Soft and spacious

As with anything that is inherently designed for expansion, the human being needs only to step into an unlimited space to allow the fullness of all that they are to unfurl. That’s it; no other work required – it just happens.

Like a king-sized feather duvet unleashed from its vacuum storage bag, we watch ourselves double, triple, quadruple in size very swiftly once the invisible sheath of habit, protocol, expectation and so-called imperative, all that self-subscribed urgency and any other source of stress that remains lingering, have been pulled away from our shoulders and slipped off over the head.  Its a very personal journey to undertake and one that goes very deeply into all the many layers of us as we identify all that we have tended to perceive as limitation.duvet

That’s what I’ve been doing these last few weeks…or, months; stepping into spaciousness and choosing to stay there, which is why – in production terms – I’ve been extraordinarily quiet.

Yet, also, really rather busy…and things that were meant to happen really happened, in the most wonderfully timely way. The BIGGEST production by far was being staged on the inside. Or should I say, the outside…where so many perceived walls were being dismantled, brick by brick.

Back into an intention of doing some ‘work’ (or I prefer ‘play’) today, my normal inclination would be to take all the goodies I’ve been gathering and apply structure such as timetables and to-do lists, devising coherent projects and forward-planning my longer term output as writer and painter in ways that ‘guarantee’  to best capitalise upon, and thus translate my experiences to others. But what if I don’t; what if I keep that spaciousness going, without strategy or planning, without trying too hard to give it edges, and just trust that whatever is meant to filter through into my work just will, whenever its ready.

What if indeed!

Back to ‘work’ today…but I have no idea what will be materialising or when; I’m going with the flow. Exactly as I’m doing with my body these days, if I feel a tension, a tug or a cramping of my style I simply move out of that position into something that feels better…keeping things soft…and it never serves me wrong.

It promises to be my greatest work so far (wink)!

About Helen White

Helen White is a full-time professional artist (painting moments of everyday radiance in oil on canvas), a photographer, fabric designer and published writer with several blogs, on various topics, to her name. Light on Art is her art-related blog sharing recent artworks and inspiration.Living Your Whole Life is a health and lifestyle blog sharing all the many highlights of learning how to transform your health and wellbeing (spiralling out of ten years recovering from fibromyalgia). Spinning the Light is a very broad-based platform of self-discovery where she explores the everyday alchemy that is available to all beings just as soon as they open up to life's fullest potential.Helen White Photography is a portal for sharing her Fine Art photographs which are available as Limited Edition prints.
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3 Responses to Soft and spacious

  1. Helen, I love this post. What a wonderful way to approach work and life. It’s a beautiful experience to step in that spaciousness and really allow it to fill you up. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what emerges.

  2. Welcome back Helen, glad to know that your ‘silence’ has been productive for you in whichever way it needed to be.

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