Birds, bees and candlelight

One thing I can never get enough of in my home is candlelight and that special, soft ambiance it lends to a room.  In fact, there are candles of all shapes and sizes just about everywhere in my house and garden, even the loo, to the point that I seldom expect to be surprised by chandeliers, lanterns or votives in shops anymore as I pretty-much have ’em all.

However, stopping off at one of my favourite Aladin’s caves today (otherwise known as Griggs & Macay in Caversham), I came across these stunning paper-covered candle votives and – as I was celebrating being a year older, in fact we were on our way to what turned out to be a memorable lunch at The Leatherne Bottle in Goring and so I had that especially decadent, devil-may-care feeling come over me that only ever happens on birthdays  – I ended up buying a whole stash of them!

So, as I sit here this evening, polishing off the last of the wine after a lovely day all-round, I’m basking in the amber glow of candlelight made all the more magical by geometrics and blossom, birds and bees and feeling very contented. Putting candlelight together with printed paper, always a passion of mine, is a marriage made in heaven – and it seems that it is possible for candlelight to be made all the more magical –  by a touch of embellishment!

In fact I love these votives so much, I can’t resist sharing a few more shots (yes, this really how I have spent my evening). Apparently they are selling like hot-cakes so if you live anywhere near Caversham, I would snap them up while you can!

About Helen White

Helen White is a full-time professional artist (painting moments of everyday radiance in oil on canvas), a photographer, fabric designer and published writer with several blogs, on various topics, to her name. Light on Art is her art-related blog sharing recent artworks and inspiration.Living Your Whole Life is a health and lifestyle blog sharing all the many highlights of learning how to transform your health and wellbeing (spiralling out of ten years recovering from fibromyalgia). Spinning the Light is a very broad-based platform of self-discovery where she explores the everyday alchemy that is available to all beings just as soon as they open up to life's fullest potential.Helen White Photography is a portal for sharing her Fine Art photographs which are available as Limited Edition prints.
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