steps outside of your reality so that you don’t even see it as a lifestyle option that you are missing any more. This thing that was once a significant part of your reality just quietly dissolves away out of view through the change in your focus (and this is also where you start to grasp just how powerful that focus is). No need to wrestle with the logic of how will you cope or explain yourself if your friends and family still love doing this thing, making you the odd one out, as it will be as though circumstances shape-shift to make your choices easy for you from now on; a dimensional gap will close as though that old reality is no longer needed by you – and it isn’t! There will be little or no ‘rub’ to you choosing differently to others, no detriment to your relationships unless that is in your best interests in some broader way (which can happen when those friendships were only based on this one flimsy thing in common). Heart relationships will continue regardless and may even grow stronger as you step into authentic “you”, self-created from the choices you make in this moment, not out of old habit. You may even find that others join you where you are at, embrazened to know  that they too can make different choices to those old ones, then other spirals of activity will generate around you newer choices, so just allow things to unfold naturally without overthinking them or getting in their way.

You may feel startled at how the “you” that you feel you know has suddenly gone, taking all of their nostalgia and attachment to keep-sakes of the past with them. You may have the urge to clear out your home a little ruthlessly now; clearing deep into the corners, not even saying goodbye to old things but sending them off knowing you have already had what you needed from them and require no fond farewells. There may be a deep instinct that you don’t want to activate their energy by unwrapping those boxes of keepsakes again but are happy leaving them in their time layer, where they will always remain (and can be returned to) without any physical prompt if ever needed. You are no longer working so concertedly with physical objects as your reminders and symbols as you are operating on other layers now; layers that go far beyond the need to hold artefacts in your hand to access dimensions (although these can still help if used consciously, ceremoniously or given space to flag useful synchronicities to your attention). What you are finding, as in all things, is that you  are now approaching these things mindfully rather than via programmed, habitual behaviour patterns based on fear and superstition. You know now that you no longer need to keep certain objects to remain in contact with others that have been dear to you and who no longer reside in this physical reality with you; know that you can time-travel at will without whole attics full of fading pictures and ancient personal effects (and clearing these things can release whole layers of stuck energy from the physical). You are truly stepping into your multi-dimensional self within your human form and you are playing with this confidently now, like you have had your training wheels taken off and can go anywhere you want at last, even around sharp corners, without falling off. You sense where you are going with this, led by the feeling of excitement and curiosity that is building in you, and that you can literally go anywhere you choose – which you can.

Some of us feel particularly sensitive to ‘outside’ conditions such as solar flares and other space weather during these times but you are coming to know that all of this is beneficent; its not here to harm you in any way but is working to effect these waves of change. The current weather is that we have just travelled through a co-rotating region followed, since yesterday, by significant geomagnetic storms and a solar wind that is bringing a powerful influx of negative ionization to the earth’s atmosphere, swiftly followed by a total eclipse tomorrow…so, very powerful times indeed and hardly a ‘day off’in between which can feel physically and emotionally exhausting if you are sensitive to these events. However, you will come to see how these things work with you and for your evolution: for example, here’s my take on this particular sequence of events.

The co-rotating regions that we occasionally pass through (transitions between fast and slow-moving solar winds) act like a kneading mechanism or a lemon squeezer to loosen up our molecules, to sort-of disorient our cellular polarity – like the part in the game “blind’-man’s buff” where the blindfolded person is spun around several times – so that we stop relying on what we think we know and start to use our heightened multi-dimensional senses rather more than we are used to doing in the physical. Followed by a powerful influx of negative polarity wind, this means our loosened-up sense of geomagnetic earth-orientation is being shook up and loosened to expel any unwanted debris, then swept clean and reinvigorated by a sudden blast of powerfully life-enhancing energy — the kind you feel against your face when standing right next to a waterfall. Put together, all of this is a bit like going for a cosmic spa break where you try out all the treatments, the Swedish massage, the sauna and the cold dip, one after the other. In short, its cosmically good for us – great in fact. We are literally being loosened, shaken and vacuumed-out by the cosmos in a giant spring clean ready for that all-powerful eclipse energy coming straight afterwards, as though we have been purified in preparation for a divine ceremony of self-return…of being handed back to ourselves, for that is where we are at.

While all this is going on, you may be feeling a bigger urge than normal to clear out cupboards, to shift that back-log and get onto all those things you have long meant to do, to clean and revamp and start afresh…and yet underlying all that is this new wave of total reinvention that makes you look at some of those same piles of stuff as they come up to the surface and ask “why would I want to do that anymore, do I really want to, is it still important to me?” It may be that some of those piles of mental intentions get thrown out without you even unwrapping them again, along with some of those old personal effects; they may instinctively feel like they have nothing whatsoever to do with you anymore and if so, go with that, however deeply you feel caught up in the weight or compulsion of them. Trust that instinct to let go when it arises and see where it leads you because it is out of that first willingness to create a new space around an accepted reality, that brand-new preparedness to consider getting rid of even the most established ‘fixtures’ of your life and to see things as far more malleable than you ever allowed them to be before, that a whole new possibility starts to birth.

The deep knowing that you have every choice and every possibility at your fingertips, that all freedom to do exactly as YOU want is your new experience now, in place of that old constricted illusion that you have maintained for so long (the one that insisted that you must do things to please others, to be worthy or do the right thing, which is all dissolved just as soon as you say it is…). That deep knowing is the biggest, deepest newness that is coming in on the most giant tsunami wave right now and it is available for you to ride just as soon as you jump on it; and if you are not quite ready for that just yet then there will be another wave coming in very soon and another after that…you can be quite sure of this…so catch it whenever you’re ready, that too is your absolute choice and part of the perfection we are coming to realise in human form as we learn to open out fully to our unique experience of bliss.

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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