Christmas all wrapped up for another year!

It’s a wrap folks!  Christmas is officially over – I know this because I can actually see the floor of my house again (all those piles of stuff that accumulate “around” the tree have been put away) and I’m no longer hoovering up pine needles.   Even the Christmas cake has long-gone – something of a Olympian feat this year, I can tell you, as we are less sweet-toothed than we used to be but somehow we’ve managed it. Its been a wonderful few weeks of quality family time.

Places we’ve managed to visit over these past few weeks have included The Vyne, Winchester Cathedral and the wonderful Winchester Christmas Market there as well as the usual array of dog-walking destinations and, of course, Silchester. However, before I move into New Year mode with a vengeance, I thought I would share some of the most seasonal images that I’ve taken along the way – just click on the first one to start the slideshow and enjoy!

About Helen White

Helen White is a full-time professional artist (painting moments of everyday radiance in oil on canvas), a photographer, fabric designer and published writer with several blogs, on various topics, to her name. Light on Art is her art-related blog sharing recent artworks and inspiration.Living Your Whole Life is a health and lifestyle blog sharing all the many highlights of learning how to transform your health and wellbeing (spiralling out of ten years recovering from fibromyalgia). Spinning the Light is a very broad-based platform of self-discovery where she explores the everyday alchemy that is available to all beings just as soon as they open up to life's fullest potential.Helen White Photography is a portal for sharing her Fine Art photographs which are available as Limited Edition prints.
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