An incredible lightness of being – and a memorable sunset

Just witnessed the most fantastic sunset!  And I very nearly didn’t, I was in half a mind not to walk the dog again today, having pretty-much settled down for the evening and enjoyed a glass of wine over dinner (unusual for mid-week but it felt like the right thing to do – must be getting into summer holiday mode).  However, I did go out for another walk as something told me I should and it was so worth it, so very glad I did as I will remember tonight’s almost-didn’t-happen-walk for a long time – isn’t that often the way?  The sun was that very deepest shade of orange that you always imagine but so seldom witness (following a day of very little sun at all) and against the foil of darkest green foliage along the riverbank, was quite spectacular!

The very fact the sun was setting, and so quickly, at just before 9 o’ clock really struck me; I suppose we are over a month past longest day now and the nights are already drawing in, its starting to feel like the mature-end of the year – but for once (and I speak from the perspective of a long-time sufferer of SAD), I really don’t mind; I’m actually looking forward to the cosier months ahead, they have so much to offer in their own way.  I had such a feeling of sublime “lightness of being” as I took it all in, there wasn’t a single coil of stress or tension in me at all as I strode along and there was that marvellous juxtaposition of summer warmth (still in my shirtsleeves for all that it was late evening, my legs bare) with the promise of darker months to come, a sniff of something almost autumnal in the air.

All in all, I was very, very glad I took the time to walk Rudi one more time before settling down for another glass of wine. It also gave me the chance to test-drive the camera on my new Iphone, complete with zoom, as I hadn’t bothered to bring my “real” camera along (having not expected anything worth photographing – when will I learn) so here’s the results.

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Helen White is a professional artist and published writer with two primary blogs to her name. Her themes pivot around health and wellbeing, expanded consciousness and ways of noticing how life is a constant dance between the deeply subjective and the collective-universal, all of which she explores with a daily hunger to get to know herself better. Her blog Living Whole shines a light on living with high sensitivity, dealing with trauma and healing from chronic health issues. Spinning the Light is an extremely broad-based platform where she elucidates the everyday alchemy of relentless self-exploration. A lifetime of "feeling like an outsider" slowly emerged as neurodivergence (being a Highly Sensitive Person with ADHD, synaesthesia, sensory processing challenges and other defecits overlapping with giftedness). All of these topics are covered in her blogs, written from two distinct vantage points so, if you have enjoyed one of them, you may wish to explore the other for a different, yet entirely complimentary, perspective.
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3 Responses to An incredible lightness of being – and a memorable sunset

  1. Emad says:

    Lovely Photographs !


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