Scattering the Light

photo of light through treesAs this blog’s change of name to Scattering the Light has just come into effect, along with my new Facebook page of the same name, I felt it was time to re-introduce myself and the underlying inspiration for the (ever more) diverse subjects that I intend to cover…

This blog was born out of a desire to share some of my art processes and inspiration but has grown into an exploration of what life is all about, what makes us feel good,  our health and wellbeing and the “bigger picture” of how we are all fundamentally connected to each other and with nature – my core belief being that an acknowledgement of this is absolutely crucial to our wellbeing  as individuals and as a planet, and never more so than now.

So, who am I? Well, if you were to meet Helen White the artist you would, perhaps, regard me as a super-relaxed and carefree individual, living out my most airy-fairy ambitions by way of a vocation; walking my dog, taking photographs, painting, going to exhibitions – and, yes, that is much of what I am about… now!  Yet, none of this fell out of the sky into my lap or “just happened”– I completely lost my way for many years and returned to painting in my mid 30s – nor did I reach this place without something of an epic and often disheartening trek through serious challenges to reach the pleasant vista that is now starting to open up before me.  For the best part of a decade, these challenges have taken the form of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome; health conditions that cause intense pain and limitation and which are broadly regarded as unconquerable and so it has been – and still can be – a bumpy path!

In fact, at the beginning of this journey, I could barely make out that there was a  path ahead and felt like a lost cause.  Yet, more than anything, I wanted to paint – and a pursuit of this became my light.  In a refusal to be defeated or pulled back, I sought answers in lots of places, I read and researched copiously and I pursued a myriad of “alternative” health approaches until, slowly but surely, I started to inch forwards and gain traction, one step at a time. Along the way, each and every one of those things that I tried and the far broader understanding of health and wellbeing that started to open up for me literally transformed my life.

As such, this journey has also been the making of me and, along its undulating path, I have not only “found myself” but have gathered a huge amount of insight into life’s purpose, the mind-body connection, approaches to health and healing, attitudes to life-death-and beyond, what causes dis-ease, what is consciousness, how to achieve wellbeing (and how so many of us manage to completely evade it on our quest for other things…or until health challenges send us a reminder), and so much more. As such, this blog has grown – slowly but steadily – from an exploration of light in art into an exploration of light in life – those myriad things that work together to keep us and our world in good health and balance, if only we can remember what they are.

The recent change of name to Scatering The Light marks my intention to share ever-more health, wellbeing and lifestyle tit-bits in amongst the art (and since my art website now has its own blog).  This opportunity to diversify both excites and challenges me: I am not a health practitioner or a therapist, I don’t profess to offer cures for anything and my first vocation is “artist”…. yet I also feel that I have much that I could share on the broader subject of wellbeing and health; indeed, I increasingly suspect that one of the main purposes of what I have been through is to share it with others, to be of help if only in the smallest ways. I also believe that what I have learned along the way is entirely relevant to all – not just those who are currently tackling a health issue – since, above all things, I have learned that how we live in this moment, the thoughts and emotions we carry around with us, the stresses we subject ourselves to and more, all profoundly impact the fabric and the wellbeing of the body we will be residing in six months and more from now – we are not just what we eat but what we think and feel and (I am in no doubt) it is a significantly improved grasp and application of this understanding that holds the potential to utterly transform preventative healthcare in the years to come!

Most of all, I want to share inspiration with anyone that is part way along the recovery path that I have trekked along, particularly those who can’t yet see the way ahead, or who have reached one of those disheartening bends in the road where they feel that they are simply backtracking.  As I know from experience, it is all too easy to feel that you are heading nowhere, that there simply is no path ahead but –  trust me, you are and there is!

About Helen White

Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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