Longest day and a whole lot of sheep

Lambs in golden sunlightAs the days have been getting much longer, I’ve been making the most of them by going for ever-more evening walks with Rudi. I headed out for one of these yesterday evening at Swallowfield Park, one of my usual haunts.  The light, of course, is completely different in the evening and so these very familiar views can be utterly transformed, with new photo opportunities presenting themselves in places where you had thought you had exhausted every shot.  This is what happened as I walked along the Blackwater overlooking the large field full of sheep and lambs, as the setting sun caught them at my favourite angle, “igniting” their fleecy coats with golden light and casting long shadows on the ground.  There’s something very special, in any case, about an evening walk in golden sun; something altogether more mellow in the air than at other times of the day and I’m sure its something that Rudi picks up on as he’s always more exuberant than ever on these walks.

So, a stunning evening stroll generated a whole lot of sheep-shots which I’m particularly pleased with, not only as “material” to work from but as a pleasing collection in its own right.

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About Helen White

Helen White is a full-time professional artist (painting moments of everyday radiance in oil on canvas), a photographer, fabric designer and published writer with several blogs, on various topics, to her name. Light on Art is her art-related blog sharing recent artworks and inspiration.Living Your Whole Life is a health and lifestyle blog sharing all the many highlights of learning how to transform your health and wellbeing (spiralling out of ten years recovering from fibromyalgia). Spinning the Light is a very broad-based platform of self-discovery where she explores the everyday alchemy that is available to all beings just as soon as they open up to life's fullest potential.Helen White Photography is a portal for sharing her Fine Art photographs which are available as Limited Edition prints.
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2 Responses to Longest day and a whole lot of sheep

  1. Hey, I hopped over to your web site from mixx. It’s not something I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thank you for making something worth reading

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